How to Remove Grass Stain from Your Tennis Shoes

All of you who are into tennis know how important it is to keep your tennis shoes clean right? A dirty show can have bacteria growing within it and molds proliferating. A sticky pungent smell will be produced from your tennis shoe if you do not clean them regularly.

Even if it’s not you, or about tennis, suppose you see your child come home with grass stains on his tennis shoes our hearts turn into despair. Dirt, debris and mud can be cleaning with little or no effort from tennis shoes, but grass stains? Grass stain takes a lot of effort and time to come off. If the stain is not taken care of properly and when it is still fresh it can put a permanent mark on your child’s favorite pair of tennis shoes. 

Moreover, if your tennis shoes are white and your child comes home with grass stains on them every twice or thrice a week that would be an additional problem to all your difficulties for the day. To help you solve this problem and remove grass stains easily from your tennis shoes we have listed few ways. Stay tuned with us to know all the details.

What is a grass stain and how troublesome is it?

The grass is undoubtedly a plant, and just like all other plants grass contains chlorophyll. When grass gets stuck on your tennis shoes, the chlorophyll along with other proteins, starch grains and other organic material present inside the plant’s cell mix together to form a stain that is super tough to remove.

Moreover, if your tennis shoes are made of cotton or other textile materials such as polyester, nylon, and others, the organic material from the grass and the materials from your tennis shoes get attached to form a strong bond together on the shoe’s surface. When the stain gets smeared it sticks on tight to create a big vivid spot that is difficult to remove. 

If you wear tennis shoes and regularly play on the grass court, then not only grass stains by brown dirt along with worm guts and other stuff may get stuck on your shoes too. All these different materials may result to form a different color on your tennis shoes as well. 

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Things that should to prevented

  • If you use the wrong chemicals or tools or technique of removing the grass stains it will not only cause your shoes to change color but also hamper its outer material.
  • Grass stained tennis shoes should not be put into a dryer
  • The stains should not be heated directly or ironed

Techniques to remove grass stains

1. Grass stain remover chemicals

Grass stain removers contain harsh chemicals that are specifically designed to remove sticky stains from fabrics and shoes. Due to their high concentrations, these chemicals help to get rid of tough grass stains within a short time.

They are also easy to use, all you need is to apply the chemicals in the stain areas, rub, keep it for some time and then wash it off with water. But not all grass stain remover products come with the same user manuals. Some require the fabric to be washed beforehand. There are different grass stain remover chemicals you will find at your local departmental store. You can easily pick anyone type of your liking and apply it to your tennis shoes.

2. Combination of Bleach and Peroxide 

A combination of Bleach and peroxide is highly effective in remove grass stains from your tennis shoes. To make this solution you need to take 1/4th cup of bleach powder and 1/4th cup of hydrogen peroxide solution then add 3/4th cup of water and mix these all together.

Pour the solution in a spray bottle, and then spray your solution in places where grass stains are present. Make sure to saturate the grass stains completely. Keep the tennis shoes soaked in for 10 hours then rinse it normally with tap water. 

3. Cleaning stains with alcohol

Many of you use regular vinegar to clean stains off from your tennis shoes, but we suggest you use alcohol. Isopropyl 70% or Methanol 60% is effective against any grass stains and can wipe your tennis shoes clean. Spray alcohol in the stains and after few minutes wipe it off with a paper towel. If your stain still persists repeat the process few times.

4. Petroleum Jelly for leather shoes

In case your tennis shoes are made of leather or suede you cannot use regular detergent or similar products to remove grass stain from them. Detergent will do more damage than clean your tennis shoes. It has been advised to use petroleum jelly to wipe of grass stains from leather tennis shoes.

Take some cotton gauze and put petroleum jelly on it and use it to continuously rub the grass stain until it is clean. Your shoes may lack shine after this process. You can bring back the shone using glass cleaner.  Glass cleaners work well on leather tennis shoes and make them look as shiny as new. 

5. Dish Soap

Sometimes your regular dish wash soap is enough to remove grass stains. You can combine dish soap along with lukewarm water and softly brush it on the stains. You will see your stains will start to fade away. Repeat the process several times until the grass stain is gone off completely. Finally leave it under the sun to sundry.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read this article, you are ought to know how to remove grass stains from tennis shoes. Let us not let grass stains come in between playing tennis and having a great time. Have a fun game and enjoy!

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