How to Make Your Sneakers Bigger?

You walk into a shoe store and your eyes fall on this perfect pair of sneakers, and just when you try them out you realize they are too small to fit your feet. Imagine the disappointment! Many of us even face a different scenario, we try out a pair of sneakers that we like, try them out for a while, decide to buy them, and after walking around in them for few hours we find that they are too tight for us, the edges cause a sharp pain in our toes and walking in them gets uncomfortable by the minutes. 

Sneakers need to be comfortable as they are an essential piece of wardrobe and unique to the activity that is going to occur. Your sneakers cannot be too small or too tight. Many of us with large feet cannot find the perfect size of sneaker, we have to keep shopping around the entire mall just to buy a pair of sneakers that are a good fit. Do you want to know how to make your sneakers bigger? Check out or article for all the details.

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Tips to make your sneakers bigger

1. The old fashioned way of making your sneakers bigger

Perhaps one of the most common ways of stretching your shoes is to put them on and walk in them. Many of us wear sneaker and run on them trying to make them bigger, but this is indeed a wrong move. You to wear them on a daily basis for a week or more. Walk-in them around your house, especially on your carpet or rugs. If you walk on them over your carpets this would reduce the chances of scratch marks or scuffs on your new sneaker. 

You will soon see your sneakers are getting wider and bigger each day. Your toes box will start to have enough space and your sneaker will start to get wider from all angles.

2. Stretch Sneakers using your socks and heat

Grab a pair of thick woolen socks and warm them up gently using your hair-dryer. If you do not have a hair-dryer at home, you can hold them up above your store for the heat them up. Wear those warm woolen socks and then slide your feet into your sneakers.

Next place your hair-dryer over your sneakers and heat them for 30 – 40 seconds. Tis will cause the materials of the sneakers to become loosened, as heat helps molecules to expand. After heating your sneakers walk around the house in them. After a few minutes you will feel that your shoes are getting cold again. You have to repeat the heating process again for several times.

The socks protect your feet from the heat and also add heat to the layers of your sneakers from underneath.  This method has worked on most kinds of sneakers except for leather ones. Leather sneakers get damaged when heat is applied to them.

3. Make your sneakers bigger with the help of potatoes

Potatoes? You must be thinking this is hilarious and stupid, but trust us it is not. Potatoes work well in helping to make your sneakers bigger in size. First of all, you need to peel off 2-3 potatoes and mold it into the shape of your feet. Next, make sure your potatoes are completely dry.

To remove all moisture wraps them up in a towel to soak away all the moisture present. Then wrap the potatoes in a plastic zip log bag and stuff it inside your sneakers. Keep it like that for 24 hours at least. You will see that your sneaker has gotten bigger as potatoes work as a shoe stretcher. There you have it, a homemade easy potato shoe stretcher to make your shoes bigger!.  

4. Using Grain and Oats to make your sneakers bigger

Do you know oats and grains expand when you add water to them? Yes you guessed it right! Next up our list is oats and grains! You need to take few grams of oats and grains and stuff them in a plastic bag that can be resealed. Fill the plastic bag with water to cover up the oats and grains. Seal the plastic bag in such a way so that water does not flow out of it. You need to place the plastic bag inside your sneakers and keep it in that position for 10 hours. 

This method will not instantly make your sneakers bigger, but it will only help to increase space in certain areas of your sneaker that cause pain to your feet.

Problems caused by sneakers that are not big enough 

1. Neuropathy

Many of you must have heard about peripheral neuropathy which is a painful and irreversible complication. It results into a decreased ability to understand where your feet is located or kept; people have symptoms of pins and needles in their feet too.

2. Ingrown toenails

If your sneaker is not big enough, there is extra pressure exerted on your toes that can lead to the edge of ingrown toenails in your skin. Ingrown toenails usually cause people’s skin around their toes to be infected, swollen, and painful.

3. Toe deformities

If your shoe or sneakers are not big enough, they will cause your toe shape to become permanently deformed slowly.

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Bottom Line

Now that you have read our article you should know about all the ways on how to make your sneakers bigger and what are the effects of wearing shoes that are smaller in size and how it can harm your feet. Always buy shoes of the largest size for your big feet. Carefully examine the parts where your feet may hurt and work on making those regions wider.

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