How to Tie Tennis Sneakers

Introduction: Did you just get your hands on a pair of brand new tennis sneakers? Are you confused about how to tie the shoelaces on them? Then this article is just for you.
Did you know that the importance of shoelaces goes way beyond just fastening them to your feet? Depending on how you tie them, the laces on your tennis sneakers can actually help to alleviate pressure from your feet and provide more support during athletic activities. Everyone has different shaped feet, and no one style of tying laces will work for every single one out there. 

This is why we have compiled a list of different ways to tie the laces on your tennis sneakers.

1. The Classic Under Pattern

The bulk of shoes come with a regular pattern of the classic under lace. They come out of the box, though, laced super close, typically very sloppy, and uneven. Simply redo it in order to make it look even neater.

You can start the diagonal pattern by moving to the second set of eyelets until you’ve made sure the laces are even. Instead of coming up through the eyelets, start lacing them criss-cross style, with the first lace going over and down into each eyelet.

Make sure to follow precisely the same pattern, so that the lace on the right side is always beneath and the lace on the left is always above.

You should follow the same pattern when you move on to the second shoe so that both shoes have the laces going in the same direction.

2. The Straight Bar Lacing Style

For boots with an even number of eyelet sets, the straight bar lacing form fits well. This is because the shoelace has an equal number of times to cross the shoe so that the ends meet in the middle and can be bound together.

With the ends of your shoelace down, insert the shoelace into the first eyelets. Then pull both ends to ensure that the shoelaces are even.

On the inside, start the left end of the shoelace straight up, then put it straight across the outside.

Run both ends straight inside, each one skipping an eyelet and two eyelets emerging higher up. Repeat the last two steps until the last eyelets are reached. There you have it. The Straight Bar Lacing Style gives your tennis sneaker a very tidy look and a clear capacity for tightening.

3. Ladder Lacing Style

While the ladder lacing form is tougher than the first, this style is one of the most powerful ways to get stability and support is. Depending on what kind of tennis sneakers you are wearing, it remains very tight and also offers a touch of a distinctive look. This will soon become your go-to look, especially for tennis sneakers with many eyelets.

With the ends down, insert the shoelace into the first eyelets. Pull both ends to ensure that both the shoelace ends are even. 

Push the ends straight up the sides and into the next set of eyelets that are higher above.

Now go ahead and push the ends of the shoelace straight across, keeping them on the opposite side, underneath the vertical lace segments.

Keep heading straight up and into the next bigger set of eyelets. Repeat the last two steps before the last eyelets are touched. You now have the ladder lacing style mastered.

4. One Handed Lacing Style

For shoes with either narrow eyelets or fat shoelaces, the one-handed lacing style is the perfect choice. It is quite simple, especially compared to the ladder lacing style. Keep in mind that this is a little looser than other lacing styles.

You will start by tying a stopper-knot on one shoelace stopping at the top corner of the foot. You will now run up and pull the unknotted end from the inside of the other top eyelet until the knot ties snugly against the eyelet.

You will go ahead and zig-zag the shoelace down to the bottom of the foot through the eyelets. Go ahead and tuck the loose end into the lace so you do not stumble on it.

5. Cross Lacing Style

A fun and innovative way to tie up the laces of your shoes is the cross lacing type.

You will start by inserting the shoelace and the ends into the first eyelets. Next you will cross the ends and run them through the top set of eyelets, on the outside.

Then you will start binding the shoe laces on top of the cross, usually from top to bottom of the shoe.

To finish off this lacing style, you can go ahead and tuck the loose end into the lace. This will protect you from stumbling on your shoe laces.

6. Lattice Lacing Style

A very common and decorative look is the lattice lacing form, but errors can easily be made during the process. So you should make sure that you are paying careful attention to the instructions given below.

You will insert the shoelace and the ends into the first eyelets.

Then you will cross the outside ends and run them three rows further up the shoe into the collection of eyelets, then you should run both ends straight up into the next higher range of eyelets, inside and out.

Then cross the outside ends before you run them three rows lower down the shoe into the collection of eyelets.

Finally run both ends straight up into the next higher range of eyelets, inside and out. There you go. The lattice lacing style is ready.


Growing up, you were shown how to tie your shoelaces, but did anybody actually teach you how to lace them? Now we did. In fact, if you buy laces in various colors and designs, the above styles are a great way to personalize and customize your tennis sneakers.

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