How to Wash Tennis Shoes In Front Load Washer

Learn Wash Tennis Shoes In Front Load Washer: Do you like playing tennis sometimes? If you really think about it, tennis maintains the social distancing guidelines. You can be safe while playing and not likely be within six feet distance of your opponent. But if you are here already (because we have tennis shoes in the title), you probably already know all of this. Nobody likes smelly shoes, and believe us, you wouldn’t want to wear that too.

Luckily you can throw anything in a washer these days, and they get the job done. But tennis shoes can be tricky. Tennis shoes have more stability and provide more support to the feet. As a result, they are more sturdy and difficult to wash without damaging the washer or the shoes.

Don’t worry; we will save you from the embarrassment and also keep you hygienic. We will show you how to wash tennis shoes in the front load washer in this article. Keep reading as we will give you the step by step guidelines to wash them!

1. Keep the Tools Ready

The first step is to make sure you have all the tools you need to wash those dirty tennis shoes. The tools you would require are:

  • Front Load Washer: It is obviously essential to have a washer with all the temperature settings and cycle options. If you have a modern washer, you will most likely have the functions we will talk about later on.
  • Liquid Detergent: Any brand will work. Liquid detergents are more effective in terms of getting the dirt out from intricate areas than powdered ones.
  • Pillowcase or Old Towels: They will be used as a shield to protect your tennis shoes.
  • Brush: Any old toothbrush with firm bristles.
  • Baking Soda: This will help to get rid of the foul odor from the shoes.

2. Check Your Tennis Shoes

Before you do anything else, make sure you check the tag or label on your tennis shoes. The label either inside the tongue or the edge will have a sign that will indicate if it’s washable or not. Whether it’s a leather or fabric tennis shoe, it’s supposed to be washable. But don’t put your leather tennis shoes in the washer. If you can’t find the label, go to the brand’s website and check if they have any cleaning instructions published. Do not put the shoes in the washer if they are not washable.


3. Prepare Your Shoes

Do not throw off the shoes in the washer before completing this step. Take the old toothbrush and put some liquid detergent on it (which will not stain). Start removing the access dirt and soil from the sole of your shoes. Remember that the washer is not designed to clean areas caked with mud or heavy soil. It can damage your machine. 

Now separate the shoelaces and insoles from the tennis shoes. You have to hand wash these separately. Use 3-4 spoons of baking soda and put them inside the shoes. Keep the shoes in this state overnight. This small detail can remove the foul odor from your tennis shoes. So, make sure you don’t forget this step!

4. Get Some Support for Your Tennis Shoes

If you put the tennis shoes directly into the front load washer, it can cause shrinkage or damage the material. As a result, we recommend you to put your shoes in an old pillowcase and close off their ends, then put them in the washer. Also, to avoid the shoes banging around during the process, do not keep the washer empty. You can use some old towels like we mentioned to keep them ready before. It is better if you use 3-4 old towels to keep the load balanced. You can also use another dirty laundry (not your clothes), such as a dirty mat, for extra protection. 

5. Settings of the Washer

After you place the tennis shoes in the washer, put the amount of liquid detergent you think will be sufficient for the load. Click on the minimum load option you have. Now, press on the cold or gentle water temperature option. Extremely hot water can damage the shoes and weaken or melt the glue that is keeping them together. So make sure you don’t make that mistake! Choose a cycle with the lowest spin speed, which will ensure your front load washer’s balance. Finally, press on the extra rinse option so that the liquid detergent can be washed off from the most delicate parts. Remember to not use any other chemicals like a fabric softener on your shoes! It can take around half an hour to finish the cycle, depending on your washer’s model.

6. Air Dry

Do not use the dryer option on your washer! It can also damage the fabric or the glue of your tennis shoes. After the cycle is completed, remove the shoes from the washer and allow the extra water to drip. You can check in after 3-4 hours. If you see the water has almost dried, put a newspaper or some old sheets inside the shoes. It will soak up the extra water from there. Now keep the shoes and the shoelaces, insoles that you hand washed in an open area with warm temperature. You should be able to wear the shoes after a solid 24 hours.

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We hope you have already gotten up to get your dirty tennis shoes now to try this method. While we understand that it is natural for tennis shoes to get dirty, it is also your responsibility to keep them clean. Save yourself and the people around you from the bad smell. Wash your tennis shoes every 2 months if you use them regularly. Send this article to a friend with smelly shoes and teach them how to wash tennis shoes in front load washer! Seriously, it can’t get easier than this!

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