How to Remove the Security Tag from Your Shoes

Sometimes shopkeepers forget to take off the security tag and the alarm doesn’t ring too while going out of the shop. Going back to the shop just to take off the security tag is a lot of hassles, sometimes impossible if you don’t belong from that region. Check out this article on,"How to Remove the Security Tag from Your Shoes" to take off the security tag from your shoes.

Now imagine you went out wearing a shoe that has the security tag on it, people might think you have shoplifted the shoe. To help you out we will tell you different techniques through which you can remove the security tag. 

Types of security tag:

Before you jump into trying all the hacks to remove the security tag, understand the mechanism of the security tag. Usually, the alarm tags come with a small pin that has ridges and a plastic body.

The plastic body has a mechanism inside to grab the pin which attaches the shoe or clothes with the main body of the tag. The working method of the security tag is that once the pin is inserted inside it can’t be taken out using force. This is the basic mechanism that is used in different types of security tags.

Some security tags come with ink inside to prevent the shoplifter from using them. Trying to break it can drop ink and result in staining the product. Know the type of security tag you have on your shoes.

The Magnet Method: This is the easiest way to remove the security tag from shoes. You’ll need a big powerful magnet to remove the security tag in this process. Then go step by step as described below:  

  1. Take a strong ceramic magnet such as the neodymium magnet. These are called rare earth magnets. You can use one big one or a pack of small ones.  Click here to buy.
  2. Then you’ll need to hit the plastic body on the opposite side of the pin. The moment you’ll hit it, you’ll hear a click sound which means the pin has come out.  
  3. It is as simple as that and it works perfectly because of the mechanism of the security tag.

The fire method: You can remove the security tag by using fire. Go through the following step:  

  1. Take an aluminum foil and place it just under the pin so that the aluminum foil covers the shoe.  
  2. With the help of a lighter try to initiate fire on the body of the security tag. Please watch out carefully while doing this.  
  3. The fire will melt the plastic body gradually. After few minutes put out the fire and cautiously separate the plastic body from the pin.  

In this method, the aluminum protects the shoe from dripping ink if there’s any inside the security tag. But, one needs to be very careful while removing the tag following this method. 

Tags with hole: Tags which come with small, rectangle hole on the top side are slide style tags and they can’t be removed with a magnet. Because they were not built in that way and have a different mechanism inside.

You might have seen in internet hacks that a pointed piece of metal may work on this type of security tag. But, those who have tried this can guarantee you that the pointed metal hacks do not work. You can try the following method: 

  1. You could directly destroy the tag with a hammer but chances are there you will ruin your shoes with ink. 
  2. You have to at first find out if there is any ink inside the security tag or not. For that try to scrap the top of the plastic body carefully.  
  3. After the top is scraped off and there is no ink inside, grab the hammer but don’t go wild. Do not end up breaking your tabletop or tiles. Find a safer place to break it.  

Security tags with cable: If the security tag has a cable you can simply cut it off. But dear it’s not that simple if you are trying with a regular scissor. You can damage your scissors if you don’t use a wire cutter.

Viral internet hacks that don’t work:

The fork hack:

This is probably the most viewed hack on the internet. The instruction says to slide a fork into the edge of the security tag and applying force to break it. The security tag won’t come off from the shoes but chances are there the fork will bend and may break down. You can give it a try if you want to break off a fork.  

The spoon hack:  

Another viral hack that instructs to take two spoons. Putting two spoons in between the two edges, they ask you to use force in opposite direction. This hack will give you hope with a click sound and you’ll think wow this works. But that’s it. You’ll spend time trying to unlock the ridges of the pin from the security tag, it won’t just come off.  

The pulling method:  

You’ll watch in videos that people are removing security tags by using massive force and just pulling the product away from it. You’ll find it to be the easiest one out of all. Use all force you have but you’ll end up ruining the product by making a huge hole in it. So do not even think of trying it.  

The rubber method:

 Taking rubber bands and twisting them around the pin is one of the most famous tricks. But sadly, this doesn’t work either. You can try this yourself because no danger involved here in damaging your kitchen utensils.  


There are many ways to remove the security tag from shoes. I found the magnet one easier and convenient. If you don’t have one of those magnets mentioned above, you can try to take one out from old electronics. If you have the receipt, better you go to the shop and ask them to remove the security tag. It’ll save you from all the hurdles.

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