How to Wash Sneakers in Laundry?

If you are someone active who likes to run around or do sport on a daily basis, then your sneakers might be your best friend. We can expect that you would wear a pair for all those activities. And when that happens, your best buddy is likely to get dirty. But worry not! We have covered you on how to wash sneakers in laundry. You have a simple way to wash the sneakers especially when there is laundry for the job. So before you barely recognize the footwear like sneakers, make sure you maintain them. 

And for that, knowing how to wash sneakers becomes a necessity. So, let’s talk about the sneakers as well as the ways to clean them. 


Sneakers are the kind of footwear that is not just comfortable but affordable and fashionable too. They are best known as sportswear but you can wear it on any occasion too. 

The sneakers come in several materials and designs. When it comes to the types, there are numerous variations such as Plimsoll sneakers, Slip-on sneakers, leather sneakers, Canvas sneakers, the athletic ones, and so on. 

You must know which kind of sneakers are used for what purposes and which ones will suit you the best. 

Basically, all sneakers have their soles made of rubber. But apart from the sole, sneakers are made of leather, textile, plastic, synthetic, and many other materials. 

Not all sneakers that exist out there are good in quality. So, you need to choose wisely. Likewise, you also have to deal with your sneakers wisely while you wash them too.  

Ways to Wash Sneakers

You can wash your sneakers very with ease by following these given rules. However, you need to do a bit of preparation work beforehand to get the best results. 

Moreover, you must keep in mind that washing your sneakers may not eliminate its pungent smell. If your sneakers are unbearably smelly, you have to follow some separate methods to get rid of it. Now let’s start the steps!


For the preparation work, firstly, you will have to take the laces out from your pair. You can wash the shoelaces in your washing machine. But the problem is that the corner of the eyelets can collect lots of dirt that becomes hard to remove. In that case, washing them separately by hand would be wiser thing to do. 

If your sneakers are heavily dirty or soiled, you should brush off the extra dust and soil. You can use a brush or rag for the job. But remember, be gentle with it. 

For the last preparation step, you should sprinkle three tablespoons of baking soda on each shoe. Leave them like that overnight. Remember, you have to do all the preparation work a night before you are going to wash your sneakers in laundry. 

Remove baking soda along with the remaining debris the next morning with a brush.

Now, in the laundry, put your sneakers in the washing machine. 

Pour some liquid detergent. Use cold water and wash your sneakers using the cold delicate mode. 

It might take 30 to 40 minutes to get your shoes cleaned. The duration can depend on the washing machine you are using. 

You can also place your shoelaces in the washing machine along with your sneakers if you do not want to wash them by your hands separately. 

Do’s and don’ts of Washing Sneakers in Laundry

Rule number one: 

Put the shoelaces inside a pillowcase or a wash bag before putting them inside the washing machine. Otherwise, the shoelaces will get tangled and they won’t get washed properly. 

Rule number two:

Do not use hot or warm water while washing your sneakers in your washing machine. Because hot or warm water can damage your sneakers` fabric. Higher water temperature can also fade your sneakers` color. Also, it can loosen the gum of your sneakers` joints. 

Rule Number three:

Put 5-6 towels along with your sneakers inside the washing machine. These additional towels will lessen the friction of the sneakers against the washing machine. Plus, it will help balance the washing-load too. Not just that, it will also prevent your sneakers from continuously slamming loudly against the walls of the washing machine. 

Rule number four:

Make sure the colors of the towels and sneakers are similar. Or else, either or both of them can get stained. 

Rule number five:

Always use the gentle cycle. If there is a separate option for water temperature in your washing machine, opt for the cold water option. But if there is no separate option and speed of cycle and the temperature is inbuilt, then opt for the most gentler option available. 

Rule number six:

Never dry your sneakers in the dryer. The heat from the dryer can ruin your sneakers. It can cause damage to the fabric or the glue that keeps sneakers’ parts joined together.

So, always remove them from the washing machine once it’s done. Let them air dry. 

Rule number seven:

You can’t wash all types of sneakers in the washing machine such as Leather or dress shoes, Suede, Rubber boots, or wellies. 

Rule number eight:

Wash your sneakers every two weeks depending on their material and how often you use them. 

Rule number nine: 

Make sure you store them properly after the wash to make them last longer. Store them in shoeboxes so that they don`t get dirty again quickly. You can also use shoe trees to undo the creasing if occurred while wearing them.  


The lifespan of sneakers basically depends on their maintenance. If you want them to live longer, then make sure to take care of your sneakers as much as you would care for your feet. Give them a good bath when they are in need of one. Also, pamper them once in a while by adding pine oil disinfectant to their bath. This will help keep them free of bacteria and fungus. 

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