How to Waterproof Sneakers

The most problematic season for shoes is Winter, especially sneakers. They get wet and soggy the minute you accidentally step on a puddle. So, what can be done to prevent it? Monsoon can be quite a bummer for sneakerheads. So, how to waterproof sneakers.

Their sneakers get ruined because of the puddles no matter how careful they are. But, that doesn’t mean you have to keep your sneakers hidden for the entire season. There are other effective solutions to keep your sneakers safe from getting soggy and wet. Here are a few pro tips for waterproofing your sneakers.

Check the Fabric of the Sneakers

Before getting high end sneaker products, you need to be careful about a few things. Firstly, check the fabric of your sneakers. A few fabrics tend to get stained after directly spraying certain products. It differs from fabric to fabric. A few fabrics are hard and resilient while others are a bit sensitive. 

So, always check the fabric before spraying anything. You certainly don’t want your sneakers to get ruined by yourself. However, if your sneakers get darkened by the application of spraying products, then don’t panic. Air them out and let the surface air dry. 

Break in Your Sneakers

Another important thing is to break your shoes. Old shoes tend to develop creases after a few wears. The repellent needs to be applied to the fold of these creases as well. So, make sure you break your shoes beforehand. And even if you spray on your new sneakers, after a few wears spray again and get it inside the folds as well. Make sure to test on a small region first. In this way, even if the repellent doesn’t suit the fabric, your sneakers won’t be entirely ruined. 

How to Waterproof Sneakers 

Don’t worry; you won’t need to spend a lot of time or money to save your sneakers. There are two effective methods of waterproofing your sneakers. Firstly if you choose the spray on method, make sure you spray your sneakers periodically after the first spray as these repellents do not last forever. You have to reapply it after a while to waterproof it again. 

1. The Spray on Method

This method is relatively easier to use. The first thing that needs to be done before spraying the solution is that the sneakers need to be thoroughly cleaned. Use a damp cloth to clean them. The surface needs to be dried properly before applying the repellent.

The solution needs to be sprayed on the surface by keeping it 10-15 cm away. The repellent is spread out evenly instead of being sprayed on one spot. 

The soles of the sneakers should be covered as well. The main points need to be the toe cap, side upper, collar and laces. Continuously keep on spraying without any breaks. 

The best products have been listed below,

a. PUMA Rain & Stain Repellent: PUMA rain and stain repellent is a great repellent for sneakers. It is very lightweight. They are perfect for leather, nubuck, suede and canvas. 

b. Vetro Power Footwear Protection: Vetro Power Footwear Protection is another top notch repellent brand. It is well known for its non toxic formula and unmatched performance. They claim that a single spray lasts a year. 

c. Helios WaterProofer: This waterproofer on the other hand is specialised for leather and suede. Helios is all for squeaky clean shoes. A helios brush along with this waterproofer would be the best combo. 

d. CREP Protect Spray: Incorporated with Nano technology, CREP protection spray will keep your sneakers safe during the monsoon season. It is suitable for suede, canvas and leather. It won’t save your sneakers from big puddles but it would save you from wet surfaces. 

2. Wearing lightweight Rain Shoe Covers:   

Another method of protecting sneakers from unwanted splashes is by wearing shoe covers. Your sneakers might not have the same appeal after wearing shoe covers but something is better than nothing right? These shoe covers will keep your sneakers dry even if you step on the biggest puddles. 

The biggest downside of the spray on method is that it needs to be maintained a lot and has to be done periodically. The spray on is not permanent hence it has to be sprayed again after a while. But with this shoe cover method, all you have to do is wear a cover over your sneakers. Say goodbye to soggy sneakers! 

The shoe covers are completely leak proof and are made of 100% waterproof PVC. It will protect the sneakers from mudd, puddles, slush and all other kinds of things that might ruin your sneakers. Best of all, the shoe covers are very affordable. Unlike spray ons and shoe waxes, shoe covers will not break your bank. The covers are also available in a variety of sizes. So you can purchase these covers according to your shoe size.

We would highly recommend everyone to get shoe covers to waterproof your sneakers instead of repellent sprays. It is the easiest and most affordable option. It also has zero risks of ruining the fabric of your sneakers. All you need to do is wear the covers before you go out and change them when you come back home. Your sneakers will remain perfectly dry even if you step on puddles! 

Bottom Line 

The monsoon season is a nightmare for most sneakerheads. Who likes soggy and wet sneakers? Absolutely no one! But that does not mean you have to keep them hidden away for the rest of the season.  You need to put some effort to keep your sneakers dry and brand new. Now that you know how to waterproof sneakers, water cannot ruin your day and sneakers.

Secondly, if you choose the easiest and more cost effective option which is the shoe cover method then there’s no additional maintenance. While it is the easiest method, a lot of people do not prefer it because it is not appealing. If you want to not go out of style, then the spray on a method would be suitable for you.

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