How to Stretch Tennis Shoes without a Shoe Stretcher?

Learn Stretch Tennis Shoes without a Shoe Stretcher: Do you order tennis shoes online? Don’t worry; we are not trying to shame you for it. We totally get you. There is nothing much to do when the world is going through a health crisis, and you are stuck in the home. But the sad part is, each time you add those tennis shoes to your cart that you have been eyeing for days. When it finally arrives, they don’t fit you the way you want. Either they are too narrow or too small, but you haven’t quite seen a pair like these anywhere.

Sounds like something out of your life? Your days of returning them or giving them to a friend are over (because they are just too chic). There are many ways to stretch these tennis shoes even without a stretcher. Most of them are pretty straightforward and use tools lying around your home.

Keep reading this article. We will be showing you 6 easy ways of stretching tennis shoes without a shoe stretcher!

1. Wear Them In The House 

The only tool you need for this method is your own feet. Getting a new pair of shoe and not having in your size is a nightmare. But it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you have to return them right away. Try putting them on your feet and wear them every day for 1-2 hours at a stretch. Remember to give your feet ample rest that day. However, if the tennis shoes are too small, don’t try this barefoot. Wear a thick layer of socks to avoid getting blisters.

Keep doing this for a while, and the tennis shoes are bound to stretch according to your size. We wouldn’t recommend you to try if they are just too small. Then giving them away would be the best choice!

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2. Put Them In The Freezer

You will need two zip-close bags, some tap water, and obviously your tennis shoes for this method. Keep in mind that will trick is not suitable for your leather tennis shoes. Now fill the zip bag with water halfway (so that it doesn’t overflow). To prevent any water leakage, keep the sealed zip bag in the other bag. You will put those zip bags into the tennis shoe opening and put them on a tray. Leave the tray overnight in the freezer. The water should be solid ice by the time you remove them. Keep the pair of shoes at room temperature for about 10 minutes, then remove the bag from inside the shoes. The fabric is bound to stretch in the low temperature and pressure of the pack. 

However, make sure you keep the tray away from any sort of food so that it doesn’t come in contact.

3. Stretch Using a Blow dryer and Socks

You would need one pair of thick cotton socks, a hairdryer/blow dryer, and those ill-fated tennis shoes. To carry out this method, you will need to first wear thick socks, then shoes, no matter how painful it is. Turn on the blow dryer, put it on medium heat, and then blow it on each foot for about a minute. As you feel the heat, try stretching inside the shoes by wiggling your toes and bending your foot. Keep doing this for a while until you feel the shoes are loosening up a bit.

 However, keep in mind that this method is applicable for only leather tennis shoes and not synthetic ones. The heat can soften the leather and let your feet stretch the shoes from inside.

4. Stretch Using a Potato

However crazy this method sounds, it can do just the trick. Pick out potato from your pantry and a knife from the kitchen. First of all, peel the potato and then carve it using the knife. Make sure your cut potato is in the size of your tennis shoes toe area. Now dry the potato with a towel and put it into the toe area. Keep the shoes in this state overnight. The potato’s moisture and toughness can stretch that area. 

This method can moderately widen the narrow toe area of your leather tennis shoes.

5. Stretch Using Rubbing Alcohol

You will need a bottle of rubbing alcohol, water, socks, and a spraying bottle for this method. First of all, wear the stockings, then the shoes, and then fill up the spraying bottle with the diluted rubbing alcohol. Immerse the shoes with the rubbing alcohol and let them air dry. Another way is to soak the sock with the alcohol and wearing the sock, then the shoes and let it dry. Both of the methods should stretch out the material. 

Make sure you use this trick on synthetic or canvas tennis shoes and not leather or suede.

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6. Stretch Using Oats

Another trick straight out of your pantry, you will need a bag of oats, a zip bag, and some water. Fill the zip bag with three fourth of oats and dampen it with adequate water. Leave this bag overnight. The oats will expand and stretch the shoes. Use this trick for your canvas tennis shoes.

How to buy the perfect fit of shoes?

Now that we have given you great tricks to try out, it is time to guide you on how to not repeat the same mistake again. First of all, do not rush. Research on the product’s fit if you are buying online or even from the store. Check out various reviews and also check their return policy. Learn more about your foot’s structure and needs. Ultimately, always note the shoe brands that work for your feet.

Final Words

We know you won’t stop online shopping for tennis shoes, and that is why to save from any more possible loss, we have provided enough tricks to try out next time. Use these and finally wear those tennis shoes!  

However, make sure you don’t rush into buying a pair of shoes. Look everywhere and think it through. 

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