How to Wash and Dry Tennis Shoes


Shoes are supposed to get dirty. That’s like a completely natural phenomenon and can’t by any means be stopped. And if you are a tennis player, the chances of your shoes getting dirty are much higher than the average person. 

As a tennis player you are required to play tennis on different types of courts. These courts may sometimes be pretty dusty and can make your shoes dirty. Or probably worse, you play in a muddy surface and get your tennis shoes extra dirty. 

In such a case, a little wiping with a cloth won’t cut it. You need to properly wash your tennis shoes using necessary tools and equipment. If you are confused about how to best wash your tennis shoes, you have come to the right place, my friend. 

We are about to show you the best method of how to wash and dry tennis shoes in this article. So if you want to learn the process, stick with us till the very end!

acleaning tennis shoes

Tools You Will Need

You will most certainly need a handful of tools to wash your tennis shoes. Some notable ones may be

  • Water supply (possibly a hose)
  • Cleaning brush (you can use an old toothbrush)
  • Cleaning reagent (soap, detergent, bleach, white vinegar, toothpaste, or anything else)
  • Wash cloth
  • Blow dryer.

Some of these tools may have alternatives and you can use the alternatives if you prefer.

How to Wash Tennis Shoes

Washing tennis shoes is not rocket science, so there isn’t exactly much complication in the process of cleaning them. But to help you sequentially clean your pair of tennis shoes right, we have curated a step by step process. So let’s get started!

Step 1

First of all, you have to see exactly how bad the condition of the tennis shoes is. Because when we talk about dirty shoes, we can mean anything between a slightly discolored dusty shoe to a completely drenched in mud or garbage shoe. 

So you have to note the condition of your shoes first and then get started with the washing process. 

Step 2

If the shoes are slightly dusty, skip this step and move to step 3. But if they are covered in mud, you have to get rid of the mud by power washing or even regular washing. All you need to do is the get rid of the excessive dirt that needs to be removed in order to properly clean the shoes. Once that’s done, you can start hitting the more stubborn areas.

Step 3

If the shoes are now easier to clean, grab some cleaning reagent and pour it over the shoe. Make sure to rub the cleaning reagent all over the shoe and try not to miss any spots. For the cleaning reagent you can use any soap, detergent or anything else of your preference. 

If you are going to use bleach however, be sure to only use it on white sneakers. Since bleach has discoloring properties, it may ruin the colors of your colorful sneakers. 

Step 4

Take you cleaning brush and start scrubbing the upper of your shoes. Move to the sides and then the back. Scrub it with the brush with some cleaning reagent on it and clean it for 5 to 10 minutes. 

Step 5

Next, move to the sole of the shoes. The sole scrub the sole using the brush; maybe apply some more cleaning liquid and continue scrubbing. 

At this point all the dirt should be visible in the foam that is created from all the scrubbing. 

Step 6

Wash the shoes properly using water and scrub while the water is running to reach the parts that were hard to clean without flowing water. Lastly, keep the shoes under running water for about a couple of minutes and you should have a considerably cleaner pair of tennis shoes.

How to Dry Tennis Shoes

So you’ve got down the cleaning part and now it’s time to dry your pair of tennis shoes. From the way that you have washed them, they are probably soaking wet. So the first thing you should do is hang the shoes from a slightly elevated place and let them dry in the sun. 

It should take about an entire day or two to mostly dry up. After a couple of days of drying, you should be left with a pair of shoes that are slightly moist, especially on the inside. 

Now your job is to dry them using a blow dryer. Set the heat setting to medium and the dryer speed to high. Warm air flowing over and through the shoes will further dry them and get rid of any excessive moisture locked inside the shoes. 

Keep the blow dryer on for about 5 minutes and then leave the shoes for a while. Dry them again using the blow dryer for 5 minutes and repeat this until you notice all the moisture is gone and the shoes seem dry enough to be worn. 

Once you notice that, you can wear your pair of tennis shoes and set out for your regular practice!

Final Words 

So that was all for how to wash and dry tennis shoes. We hope we were able to precisely explain to you how you can wash and dry your pair of tennis shoes. As we mentioned before, cleaning tennis shoes is not rocket science, so don’t stress it too much. 

Just make sure you use the right tools and clean your shoes properly so you yourself see visible results. Scrub them till they’re clean and dry them till they are wearable. If you have white sneakers, we definitely recommend using bleach on them for the best results. 

We hope you found this article informative and the strategies useful. Have a nice day!

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