How to Tie Tennis Shoes to Slip On


If you think tennis players only wear tennis shoes then you are gravely mistaken. Tennis shoes are worn by many sports enthusiasts, whether they love the game or not. Tennis shoes are comfortable, give your feet the extra support they need great for running, flexible and come in different patterns and designs.

A lot of teenagers are into tennis shoes nowadays, and a lot of teenagers are impatient and do not want to spend the time to sit down and tie their shoe laces. Not only just them there are many of us who do not feel like typing up our shoe laces, especially if we have a train to carry or in a rush. 

Many of us prefer slip on sneakers, and many of us try to convert our tennis shoes into slip on. If you think you are the only one who wants to tie up their tennis shoe laces to make them slip on, you are wrong.

We all tend to get restless and do not want to spend time tying our tennis shoe laces. In this article, we have noted down how you can tie your tennis shoe laces to make them slip on shoes. So stay tuned!

Techniques to make tennis shoes to slip on 

1. The traditional way of tying tennis shoe laces to slip on

There are many cool ways to tie your tennis shoe laces. First of all, you need to keep in mind there are about six to seven eyelets in every tennis shoe. You need to take off the laces from your shoe and then start from the bottom side of your shoe’s eyelet.

Insert the first end of the shoes under the right eyelet and the second lace under the left. Make sure your laces are balanced. Next slide the right lace under the third eyelet from the left from the top & left lace into the third right eyelet from the bottom. 

Similarly from the other eyelet on the right side drag the lace to the second eyelet from the inside. Now you have to create the X between the second and the fourth eyelet by moving from the right side to the left then to right. This time make an X between the fourth and sixth eyelet.

Then again from the sixth eyelet move the lace towards the fifth eyelet to the right side and from the sixth gap hole on the left. Drag the lace to the left fifth eyelet from the inside. Make the last X from the fifth to seventh. Finally tie down the laces behind the pad of the eyelets.  

2. The Army Lace technique

The Army Lace technique is more like a standard way of tying your tennis shoe laces but ensures all the flexibility, spaciousness and ease you will get while wearing slip on shoes. This lacing method is much more sophisticated than the traditional method so make sure to follow our instructions carefully while tying them.  

Here is the detailed method how you can do it:

  • At first you need to start by pulling each end of your tennis shoe laced down through your shoe’s lowest eyelet. This should be down so that the tip of your tennis shoe laces comes out of the eyelets and are now outer part of your tennis shoes.
  • Take the first shoe lace (let us call it A) from the left side. Then put its tip into the left eyelet that is placed above the eyelet from which the lace initially came up from. 
  • You need to repeat this exact thing for the lace on the right side (B). That is putting the tip on the second eyelet right from which the laces came out from.    
  • After that you have to take the lace (B) from the right side and cross it over to the left side of your tennis shoe. Then you have to take it through the next eyelet on the left, to keep the tip outside the shoe. 
  • After this step, take the lace (B) drag it down straight through the eyelet that comes next on the left side. This is the same repetition you did in the previous step.
  • Then take the shoe lace (A), use it to cross it to the next eyelet on its right side then drag it down through the eyelet which is situated straight above that one.
  • You need to repeat the entire process for few times. You find the lacing pattern has turned so straight that your tennis shoes is laced up completely and are now just lip slip on shoes.

Things you should remember while tying your tennis shoe laces

  • If you face difficulties while going through the eyelets, or from switching one lace to another, you can start lacing from the second eyelet. Make sure your laces are long enough. If they are not shift one eyelet above. Using short laces to tie will make your shoes squeeze and create pressure in your feet.
  • After you are done lacing, remember to wear them and walk in them, if you feel they are too tight, do not worry, they will easily loosen up.
  • If you tying your laces using the traditional method, make sure the X you make is not too tight. Make the knot according to your fit.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read our article you should know how to tie tennis shoes laces to turn them into slip on shoes. Wear your tennis shoes in style, have no more trouble in tying laces. Wearing tennis shoes will be much easier and faster from now onwards. Try these methods our and see for yourself.

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