How To Wear High-Top Sneakers?

High-top sneakers are a pair of sports shoes used by athletes of all kinds but if you look them up online you will find that they are worn mostly by pro basketball players. But that doesn’t mean that it is fit for only athletes as you can even wear these sneakers to your local gym or as casual wear.

It is a trend that is famous amongst many athletes and youngsters and with big names like Nike and Reebok producing them you find unique designs in all shapes and sizes so if you are an avid shoe collector then surely you will want one for your shoe collection.

How Do They Help The Wearer?

There’s a reason why so many basketball players opt to choose high-tops for their games. They have certain advantages and benefits that help with their mobility during long matches. High-Tops provide more coverage than regular sneakers and are laced up above the ankles to add bonus protection.

Moving suddenly at high speeds from one direction to another may cause injuries to your ankles, that is why you should wear high-tops as they provide a stability boost that keeps you from hurting yourself too badly. For athletes, any sudden injuries may cost them the match so they should be advised a bit of precaution and that is why high-top sneakers act as a support system so that you don’t hurt the joints in your ankle and feet.

How Can You Style Them

Ever since their introduction, high-top sneakers have been a huge hit amongst the younger generation and people who have an interest in fashion. What makes them so good is their versatility in style as you can wear them as a casual, gym, or formal attire. So if you are looking for tips on how you can wear high-top sneakers then we have provided the following style tips.

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Formal Wear

Contrary to what you may think high-tops may be suitable for they can also make for a nice combination of apparel wear when paired up with a nice suit or blazer. Designers have integrated the high-tops design to suit some of their tux or other high-quality fabrics. But if you are worried about the price then don’t fret as you can even make a cheap pair of sneakers work as long as you can find the right combination of clothes. 

If you want to try out high-tops with a formal combination then try putting together a tux with cropped pants. Normal trousers may bunch at the bottom which may be annoying to fix all the time especially with the ankle coverage of the high-top sneakers. If you want something a bit low end then you can never go wrong with simple jeans, a t-shirt, and a blazer with a high-tops sneaker combo. But make sure that it is in neutral colors because otherwise, they might clash.

Which Pants Go Better With High-Tops?

  • When you think about what to wear with high-top sneakers then the first thing that comes to mind is jeans. This is one of the most classic styles that you can never go wrong with and if you need proof then all you have to do is to look around and you’ll see many who wear high-tops with jeans and make it look good.

If you are out on a casual hang out or date then a pair of denim and chuck Taylor’s maybe your ideal style in making you look like you fit in wherever you go. Pairing a shirt with this style is also a good idea and you should opt for baggy jeans as they go well with high-top sneakers.

  • Chinos are another type of pants that look good with the right type of high-top sneakers. Even though it is more formal wear you can pair them together to create a fashionable look. You can pair your chinos with a striped or untucked shirt to create a laid back look that will make it easier for people to approach you. This casual but formal style is the perfect look for weekend activities as you will look down to relax while also ready for a low-key formal occasion. For the perfect look pair your high-top sneakers with chinos that are slim but also not skinny.

Physical Activity

High-tops sneakers were created for wear by basketball players to make it easier for them to run around the court and it is easy to forget this as they are also worn outside of court. If you are looking for the perfect shoes for your more athletic-related apparel then high-tops are the way to go as they can be styled with any gym wear or for other kinds of physical activity. 

Nike Air Force is one of the best high-top sneakers that you can pair with a pair of sweatpants and a large baggy t-shirt making it an ideal look for when you want to play basketball in your front or backyard with your friends. Shorts also go pretty well with high-top sneakers and they provide a more noticeable look but to make it work you should pair up clothes that are neutral in color so either a black, white, or gray color scheme is your ticket for a great combo.

Final Thoughts

High-top sneakers have been in use for years and they never seem to go out of fashion so if you either want to stand out in the court or if you want to stand out in school then you can try out these combinations for a fashionable look. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t try your own thing. Keep pairing clothes with your sneakers until you find one that lives up to your taste in style and comfort.

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