How to Restore Sneakers

Restore Sneakers: The smell of new sneakers when you’re taking them out of the box just feels amazing, the moment they’re on your feet they make you look stylish, fancy, and fashionable. 

Newly bought sneakers can look amazing with the clean soles, the clean and soft laces on them; it just brings out a shoe’s beauty. But as time goes by with the sneakers on your feet, they start to wear out, the colors start to fade and they become less durable. It doesn’t really look all that stylish and fancy on your feet once that happen, rather it makes you look dirtier, which is something you definitely wouldn’t want with those nice looking expensive sneakers.

For a lot of people that would be the point where they throw them away and discard it from the closet, but there are still quite a few people that just can’t do that, not as much because they got their precious sneakers with a lot of money but more so because it might have been a birthday gift from their dad or a Christmas present from grandma or even a surprise from their partner, it holds more of a sentimental value.

A lot of people would rather just throw theirs out and pick another pair up from a discount offer just to avoid the cleaning process, but that’s not the case for people who have some emotional value attached to their sneakers.

Whatever the reason, if you cannot throw them out or discard them, we have your back. Today we will show you some easy ways to restore and fix your pair of sneakers and still have them in your closet.

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How to restore your sneakers

First thing’s first, calling sneakers just shoes will definitely get you in trouble or get you the eyes from people with a closet full of Air Jordans. Sneakers have become a staple of modern day fashion and streetwear, especially in the teen lifestyle. 

Now even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on fancy sneakers, you most probably wouldn’t want to go around with dirty and run down shoes either. So here are some tips from professional sneaker restoration experts to help you keep your sneakers in the best condition and restore them when they’ve become worn out. 

1. You have to know your shoes

You have to treat your shoes just as carefully as you would treat clothes during laundry, for example you definitely wouldn’t just go in and put silk and polyester to wash together. Same goes for shoes, shoes are made of a variety of different materials like canvas, suede and leather, so it does take a bit of consideration when cleaning them.

Moreover, you have to have a much more delicate and gentle approach towards cleaning the shoes depending on their age.

It’s important to understand how to approach and handle different shoes in their own ways. For example, if your leather and canvas shoes are not that old, they can be easily chucked into the washing machine to give them a quick clean and refresh, though tossing in suede sneakers in the washing machine is a recipe for disaster. 

If you’re not sure what materials your sneakers or shoes are made of you should definitely take a look online as it does play a major role when it comes to cleaning them. Looking up the name of the brand with the name of the shoes helps to narrow down your search.

2. Sink scrub

Going for a basic and simple hand cleaning method is a great solution if you are uncertain and hesitant about throwing your lovely pair of shoes in the washing machine. 

To properly hand clean your sneakers it’s better to use the sink, start off by taking a little bit of dish soap or detergent and putting it in the sink, then use cold water to fill up the sink till it gets nice and bubbly.

Make sure to completely avoid putting soap on your shoes directly or on the brush to clean them. Also do not completely dip your shoe in the soap water, because if it doesn’t properly dry then the sole of your shoe might separate or it may start molding. Using a medium bristled brush to scrub the shoe gently is the best way to go.

Use care and caution while painting

Your local retail store will most likely have a whole bunch of promising shoe whiteners that say they can give you the best sparkling results, but professional restoration experts suggest to not use them since in most cases the colors don’t really match with your shoe and they come in different types of white rather than the actual pure white, making your shoe a mismatch of colors and look bad.

If you have somewhat of an experience painting, using paints from Angelus is recommended by experts. They do very well on leather and mostly any other material as well and they also have colors that match certain specific models of Jordans so if you’re someone with Jordans you’d definitely want to check them out.

Leather Conditioner

People often forget about the fact that leather is actually skin, and just like our skin, if it’s not occasionally conditioned it can dry and form cracks. Moreover, conditioning your leather shoes every-now-and-then keeps the shine on them, just a little dab is enough. Just let it sit for about 3 to 5 minutes after applying it on leather and rub it off nicely, doing this whenever the leather looks dry is the best solution.

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Final Words

Protecting your sneakers to keep them in your collection still or just because they’re an important memory to you, whatever the case may be, as long as you take good care of your shoes and clean them, they’re sure to last you a while, using a shoe tree to store them helps to make sure they stay in proper shape and it also absorbs any odor! 

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