How to Make Your Gym Shoes Not Smell

Do you know there are more sweat glands in our feet than there are in our entire body? The soles of our feet contain a large number of sweat glands; each foot contains about 600 to 700 glands each square centimeter. And in total, your entire body has about 2-5 million sweat glands.

But the surprising fact is, it is not the production of sweat that causes foul smelly odor coming from our gym shoes, rather it’s the bacteria. When sweat glands produce sweat, they also produce acid in our skin, which is harvested and chemically broken down by our skin bacteria. This is the main reason why a stinky smell comes out when we sweat.

This stinky smell coming out of your gym shoes every time you train or run, is a persistent problem. Not only the people around you get disturbed and perplexed by the smell, but sometimes you feel disgusted and irritated too. There are a few ways you can make your gym shoes not smell. To know about it stay tuned with us. 

Tips to prevent your gym shoes from smelling

1. Wash your feet every day with soap and water.

To keep your gym shoes from smelling, you need to prevent the bacterial chemical reaction processes at first. You need to keep your feet clean every day. You must wash your feet with soap and water, even on days you do not take a shower. You should also exfoliate the bottoms and heel of your feet using a pumice stone.

The bacterial growth and breeding is most at the places around the epicenters especially around hard crevasses. You can also try moisturizing your feet with a good moisturizer or an antibacterial lotion. Bacteria cannot thrive in a clean environment, so it is essential you wash your feet every day and keep it clean to prevent your gym shoes from smelling.  

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2. Use Baking Soda to prevent odor

If you have been odor problems for a long time and also clean your feet regularly but the smell still persists, then it’s not your feet that require cleaning, but your gym shoes. Try putting baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in your gym shoes and leave them overnight. Sodium bicarbonate is an effective alkali and highly potent in eliminating bacteria and other microorganisms that dwell and proliferating in your gym shoes.

Wash the baking soda off the next day with water, and keep it in the sun for a day until you gym shoes are completely dry. You should also clean all your socks with baking soda too, as bacteria from your feet will also be present in your socks. Carry on this process once or twice every week and you will see great results.

3. Wear special socks that absorb sweat

You will find plenty of socks that can absorb sweat. Try to avoid wearing synthetic socks made of polyester, cotton or other fabrics. If the socks absorb your sweat, the bacteria cannot metabolize and proliferate and thus no odor will be produced.

Many of us make the mistake of not wearing socks with gym shoes at all. Socks are important as they protect our feet from scratches and pressures exerted by the shoes on our foot. But it is also important to wear the right type of socks, especially if you have bad coming from your feet during exercise.

4. Use essential oils to get rid of smell

Those of you who use essential oils know about all its benefits. Essential oils are concentrated and are a great remedy for removing foul-smelling odor. There are different type of essential oils available, you can pick your favorite flavor and use it as a deodorizer.

Pour 3-4 drops of essential oil in your gym shoes and your socks every day, leave it like that for few minutes and then wear your gym shoes. The essential oils will mask the entire pungent-smelling odor coming from your gym shoes.

5. Treat your foot fungus 

Sometimes the odor problem is not caused by bacteria at all but rather fungus. It is called athlete’s foot fungus. It is a fungal infection that breaks out on people’s toenails. You cannot rely on regular bacterial infection medicines or antibacterial cream or lotion to treat a fungal infection.

You need anti-fungal medications to treat a fungal infection. While fungal infection may mimic a bacterial outbreak, produce odors and give off the same symptoms, thus you need to be carefully observant and get yourself checked by a medic.

 If the microorganism in your feet is an athlete’s fungus then the doctor will prescribe special medicines for you.  There is nothing to worry as it is nothing serious. You can also take your own precautions; you can massage your feet with anti-fungal creams, sanitize your feet properly and try to keep your feet neat and dry. 

6. Wear different gym shoes everyday

Your gym shoes tend to smell if too much bacteria builds up in them. You can always rotate your gym shoes. You can wear the one you wore today after 3 -4 days. This will prevent bacterial to buildup in your gym shoes, allow air to pass into them and remove any stench or odor. 

7. Put your shoes in the dryer

Dryers will definitely help to remove any odor present in your shoes, but you must put your shoes in the dryer in the right way. Just tossing them over to the dryer will cause your gym shoes to be squashed. So try hanging them using their laces, or put them over the dryer tray.

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After reading this article you should have an idea on how you can make your gym shoes not smell. We hope our article was helpful to you. Have a good day

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