How to Tie Tennis Shoes to Slip On

Lace-up tennis shoes are absolutely stunning. They give that casual look which makes the shoe unique. Again, you can adjust your shoes to the right fit by using laces. So, many good reasons to wear lace-up tennis shoes, right? Sadly, a major part of tennis shoe lovers’ hates wearing these shoes. So, wondering how to tie tennis shoes to slip on?

Lace-up tennis shoes you put every time on, they have to tie them up. It’s annoying and also time consuming. Moreover, when you’re in a hurry, these shoe laces will seem like an absolute obstacle. That’s why tennis shoes with laces are not everyone’s favorite.

If you are one of them, let us introduce you a solution that will change your mind. You can actually tie your tennis shoes in a manner that it becomes a slip on. You’ll only need to tie the shoes once in your life and that’s it! The rest of your shoe’s lifetime, you just slip on your feet in them and you’re ready to go! Getting more interested? Follow our guideline below on how to tie tennis shoes to slip on.

Table of Contents

  1. Straight Bar Lacing
  2. The No Tie Elastic Shoe Lacing
  3. Inner Tubes as Shoe Laces
  4. Gadgets

How to Tie Tennis Shoes to Slip On

Before we start showing the different shoe lacing techniques, always remember to keep some room for your feet to fit in. You don’t want it to make too tight or too lose to fit in your feet. Make sure there’s an optimal space left to slip on your feet easily when you’re in a hurry. 

Now, let’s go straight into the methods!

Straight Bar Lacing

Straight Bar Lacing is one of the most professional looking lacing techniques. You’ll get to slip on your feet easily and also look gorgeous!

  1. So, the first thing you need to do is putting the shoelace through the first two eyelets. Put it in a way that the tips are inside the holes and both of the end comes out in equal length. 
  2. Now take the first shoelace tip on the left side inside of the shoe. Bring it through the eyelet above the first eyelet.
  3. Bring the first shoe lace right across the shoe and put it through the second eyelet on the right side of the shoe. This will be above the second shoelace.
  4. Now take the second shoelace, take it under and up through the next free eyelet. Bring the shoelace to the outer part of the shoe through the eyelet.
  5. Cross the second shoelace across the shoe like the first one. Go down through the parallel eyelet.
  6. Keep repeating this process until you’re done.
  7. At the end, you’ll observe the shoelaces on opposite sides. You can make a little bow by tying them up. And, you get a neat bow finished look!

The No Tie Elastic Shoe Lacing

No tie elastic shoe laces are incredibly easy to tie. These shoe laces are handy. You can either buy one from online or offline stores or make a DIY shoe lace at home. It’s simple! All you’ll need is a hand band elastic. You can use the colored ones to match your shoe color. Here’s how you can lace up your shoes permanently with elastic shoe laces:

  1. Take each shoe lace tip and run through the eyelets. 
  2. Lock them by making crisscross or any type of lacing designs. Tie a strong knot at the end.
  3. With a needle and a piece of thread, sew the elastic lace knot right down to the tongue of the tennis shoe. Make sure the tongue is placed in the center.
  4. See if the shoe has enough space inside to fit in the feet.
  5. You can also sew a small bow on top of the elastic above the tongue of the shoes.

That’s how to tie tennis shoes to slip on with elastic shoe lacing!

Inner Tubes as Shoe Laces

For making a DIY shoe lace, you can use inner tubes to slip on tennis shoes. Let’s look at process:

  1. Take out the shoe laces from your tennis shoes. We’ll replicate the size of these shoe laces on the inner tubes.
  2. Place the inner tuber with your shoe laces side by side and cut the exact same length. Then, leave about one centimeter in diameter and cut it into two halves. Be careful to have smooth edges. Jagged edges can get ripped and your DIY shoe lace will be destroyed.
  3. Now lace the shoe up just like the above two method. You’re free to choose a style. After you’re done, cut the excess tube that’s outside.
  4. Adjust the laces according to your comfort. Make sure it’s not too tight that your feet won’t slip on easily. Again, don’t make it too lose that you’ll feel uncomfortable to wear.
  5. Tie the end into a knot as you like. 

And that’s it! An easy inner tube lace tying for slip on done at home!


Our last but not the least method is to use a tying gadget that’ll ease the process. In this case, you won’t need to handmade any shoe lace at home. Instead, you can buy some gadgets that are specifically designed to help lace up shoes in an adjustable manner. These gadgets basically lock up the shoe laces so that you don’t have to tie them repeatedly. Thus, using modern technology can also help you to tie your tennis shoes to slip on.

Final Thoughts

We’ve tried to described all the possible ways you can tie tennis shoes to make them slip on. Now that you know the techniques, it’ll be a lot easier for you to enjoy the lace-up tennis shoes. If you don’t have time to make handmade laces or sew laces, we’ll recommend to go for the gadgets. With that being said, this is how to tie tennis shoes to slip on. 

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