How to Pack Shoes for Moving

One of the most frustrating parts of moving is packing shoes. Shoes are quite large in size. They can be rather bulky and of the strangest of shapes, geometrically speaking. And the most important part, they often are very dirty and contaminated. However, they are still a very important part of our daily lives. It is therefore of the utmost importance for us to know how to pack shoes for moving.

The Issues with Shoes

Packing shoes can be time consuming, but if you do it right – it is not that hard. Today we will be taking a look at some hacks that makes shoe packing convenient and fast. If you were going to move and have a plethora of shoes to pack anytime soon, you have stumbled across the right article. Here are some steps to pack shoes for moving.

Tips to reduce the weight

These are some of the steps that you can follow to reduce the weight of the shoes, thus making them easier to carry.

Throw away the clutter

You probably have pairs of shoes that you do not wear anymore. Maybe they are deep inside your locker or closet. Maybe they are inside the shoe box, and have not seen the day of light in a while. Regardless of what it is – the stance should be the same. If you are going to be moving, you want to pack only those that you still wear. 

Consider donating them if they are still in working condition, as they may still be useful to someone else. This way, you can lighten your packages that you will be moving with.

Pack up the especial ones

It is highly likely that you do not love all your shoes equally, right? Maybe an old pair of sneakers or sandals that you love, but they are worn out. Situations like these call for a prioritization. Pick out the ones that mean the most to you – both monetarily and sentimentally. Get yourself some cardboard shoe boxes from a garage sale or alike, and pack up the important shoes.

You can then pack your less important ones in less careful conditions. Pack them up all scrunched up. This way, you can save space and also pack up the important ones without wasting space.

Cram your socks into the shoes

This will also be able to save you a lot of space. Tie up each pair of socks and pack them inside the shoes before you start packing. You will no longer need any separate space for your socks. Moreover, this will give you more space for packing your shoes.

Tip: Do not pack singular socks in each different shoe pair. You will risk losing socks and it will be very cumbersome to separate and organize them. We understand the difficulties of sock management, so please be warned!


For your hygiene

And now, follow these steps to keep your shoes clean and hygienic.

Use Clean Packing Paper

We all know that it is common practice to use newspaper for wrapping shoes up. However, quite often, newspaper is not exactly the cleanest. Your skin will be making contact directly with your shoes sooner or later. This gives incentive for you to wrap your shoes more cleanly. In addition, newspapers also may leave stains that you will be unable to remove.

Use fresh packing paper to wrap your shoes for best results. They are not expensive to come by. You will also find them to be very convenient in practice. Clean paper towels can also be an alternative, but packing paper is made for a specific purpose.

Use Tea Bags for Odor

Shoe smells can be annoying. Using tea bags for your shoes may sound strange at first, but you will find results that satisfy. For the shoes that already have an unpleasant smell, you can keep tea bags in them when you are moving. This way, the stench will reduce, if not go away. Stick them right below the sock that you will be placing inside them.

Moreover, it is widely practiced act to clean the interior of shoes with ice. They will be able to kill any idle bacteria infested inside them.

Sanitize before packing

The interior of shoes are quite dirty, or at least you should not expect them to be too clean. Before you pack them into a bag or a luggage, consider cleaning their insides well. Use sanitizers for the easiest and quickest way to do this. Simply drench the interiors and give them a few wipes with a wet tissue. You will find this to help a lot for the long run.

Alternatively you can also use soap to do the same, however this may take longer. Shoes usually take very long to dry up when they are fully drenched in water. If you are moving tomorrow or the day after, absolutely do not go for this route. You may end up having to pack half-wet shoes which are very bad for the shoe itself. 

Extra Tips for Packing

And here are some bonus tips for you!

Place the Bulkier Shoes at the Bottom

Inside a bag, you should consider placing the heavier shoes at the bottom because that way, they will be safer. They will not be able to crush the lighter shoes if you place them on a higher place. This will also make the weightage even, and they can be carried more easily. Do this for case of boxes, plastic containers or bags when you transport the shoes.

Use bubble wrap

Plastic is harmful for the environment. While you probably have heard this countless times before, you should take the notion seriously. We suggest using bubble wrap instead.

Not only because it is better for the environment, but other reasons too. Plastic can have sharp corners that can possibly harm you or your shoes. When they rub against one another they can end up damaging the exterior of your shoes.

How to Pack Shoes for Moving


These are just some of the tips we have to offer to you for when you pack your shoes for moving. These should be adequate to make your hassle of packing shoes less than before. We hope this has helped you. Happy moving!

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