How to Stretch Gym Shoes

Learn to Stretch Gym Shoes: Going to the gym regularly is one of the best investments you can make to keep your mind and body healthy. People who go to the gym regularly have 40% fewer chances of getting obese and 50% fewer chances of developing any sort of cardiovascular complications.

A regular workout keeps your relaxed and helps you sleep better. And for that, people need a great pair of workout trousers and sweatshirt, a flask of the water bottle to hydrate themselves, a towel to wipe off their sweat, but most importantly they need the perfect pair of gym shoes. 

Gym shoes are very important and you need the right pairs to avoid injuries. While working out, your ankles and feet need proper support. Your gym shoes cannot be too tight, otherwise, you will face problems.

For those of us with long wide feet finding the right gym shoes is hard, we often face problems finding the right size, in worse cases even the largest size is small or tight in our feet. To help you with your problem we have listed down a few ways and tricks on how to stretch your gym shoes.

Ways how you can stretch your gym shoes

1. Using Gym shoe stretchers

You will find gym shoe stretchers or sneaker stretchers in most sneaker shops, you might find them in shoe repair shops. Gym shoe stretchers are tree shaped objects made of wither wood or plastic. These stretchers help to widen your shoes excellently within a short time. Other methods may take about a week or so to stretch your shoes, but using shoe stretchers you will get results within 3 – 4 days. Besides, they are quite reasonable and easy to use.

If your feet are too wide or too long, shoe stretchers can stretch them both horizontally and vertically. All you will need to do is adjust the stretcher handle after every few hours. You could also spray alcohol or plain water on your gym shoes while the shoe stretcher is stretching. This would cause the materials in your shoes to expand and become ductile and stretchable.   

2. Stretch your gym shoes using ice cubes

Do you know when water turns into ice it becomes less dense? But ice has its own advantages, it can expand and also cause its surrounding molecules to expand. All you need to do is take a zip log bag, carefully fill it with water and then cool it down to form ice packs or ice cubes. Try to make sure the ice has smooth edges and not sharp spiky ones. Then gently put the zip log bag containing the ice cubes inside your gym shoes. 

The ice will cause your shoes to expand a little, then take your pair of gym shoes and put it inside your freezer along with the zip log bag into for the night.  The next morning you will see your gym shoes have stretched, if you did not get the exact size that you need, carry out the same process for 3 – 4 more times and you will see your gym shoes have stretched.

3. Stretching gym shoes using potatoes

To many of you readers, this may seem like a hilarious idea, but in fact a lot of people have actually stretched their gym shoes using potatoes and got amazing results. Did you know potato is known for its rigidity and firmness? Its firmness and pressure exerting ability help to stretch shoes effectively.

Potatoes also give off the moisture that helps your gym shoe fabric to become slightly wet and helps to loosen it up. All you need to do is take 2 pieces of big potatoes, if you do not have big ones, then take 4 to 5 pieces of small round ones. 

Gently heat the potatoes up and mold them into the shape of your feet, but a bit larger. Allow the molded potatoes to cool off. Next, take the potatoes and slide them in your gym shoes.

You can either directly put them in your gym shoes or cover them up in a plastic bag and then insert it in your gym shoes that are your choice entirely. You need to keep it like that for few nights, and soon you will see your gym shoes have stretched.   

4. Using heat to stretch gym shoes

Some people toss their gym shoes in the dryer to stretch them, but the end product is not always satisfactory. If you are stretching your shoes using a dryer there are certain steps you need to follow carefully to get the best results. Here is a simpler way to stretch gym shoes using a blow dryer.

First of all, wear socks to protect it from the blow dryer’s heat. Next spray cold water in your gym shoes. Then slide your feet inside your gym shoes and then use your blow dryer to heat them up. Remember to use moderate heat to heat your shoes. Excess heat can damage your shoe’s materials too. 

After a heating session of 10 minutes, walk around the house until your gym shoes cool off. Repeat the process several times for 3 -4 days. You will soon see your gym shoes are a perfect fitting for your feet. Sprayed water and heat from the blow dryer is a great combination to stretch gym shoes. The moisture makes the molecules loose and heat helps to evaporate the moisture, and walking on them helps your shoes to open up.

Bottom Line

Athletic gym shoes are made of stretchable materials and do not require too much effort to stretch. Now that you have read our article, you should know how to stretch your gym shoes easily.

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