How to Wash Gym Shoes?

How to wash gym shoes? Most of our new readers ask us this question. Washing gym shoes isn’t a difficult task at all. In fact, there are a lot of ways in which you can wash your gym shoes properly. Even then, you’ll be surprised to know exactly how many people wash their gym shoes in the wrong manner. 

Washing your gym shoes wrong can damage your shoes permanently, or at the very least, they will put a strain on your shoes. So, you better know how to wash gym shoes properly. There are a lot of ways as to how to wash gym shoes properly, and we’ll talk about these methods in our article!

How to Wash Gym Shoes Properly?

Preparation Stage:

Before we go into how to wash gym shoes properly, we must know how to prepare your shoes so you can clean them properly. Follow these steps to prepare your gym shoes before you clean them. 

  • Remove Insoles:

The first thing you’ll need to do is remove the insoles of your shoes. If you keep the insoles inside your shoes while you wash them, a lot of dirt will remain inside the shoes when you take them out, and the inner chamber of your shoes will become all muddy. So, you must remove the insoles and clean them separately. 

  • Wipe it:

You can’t wash your shoes until you clean the visible dirt from them. You’ll find chunks of dirt and mud on the upper body and the soles of your shoe, especially on the bottom. If you don’t wipe these before washing, you’ll only end up with a muddier shoe. 

  • Remove Laces:

You must remove the laces and clean them separately if you want to clean your shoe properly. 

  • Remove Stains:

How to wash gym shoes properly? Well, try wiping the stains with a stain remover before you get on washing them. 

Different Methods of How to Wash Gym Shoes Properly:

There are different methods of how to wash gym shoes properly. You can wash them inside the washing machine, or you can wash them by hand. Before proceeding with either of them, you need to check out the care label underneath the flip of your gym shoes. 

In this, you’ll find whether your shoe is machine washable or not. Depending on whether your shoes are machine washable or not and what your preferred way is, you need to pick one of the mentioned methods. 

How to Wash Gym Shoes in Washing Machine:

How to wash gym shoes in a washing machine? If your shoes are machine washable, you need to go through the preparation stage, put your shoes in a pillow cover or a laundry bag, and throw it in the washing machine. You need to put some towels along with the shoes so that the machine doesn’t get damaged by the shoes. 

You need to put the laces in a separate washing bag, and you can put them in the washing machine along with the gym shoes. The thing about this is, you need to make sure that you are using liquid detergents for cleaning. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you need to put the machine on a gentle cycle. If the machine rotates too fast, then the shoes will get banged around too much, and it can potentially damage the shoes as well as the machine. Then again, you need to use cold water instead of hot water so that the shoes don’t get shrunk. 

How to Wash Gym Shoes by Hands:

How to Wash Gym Shoes by Hands? If you prefer this method, or if your shoes aren’t machine washable, then you need to go through the preparation stage and take a bowl of water first. Mix some cleaning agents like detergent with the water. Take a brush in your hands and start applying a bit of the cleaning mix on your shoes. Once the entire shoe has a bit of cleaning agent on it, you need to start brushing your shoe. 

However, this isn’t the method if you have suede shoes. If your suede shoes are even exposed to water, they will get damaged. So, you need a different method to clean these. If you have suede shoes, the first thing you need to look for is a special cleaning agent made just for these shoes. If you can find them, you can clean your gym shoes in the same way as you cleaned the regular gym shoes; just the cleaning agent will be the special cleaning agent instead of the detergent and water. If you can’t find any cleaning agent, you can also use vinegar. Vinegar can do a great job at cleaning suede gym shoes. Whatever you do, make sure that you brush in only one direction. 

How to Dry Gym Shoes after Washing?

Now that you know how to wash gym shoes, you must know how you can dry them properly. 

Once you’re done cleaning the shoe, you need to dry the shoe and the laces separately. One thing to keep in mind is that you should never put the shoes in the dryer, as it can, and it will damage the shoe permanently. 

Instead, you need to keep the shoe outside for a long time, and they will become dry gradually. You can also leave them overnight if you want, but this process will be much lengthier. You can always speed this process up by putting the shoes underneath or in front of a fan, a dehumidifier, or an air vent. However, don’t put them in direct sunlight as it might shrink the shoe. 

Suppose you’re afraid that the shoes might shrink. You can just stuff them with scrap papers in that case. 


This article was written to inform you about how to wash gym shoes, and hopefully, you’ll be able to wash your gym shoes properly from now on!

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