How to Wash Converse Sneakers

Everyone has owned at least one pair of converse sneakers once in their lifetime, and this means having to wash the shoes at some point as well. While many people like to simply dump the shoes in a washing-machine, others prefers hand-cleaning the shoes instead. 

But it doesn’t matter which method you are going to go for, as many people don’t even know how to wash converse sneakers to begin with. As a result, this lack in knowledge and experience can prompt a person to ruin their brand new pair of converse sneakers when trying to clean them in the first place. 

However, we don’t want you to worry about that as in this article we are going to note down all the stuff you need to know to clean those all-rounder pair of sneakers, while holding their true quality and best condition at all times. 

Do a Patch Test

Before you get down to clean the bad and dirty, you will want to test out a small area or region of the shoes instead, in order to make sure the shoes are compatible with whatever cleaner or detergent that you might be using. 

Where can I do a patch test, you ask? Many experts and shoe retailers claim that the best place to do a patch test on is around the inner corner of the tongue. As this part is mostly hidden from public view all the time, you will not have to worry about anything looking weird or faded when you have the pair on. 

Also, the inner part of the tongue is usually made of the same material as the entire pair of shoes, so you will be getting quite a realistic and accurate idea of how the detergent of your choice will react on other parts of the shoes. 

Use a Soft Detergent 

When wanting to wash converse sneakers by hand, it is important to note that only soft and mild detergent should be used for external cleaning purposes. The brand itself apparently advices its users and customers to not simply throw in the pair into a washing machine with just any kind of detergent, as that could ruin the overall quality and built of the product. 

Instead, you will want to use a soft and mild detergent that leaves almost no residue or fragrance after being rinsed out properly. 

Work With Soft Bristled Brushes 

If your converse sneakers come with a whole lot of gunk, dried mud and debris stunk on the underside of the pair, you can easily use a brush to clean those parts out. 

However, it is advised that you only use a thin brush with very soft bristles to clean the underside or upper-side of the converse sneakers as anything too hard or rough can create noticeable abrasions on the fabric of construction. 

We recommend you to work with thin, soft toothbrushes with long bristles appropriate for babies on the shoes. 

Use Warm Water 

When washing your shoes, we would recommend you to use warm water for cleaning only, as this will have a rather mild effect on the shoes. Using mild water and soft detergent will definitely do the trick in removing most stains and also leaving a nice scent on the shoes behind. 


Once you are done with cleaning the shoes, you might think putting them inside the machine dryer will be your best bet. Although it is surely an effective way to clean out the shoes, we would advise you to simply let it air-dry under the sun at first. 

This way, the excess water will be dried out and you will not have to wear super soggy shoes right after. 

However, if you think there is still a good amount of moisture left inside the shoes, especially around the upper and the soles, you can throw the shoes in the machine dryer. 

Before you do this, make sure to tie the laces together with a simple knot, so that the shoes do not get separated from each other once in the machine. 

Another way to ensure the shoes don’t start flying around is to simply hang the shoe laces outside, while still attached to the shoes that are placed on the rack. This way, the laces will be held in place by the door of the machine dryer, and will spin or tumble around the machine once it is turned on. 

Use Low Heat

If you are going to opt for the machine dryer here, it is advised that you put the heat on the lowest level before you turn on the shoes. The heat from a machine dryer can be pretty intense, so you really do not want the shoes to be directly affected by it. 

In this case, toning down the heat to a bare minimum will help minimize the damage but also allow the pair of converse sneakers to dry out completely. 

If in case the shoes do not hold onto their shape after you have washed and dried them off completely, you can use paper balls to force the pair to gain back their original shape. 

For this, you can take any brown bag, and tear the bag in two. We think going for a large patch of brown paper will mean a bigger ball, therefore putting a lot of pressure on the shoes to stretch out properly. 

Once you have the balls created, simply push them all the way inside the converse sneakers and leave the pair out in the sun for as long as it takes for the shape to come back. 

Final Words

Remember to only use warm water and mild detergent to wash and clean your converse sneakers the next time so that you do not ruin the overall quality of the product. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and know exactly how to wash converse sneakers now!

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