How to Lace Sneakers

Sneaker-lace is not just a lace but a footwear accessory too. It is there to give you the fitment, the style, the comfort, and the performance you want. But do we know how to lace sneakers?

There are different types of sneakers that lace differently. Then again, there are different patterns and strategies through which you can lace the sneakers. And each of them provides you with the same or different benefits. 

So whenever you look for these ways to lace the sneakers, the variations can end up confusing you. And to help you avoid the perplexity, we wanted to bring the tons down to fewer so you can get the job done easily.

But, before you know about how to lace sneakers, let’s know about shoelaces in general.

About the Lace

Lacing a shoe is a procedure where you run the lace through the holes, eyelets, hooks, or loops for holding the shoe sides together. 

Different laces are made of different materials. Some of them are: Cotton, Elastic, Nylon, Spun Polyester, and Textured Polyester. 

As for the correct length, it basically depends on the shoe size. However, a standard lace should be around 60 to 100 cm long. You will find about two trillion techniques of lacing a shoe with 6 pairs of eyelets. 

Ways to Lace Sneakers 

You can either go with the traditional style or choose one that will give an appealing look to your sneakers. Here we have covered both the classic and aesthetic method so you can bring some changes to your style. 

The Classic

  • Crisscross-lacing

Make sure the tips of the lace are even. Insert each tip of the lace from the inside starting from the two front-most eyelets that are facing opposite. 

Then insert the right end of the lace into the next left eyelet. It will go from top towards bottom. Continue the process until you reach the end. After that, make a bow. 

  • Straight-lacing

Make sure the tips are even. With the tip pointing into the sneaker, insert the lace into the inner two holes. 

Run the left shoelace the inside and pull it across the outside through the hole to the opposite hole. 

Then, run the right shoelace inside skipping over the hole you pulled the left shoelace through. Pointing the tip into the sneaker, pull the right shoelace through the hole above it and across the outside to the opposite hole. 

After that, run the left shoelace up the inside skipping the hole the right one came from. Then you will repeat the process and continue alternating the left and right shoelace until reaching last holes. Now with the tips of the shoelace poking through the top holes, tie the sneakers. 


  • Heel-locking Method

Tie your shoelace using the crisscross method, but make sure you don’t do the last hole. Take the lace of right side and put it into the right hole, again take the lace of left side and put it into the left hole.

Now insert the right lace string through the last hole of the left side that you just have created. Do the same thing with the left lace string. Now, tie your shoelaces as usual.

  • Lattice-lacing

Run the shoelace straight across the bottom. The tips emerge through both bottom holes. 

The tips are crossed over one another. Run them diagonally upward on the outside and insert into the third higher set of holes up the sneaker. 

Insert both the tips into pulling them out from the next set of holes up the sneaker. The tips would be crossed over one another running diagonally downwards on the outside. Then, insert the tips into the third lower set of holes down the sneaker. 

Run the tips straight up the inside and pull them from the next set of holes up the sneaker. The tips would be crossed over one another. Run them diagonally upward on the outside and insert into the side. Pull them from the top set of holes. Now, tie the shoelace up. 

  • Zipper-lacing

Lace on the inside of the two bottom holes. Make a small loop with the straight across shoelace. After that, you will be feeding one end beneath it.

Cross it through to the opposite side, then feed it again through the next hole. 

Repeat the process of looping, then crossing then feeding of the shoelace while alternating side. Continue until you reach the top of sneaker. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Lacing Sneakers 

Rule Number One: 

Never lace the sneaker too tight. Make sure to keep the laces a bit spread out. This will help them breathe. 

Rule Number Two:

Never wear factory-laced sneaker. It would be like letting a stranger drive your car. Make sure you re-lace the sneaker after you take the pair out of the box. 

Rule Number Three: 

Make sure to completely unlace the shoelaces and start from the scratch. Also, it is essential that you keep the tips of the laces even no matter which technique you are following. 

Rule Number Four:

A bit of loose lace is a good lace. But make sure you do not lace it too loose or else it will cause slippage of the sneaker. 

Rule Number Five:

Make sure the length of laces is neither too short nor too long as it can affect both your performance and looks. 


Sneakers that come straight out of the box have mostly been laced incorrectly. They will either come in the wrong pattern or twisted, or uneven, or tied way too tight. This can cause both inconvenience and accidents that you never want. That’s why you must unlace the sneaker completely and start from the beginning. 

If you want, you can use lace of different colors to make your sneaker look different. And as we have simplified the ways, we don’t think you will anymore have a hard time lacing your pair. 

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