How to Stop Tennis Shoe from Squeaking

I’d say that squeaky tennis shoes are one of the most annoying things that can be on a tennis court, and I’m sure many of you will agree. Even if my opponent’s shoes are squeaking, I’ll be able to hear that from across the court, and as tennis is a game where you need to walk around a lot, the sound can get on your nerves. But how to stop tennis shoes from squeaking?

To ensure that you don’t end up with a squeaky shoe, today we’ll talk about how to stop tennis shoe from squeaking! So, let’s get started!

Soften the Shoe Bottom:

You’ll notice that brand new shoes show a tendency of squeaking at the beginning. Once you wear it enough, the shoe bottom wears out, and you can see that the shoe won’t squeak anymore. 

However, this can be a lengthy process, and you may not want to wait till then. How to stop tennis shoe from squeaking fast in this case? You can grab sandpaper and rub the shoe bottoms. In this way, the bottoms will get much smoother almost instantly, and you’ll be able to get rid of the squeaking. 

However, make sure you don’t overdo it, or you’ll just end up with a damaged shoe. 

Baby Powder Might Do the Trick:

Due to their manufacturing process, a lot of insoles tend to move around when you walk with the shoes on. Friction occurs between the shoe and the insoles, and thus we can hear the squeaking sound. How to stop tennis shoe from squeaking in this case?

You need to take the insoles out, put some baby powder, and put the insoles back in. The powder will help by reducing the friction between the layers, and thus you’ll be able to get rid of the squeaking sound. 

If you don’t have baby powder, you can also use cornstarch or talcum powder, as they have similar characteristics. 

Dry the Bottoms Out:

If the shoe bottoms of your shoe get wet too fast, you may experience some squeaking sound when you walk on a polished surface like a marble floor or hardboard floor. How to stop tennis shoe from squeaking in this case?

The trick is to dry out the shoe bottoms before you go for a walk, and you’ll be able to keep yourself safe from the squeaking sound. 

You need to rub the bottom of your shoes with a dry sheet or a dry cloth multiple times before you go out with them. You will have to repeat this process, and you need to rub your shoe at least thrice each week. In this way, you’ll be able to stay safe from the squeaking sound completely. 

Use Paper Towels to Reduce Squeaking of Insoles:

If you have a shoe that’s squeaking because of its insoles, you can try using paper towels. Get the insoles out of the shoes, put in one or two folded paper towels, and put the insoles back again. 

If you do this, the paper towels will be able to keep the insoles completely stiff, and they won’t make you feel uncomfortable either. This will help you move around with your shoes without making any squeaking sound. 

Apply Coconut Oil Under the Insoles:

Sometimes the insoles of the shoes make a squeaking noise due to high friction. How to stop tennis shoe from squeaking in this condition? Just apply a bit of coconut oil after removing the insoles and put them back again. This will lubricate the insoles and will reduce the friction greatly. However, try out the other methods before doing this, as this will definitely leave a smell of coconut in your shoes, which isn’t much pleasant. 

Reattach the Soles in Case They’re Detached:

In some cases, the glue joining the soles to the shoe wears off, and you may experience squeaking in this case. How to stop tennis shoe from squeaking in this case?

Just reattach the portions of the sole that has become detached. You can use super glue in this case, as super glues are very easy to come by. Then again, you can use specialized gums made for attaching the sole of shoes. 

No matter what type of gum you use, they will wear out if your shoe’s exposed to water too much. If you care about longevity, we highly recommend you stitch up the sole with the shoe itself, as it will stay there for a long time. However, you need to sacrifice a bit of the aesthetics if you want to do this. 

Make Sure that The Shoe Fits You:

There are people who tried stopping the squeaking of their tennis shoes but failed no matter what they tried. How to stop tennis shoe from squeaking when every method fails? 

Well, probably the shoe doesn’t fit you properly. In this case, there’s no alternative to changing the shoe. You need to pick the right size for your feet so that you don’t face this. 

Apply Polish Oil:

New shoes tend to produce a lot of squeaking noise due to the friction on the outer materials. The outer materials tend to rub against each other in some cases, but it’s not necessary that this will be the case every time. How to stop tennis shoes from squeaking if this is the case?

You can avoid this easily. Apply some polish oil on the outer layer of your shoes, and the outsole will be a lot relaxed, so you won’t experience the squeaking noise anymore. 

Visit a Cobbler:

This should be the last resort! If you can’t find any problem with your shoes, how to stop tennis shoe from squeaking then? 

Well, visiting a cobbler will help you for sure, but we highly recommend trying out the DIY solutions, as you’ll be able to save some cash in that way. 


A lot of people ask us “How to stop tennis shoe from squeaking?” every day, and so we decided to provide all the necessary things you need to do in order to stop your shoes from squeaking. Hopefully, you’ll be able to fix your shoes by yourself.  

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