How to Make Sneakers Smaller

That you’re reading this article, we assume you bought a shoe that doesn’t fit. Is it? If the answer is yes, we know what you’re talking about. So, how to make sneakers smaller? It’s really disappointing when you purchase the most attractive shoe in the entire store, probably for your next day marathon, and then you receive a larger-sized shoe. 

You can’t even return it or buy a new pair either. So, what to do now? Well, we don’t recommend throwing out the new shoes nor cry over the matter. We have studied and experimented a lot of techniques and came up with some exciting solutions!

You’ll be thrilled to know that you can make your sneakers smaller by following some tricks. Don’t let your feet hurt anymore from the slips and blisters you got from an oversized shoe. Keep reading this article till the end to find out how to make sneakers smaller.

Table of Contents

  1. Buy a New Insole
  2. Use Shoe Tongue Pads
  3. Stuff and Fill in the Empty Space
  4. Use Ball of Foot Cushions


How to Make Sneakers Smaller

We’ll provide you with some methods that you can try on. They are:

Buy a New Insole

Your unfitting large sneakers probably ended up at the back of the closet. You can’t even throw them out because they cost you much and they’re so pretty! We say, you get those shoes out and replace the insoles. It’s time you take action to make them perfectly fit on you! 

If you’re unaware what insoles are, then think about the soft cushion you feel under your feet in a sneaker. Those are insoles. They come up in different forms such as foam, Gel, thermal insoles, etc. Each provides with different level of comfortability to the feet. In some cases, it helps heel lower back pain and keep your body in good health. 

So, you’ll have to purchase an insole that is compatible to your foot size. Also, focus on the various benefits insoles provide and buy one wisely. For example: Buying Gel insoles will assist in back pain reliefs and shock absorption greatly.

Use Shoe Tongue Pads

Shoe Tongue Pads may be a little bit unfamiliar to you. These pads are a thick-felt like material that you’ll have to stick on the back of the tongue of your shoes. It will make your sneakers narrower and help to fit in your smaller feet. It’s definitely one of the most effective techniques for sneakers, loafers, and similar type shoes.

Stuff and Fill in the Empty Space

Now, let’s be creative with the things we have near us. You’ll obviously find tissue papers, cotton pads or old rags lying around in your house. Use them to shrink your shoe size and get a great fit.

 If you’re in a hurry and don’t have enough time to spend on shrinking the shoe size, you can apply this method. We recommend stuffing the back and front of the shoes so that your feet stop slipping too much. If you ask, how much to squeeze in? Well, it’s all up to your comfort. Keep pushing materials in until you feel the shoes rightly fitting to your feet.

However, you should always remember to remove all the stuffing as soon as you get back home. Otherwise, your shoes will smell pretty bad, and you’ll have to wash your shoes frequently. 

Use Ball of Foot Cushions

Are new insoles are not working for you? Try on a new method. The foot cushions! You can purchase a pair of these to insert in your shoes under the ball area. It’ll make your feet hold the grip of the shoes and get a tight fit perfect feel. Not to mention, it’s much comfortable than a full insole. You’ll find these ball of foot cushions in different shapes and sizes in the market. They come in different colors too! So, you don’t have to worry about a plus-sized sneaker anymore. Just fill in some ball of foot cushions, and you’re ready to go!

Stitch an Elastic Band Inside the Shoe

If none of the methods worked for you about how to make sneakers smaller, you can try out a very technical method. For this, you’ll require sewing skills. Take a needle, a thread, and some elastic bands. The motif is sewing those elastic bands on each of the shoes. The elastics will create a tension on the heel area and become tight fit for your wear. You can also stitch in on other loose parts of the shoe. Keep the elastic band stretching on its place and sew around it.

However, if sewing seems terrifying and difficult to you, you can use safety pins in this case. It’ll work just as the same. After you finish all of the steps, let go the elastic and you’ll see how beautiful fit the shoes become. 

Let the Professionals Handle it

If you’re an extremely busy person or someone who just don’t want to take the hassle, you can always take your shoes to a professional cobbler. In this case, try to find someone who really knows his job well. Though we recommend taking your expensive and most treasured sneakers to the professionals only. It’s actually not worth spending on your regular pairs. 

Final Verdict

Shoe size is always important for having a flexible comfy walk. If you’re in a physical store you must check if your shoes fit in right. But, it’s unfortunate in online stores. Well, now you don’t actually have to worry about that too! If the sneaker size is larger, you know what to do! However, you won’t need to apply all the methods we provided at once. Try one suitable method for each pair. All of them are equally effective.  

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