How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans with Sneakers

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans with Sneakers: It’s officially the vintage season! The 90’s fashion has made a comeback resulting in bell-bottom and prints to rule the fashion world. The one piece that has stemmed as the ultimate staple for women’s trend is the famous ‘Boyfriend Jeans’. A loose fitted, baggy and distressed boyfriend jeans can take a look to the next level while serving enough comfort than the super-skinny jeans.

Celebrities all over the world have been spotted flaunting pairs of boyfriend jeans in several ways. Even though the regular boyfriend jeans might be a woman’s best friend, they can be difficult to style due to their fit. Struggles to find the right pair of boyfriend jeans have been faced by innumerable women, which is then accompanied by the dilemma of finding the right shoes! 

The answer to that confusion is ‘Sneakers’. Sneakers are arguably the trendiest when it comes to making fashion statements. If paired right, boyfriend jeans along with sneakers are a match made in heaven! Here are the tips and tricks of pairing your boyfriend jeans with sneakers- the perfect blend of fashion and comfort.

Less is more

The trick with boyfriend jeans is often finding the right balance of clothes. A little too much styling can go heavily wrong with this pair, making the whole look clumsy. Hence, to all the fashionistas, remember to plan your outfit by keeping the ‘Less is more’ mantra in mind. A similar color palette for your shirt and sneakers shall put together a chic appearance, with a little effort from your side!

Starting with your favorite pair of sneakers, style your way up in a minimal manner, and watch the whole look turn out top-notch!

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Choose the right sneakers

Sneakers have been a staple in every wardrobe for quite some time now, given the variety of styles they have to offer. Choosing the right pair of sneakers to go with your boyfriend jeans is the most important step and also the most confusing one! Here are some types of sneakers you can opt for:

  • High- top sneakers: with the high-top detail, these shall compliment your loose fitted jeans perfectly. These are available in various designs and colors and here’s the best part- they do not require wearing socks! 
  • Plimsoll sneakers: If paired with some no-show socks, these sneakers can live up to their reputation of being the most popular ones out there. These pieces come in several colors as well, which makes it easier to amp up your boyfriend jeans without becoming a mess.
  • Slip-on sneakers: These classic ones are perfect for lazy times when being comfortable is your only goal for the day. Pair them up with your favorite boyfriend jeans and voila! You’re good to go.

Once you’ve chosen the type of sneakers that suit you the best, experimenting with colors and styles can be quite easy and fun!

Time for the right boyfriend… jeans

Apart from the right sneakers, it’s also essential to end up with your Mr. Right, in terms of jeans. In the hope for you to find your soulmate, we’re putting forward some of the fits which will compliment you.

  • Straight- legged boyfriend jeans: For the women with larger legs and thighs, here comes your best friend- the straight-legged jeans! Not only will these flaunt your body shape, but they shall also serve elegant looks once paired with the high-top sneakers.
  • Heavily distressed boyfriend jeans: If you’re opting for a cool and trendy appearance, a pair of heavily distressed jeans would be your best match. These can be paired with t-shirts and colorful plimsoll sneakers to give a street style vibe to your look!
  • Skinny boyfriend jeans: Seeking to take a break from the uncomfortable skinny jeans but not looking for baggy ones? Here’s the perfect mix of skinny jeans and a comfortable one- the skinny boyfriend jeans. These are somewhat more fitted than the usual boyfriend jeans and look amazing once paired up with slip-on sneakers or high- top sneakers!

Keep in mind, the ultimate goal of boyfriend jeans is to look baggy and distressed, that looks chic and trendy while being super comfortable at the same time, and you shall find your Mr. Right!

Change it up according to your style

It’s known by all that a single style of boyfriend jeans may not prove to tie up all the looks with different sneakers. However, we may alter the same pair according to our sneakers just by using simple hacks! Folding the hem of your jeans to reveal the high-top sneakers, or distressing the hem to cohere with the plimsoll sneakers- all these simple tricks make your boyfriend jeans look different each time with each look!

Comfort over everything!

As we bid goodbye to yet another year, the rules of fashion statements change even more. The hard and uncomfortable days of tight jeans and high heels have officially left and we are blessed by the fashion gods at long last! Your comfort shall remain your priority as you continue to look your best and serve looks. whether it’s pairing boyfriend jeans with sneakers or any other fashion dilemma, always remember to keep yourself comfortable and be your most confident version.

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As trendy as the boyfriend jeans are, they are practically a tough bunch to style. However, with the right pair of sneakers, one shall be able to run, dodge bullets for aliens and look fashionable while doing it! Even though the variety of sneakers available might be a cause of concern, some trials for the right fit and comfort will get you your desired match.

Share this article with your fashionista mates and help them pair the right boyfriend jeans with the right sneakers without burning a hole in your pocket. Here’s your chance to finally nail the Bella Hadid- Hailey Beiber look while being super comfortable!

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