How to Sell Shoes on StockX

Shoes and sneakers go out of fashion quite fast. This urges us to sell the ones we have in order to get new ones. If you sell your shoes online, you know the tedious process that you have to go through for that.

One of the simpler ways to sell your shoes is to sell it on StockX. It makes selling easy and fast, with proper authentication. Today we will talk about StockX, and how you can sell off your used shoes there. 

Sneaker collecting has grown very popular in the last few years. With that, so increased buying and selling shoes online. It was important for the industry to come up with a platform exclusive to shoe lovers. A platform that would let them have the access to checking out shoes, and then proceed to buy or sell them. 

Why StockX?

StockX is a very user friendly platform for selling all sorts of items, including shoes. Have you been thinking to get rid of your sneakers you bought a few months back? Look no further than StockX because they provide one of the easiest methods of doing this. Aside being user friendly, StockX is also very reliable as a platform. They have made a lifetime gross merchandise value of over $3.4B

How to Sell Your Shoes on StockX

Without spending any more time, let’s move forward to the meat of this article- how to sell shoes on Stockx. Here are the steps you have to take.

Step 1: Find the Item on StockX

Suppose you have a pair of shoes you want to sell off. At StockX, firstly you have to find the model of shoe you are trying to sell. After you have figured that out, select the size of the shoe you are trying to sell. You have two options in terms of what you want to do next.  

Step 2: Wait or Sell Immediately

You now have the option to sell your shoe off immediately. You can do this for the highest existing bid on the website at that time. Keep note that these bids can change if you wait. They can become obsolete or outdated. 

The other thing you can do at this point is to list an asking price, and wait for a response. This is possibly the wiser decision to make if you are selling a luxurious pair of shoes. You may be able to fetch a higher asking price than anyone would be initially willing to pay as a bid, but it’s best to wait for an appropriate price if it is worth the money.

Step 3: After the Virtual Sale

When the sell has been made, the transaction must take place, both monetarily and materialistically. This step will be the same regardless of you agreed to the highest offered bid or got a response to your asking price. StockX will send you an email next. It will contain the pre-paid shipping label and the packing slip which you have to include in the box before shipping it for delivery. 

Step 4: Sending the Package

From here on, you will find incentive to send the package out in two working days. If you fail to do this, StockX will be charging you a small fee. You will find that StockX will be validating your shoes for quality assurance. This is to avoid situations where you and the buyer may both suffer due to a fraudulent transaction. To avoid any kind of issues or fraudulence, you should present any possible flaws in your package with StockX immediately. 

Step 5: StockX will Deliver the Package

Afterwards, StockX will be releasing your funds to you only after validating your shoes for quality and authentication of the deal. The transaction fee will now be charged which starts at around 10%. However, this figure will only increase as your level as a seller will increase. Visit StockX to find more details on this. To put it simply, you will find more financial benefits in your earlier days with StockX, and more reliability after making a few deals with them. StockX will deliver the package to the respective buyer. 

Step 6: Transaction Completed

After completion of this sale, you can now proceed to sell another pair of shoes. In case you do not want to, you can also buy the pair that you probably wanted to before selling the last one. However, have you had any issues with the transaction? StockX has a very active customer care that lets you ensure that you get the best service from them. So contact them at their website, email or phone number. 

The Middleman Feature

StockX acts as an intermediary between you and the buyer to ensure maximum quality and authenticity. This is a great advantage compared to other e-commerce platforms. More often than not, you will find yourself having to directly contact the buyer or seller you want to transact with. This has been one of the primary factors behind the success of StockX.

Usable Data with Current Market Value

StockX also provides you with customer and client data. Whether you sold shoes, or bought shoes, the data will be presented to you. You can find all this data to be very convenient. This data will also have data from the current market present in it. 

Expert Authentication

Experts will properly authenticate all the shoes you will sell here. You will find this to be greatly beneficial in the long run, as you will be getting more advantages with more products you sell. Reliability goes a long way when you want to sell products on a e-commerce website. 


Selling shoes on StockX is made easy, simple and quick with the system they provide you with. You no longer need to wait weeks of authentication time or shipping/delivery periods. You can sell your shoes on StockX without any fears! 

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