How to Lace Tennis Shoes?

When I was a beginner tennis player, I didn’t use to care about how the laces on my tennis shoes were. In fact, there were times I wished that I didn’t have to tie the laces of my shoes. However, one day my coach told me the importance of knowing how to lace tennis shoes properly, and I was dumbstruck. 

Trust me, most people don’t know how to lace tennis shoes properly, and they usually make do with the traditional lacing method, which is also known as loop lacing. Then again, there are some people who resort to diagonal lacing, which is another popular form of lacing. 

Most of these people lace their shoes in such methods because they don’t know the proper ways of lacing, and they don’t even know that different methods exist and what impact these differences can bring about. 

Today, we’ll not only talk about how to lace tennis shoes, but we’ll also talk about how each of these methods can impact your comfort. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Before You Get Started:

Before you start, make sure that your shoe is completely un-laced, and you should clean the laces before putting them back in. we highly recommend washing the laces, but you shouldn’t put them in the washing machine. Instead, wash them gently, and put them up for soaking for a few hours. 

Once the laces are completely ready, you’re good to go. No matter what type of method you’ll be using, you need to make one thing sure. Insert both tips of the lace through the topmost loops of the shoe. Once they’re in, drag the laces in such a way that the tips extend equally out of the shoes. Unless the tips meet each other at an equal distance from the shoe, you aren’t ready to go. 

How to Lace Tennis Shoes in Classic Pattern:

How to lace tennis shoes in a classic pattern. We all know how this looks. Most shoes that you’ll be buying in your life will come with this type of lacing, and this might make you think why you would relace your new shoe in the very first place if you want to go for the classic pattern. 

Well, if you observe closely, you’ll see that the shoes that come pre-laced are usually laced pretty tight. This makes the shoes very uncomfortable and tight. Not only that, but due to the pressure exerted on the laces, the flap on the outsole may get slightly bruised. This is why we highly recommend relacing even if you buy a brand-new shoe. 

The classic pattern is very simple. You need to enter the laces from the bottom-most eyelets, and then you must proceed upwards in a crisscross pattern until you reach the very top. Once you’re there, simply tie the knot, and you’re done. 

How to Lace Tennis Shoes in Runner’s Loop? 

How to lace tennis shoes in runner’s loop? In this method, you loop them in a classic way. Crisscross the laces until they come to the second loop from the top. Once you’re there, don’t crisscross anymore. Instead, put the lace in the last eyelet from the top, and insert it through the second loop from the last from the bottom. Once you’re there, but each of the tips across and through the hoops that have been created. In the end, you need to tie the knot in the normal way. 

The best part about the Runner’s Loop is that it allows the users to manage the extra length of the laces. Imagine yourself as a runner; you wouldn’t like it if the laces were dangling to the sides, would you? Runner’s loop helps you to avoid this very scenario. 

How to Lace Tennis Shoes in Loopback Pattern?

How to lace tennis shoes in a loopback pattern? Loopback pattern is definitely a unique pattern, and it’s not often that you can see this. This is why you can try it out if you want to look unique. 

In this pattern, you don’t go crisscross or diagonal. Instead, you need to proceed in the same column of eyelets. However, there’s one simple thing that you need to make sure of. When you’re going upwards, you need to make sure that each lace is intertwined with the other. In this way, they will create a look that slightly resembles chains. 

When you’re done with lacing the entire shoe and reach to the top, you can finally tie the knot in the standard way. 

How to Lace Tennis Shoes in Window Lacing?

How to lace tennis shoes in window lacing? This is a special lacing as it can have a great impact on your comfort if you can pull it off successfully. In this lacing method, you need to find out the pressure point on your feet first. 

The aim is to find the pressure point and unlace your shoe up to that point. Then, you shouldn’t put the laces in a crossing manner over that point, but you need to go upwards vertically. You can crisscross your way upwards from the later eyelets. This will create a vacancy over the pressure point; thus, it will help your foot to relax. 

How to Lace Tennis Shoes in Skip Lacing?

How to Lace Tennis Shoes in Skip Lacing? This is for those who have a high midfoot and needs some breathing space. It’s just like the classic cross-over pattern, but in this one, you can skip the eyelets you want to avoid putting pressure on. It’s that easy!


Trust me when I tell you, most people around you don’t know how to lace tennis shoes properly. However, knowing how to lace tennis shoes properly has its benefits, and there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t learn this. 

So, we highly recommend you learn how to lace your tennis shoes properly, and hopefully, this guide was of help to you!

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