How to Stretch Sneakers for Wide Feet

People who have wide feet know much of a struggle it is to get sneakers of the right size. Choosing sneakers is not as easy as it seems in the first place! We need to find sneakers of the right color, pattern, check whether the material is comfortable, washable or up for regular use or not.

Sometimes we manage to find the perfect pair of sneakers for us, that magical pair waiting for us to buy them, just when you put your feet in them they do not fit! What an excruciating moment for all those you have wide feet. 

Shoe companies manufacture shoes in the sizes that fit most people comfortably, but for those of us who have long wide feet, I guess we are just part of that misfortunate group who need to shop around the entire mall for a perfect fit. Many of us simply give up finding the perfect pair that fits, some of us even order customized pair of sneakers and take on quite a hassle of effort and money just for the right size. Well, you do not have to agonize over it anymore. We have come up with solutions for you on how you can stretch your sneakers to fit your wide feet.

Tips on how to stretch sneakers at home

1. Wear your sneakers at home

The easiest way to widen your sneakers is to wear them at home. Start by trying to wear them for few minutes, then you can gradually increase the time. Try walking around them to get used to its shape. Do not just wear them and go out in public or at work wearing them.

Slowly try to stretch them. This method not only works for people with wide feet but also for people who might feel their shoes or sneakers are tight around the edges and causes pressure while you work. It is not actually a size problem, your sneakers need to stretch out.

You can try wearing them and walking around at home for 3 to 4 days, you will soon see they are beginning to stretch. If you feel pain or pressure on your feet we suggest you put on a thick pair of socks too.  Wearing socks along with sneakers helps to protect your feet around the toes and fingers and reduces the pressure acting on them.

Try doing these for 4 to 5 hours each day and within a week or so you will see your sneakers have completely stretched out. You can even go running wearing them, and after they have stretched you can choose not to wear socks too. 

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2. Use your hair-dryer to stretch them

Did you know using hair-dryer on sneakers can be a great way of stretching them? You can start by heating your sneakers with hair-dryer for a week. Heat them for two to five minutes each day. After warming them, try putting them on and walk in them. Since the sneakers will be warm they will gain the ability to stretch in size. You can try this technique for twice or thrice in a row each day. After your sneakers cool off, heat them again using your hair-dryer and put them on. 

People who have tried this process before claimed their sneakers were wide enough to wear after a week. In case your sneakers are not stretchable even after a week, keep repeating the process with higher temperature. You will soon find them wide enough to walk with them comfortably. 

If you are wonder how does heat help, well it is not surprising at all. The science behind this is that heat helps molecules to become loosely packed, flexible, and softer, thus so can be stretched. But you cannot try this method in sneakers made of leather. Heat from the hair-dryer will damage the leather and cause it to come off.

3. Stuffing your sneakers with ice cubes/pack over night

Take a bag filled with ice cubes and stuff it inside your sneakers overnight. You must know that when water turns to ice it expands. Stuffing your sneakers with ice will make them wet and cold; you could also wet your shoes with water and put them in your refrigerator for 8 to 10 hours. So the water within your shoes will turn to ice it will expand and thereby also will cause your sneakers to expand as well. 

4. Spray your sneakers with Alcohol

You can either spray alcohol in your shoes or dip a pair of socks in alcohol, put a water bottle, a shoe stretcher or any object in your socks and place them in your shoes. You find the alcohol will slowly cause your sneakers to widen up.

5. Stretch your sneakers with Shoe-tress

Shoe-trees are available in most shoe repair shops. These are adjustable four way tree shaped objects that can stretch your shoes in a short time. These shoe trees are reasonable, mostly under $25 to $30. Shoe-trees are made of cedar wood or stainless steel, and help to expand your sneakers both its width and length.

You have to turn the adjustment handle of the shoe-trees in every 10 -12 hours to keep them stretching and soon you will find your sneakers have widened up and fits your feet perfectly. You can also spray additional water or alcohol in the process to make them stretch faster.

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Bottom Line

You should now know about all the ways you can stretch your sneakers for your wide feet at home without any professional help. If you doubt whether these processes would help, then rest assured people have tried these methods before and have achieved their results. So why don’t you try them out and find it for yourself?

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