How to Wear Skinny Jeans with Tennis Shoes

Skinny jeans are skin-tight and tend to be tapered around the ankles. Although skinny jeans look great paired with heels and sandals, there is no such rule that states you cannot wear them with sneakers or tennis shoes. It is perfectly appropriate for you to wear sneakers with skinny jeans, however, there are certain styling tips you should keep in mind. This is why we have compiled a bunch of styling hacks for you to take inspiration from.

STYLING TIP 1: For An Everyday Look Pair Skinny Jeans With Athletic Tennis Shoes.

This is a classic combination in which you will never go wrong. The best part of this look is that you can wear it almost anywhere. Whether you are visiting friends or going to a party, or maybe just going out for a picnic in a park, this outfit will keep you feeling comfortable, as well as looking stylish.

STYLING TIP 2: For A Classic Look Pair Monochromatic Skinny Jeans With Monochromatic Tennis Shoes.

The great thing about a monochromatic look of one or two shades is that it is never going to go out of style. You can mix black sneakers with black jeans, or white sneakers with white jeans. Go ahead and switch things up by wearing black denim and white shoes, or black shoes with white jeans. For a new twist on the retro look,  you can consider messing around with colors, such as dark and light grays and tans.

Try pairing colored jeans with shoes in the same color or a similar shade if you want a more daring take on this classic outfit.

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STYLING TIP 3: Add a Pop Of Color With Your Tennis Shoes 

Add a splash of color to show your sense of style using tennis shoes. You can simply opt for a solid color for your pants, such as light or dark blue, ivory, or black. Then pair them with a pair of shoes that are vibrantly colored or a pair that has a bold pattern. You can even customize your white tennis shoes by dyeing them. 

STYLING TIP 4: Show off Your Shoes by Cuffing Your Skinny Jeans for a Modern Look

Cuffing your jeans will help you create a modern silhouette and allow you to draw attention to the cool pair of shoes. On top of that, if you need shorter pants, cuffing them will work just fine and save you the time it takes to go to a tailor. Create a 1-inch long first cuff, and then repeat this with a second one. You should try to make your jeans meet just above the ankle bone while cuffing.

However, keep in mind to not cuff your trousers more than twice, or your jeans will start to appear voluminous at the bottom. 

STYLING TIP 5: Tuck in Your Skinny Jeans Into Your Tennis Shoes For A Retro Look

Tuck the skinny jeans into tennis shoes that are high-top. Old-school high tops add to the entire look and high tops are an appropriate choice if you prefer a style of retro clothing. It can make your legs look longer and leaner by wearing your skinny jeans tucked into high-top sneakers.

STYLING TIP 6: Pair Dark Wash or Black Jeans With Neutral Colored Tennis Shoes

You’ll want to style the jeans and tennis shoe combo a bit more professionally in some environments, like the office or upscale restaurants. In general, jeans should get darker as the formality of the environment increases. You will want to stick to neutral shades for your shoes such as whites, blacks, grays, and tans while pairing them with dark jeans.

Keep in mind that you should stay away from bold styles and stick to solid or two-tone patterns to make the shoes more work-appropriate. For skinny jeans, be careful to avoid fading, distress, or rips in all styles.

STYLING TIP 7: To Elevate Your Outfit Add a Crisp Shirt And A Well-Tailored Blazer

One way to make skinny jeans and tennis shoes business casual is by adding more formal elements to the top of the ensemble to complement the casualness of the bottom. This outfit will look very classy and it a very clever way to put together a look. It can be worn in several distinct circumstances, seasons, shades, and types.

STYLING TIP 8: Pair Skinny Jeans with Low Top Tennis Shoes

For a polished look, stick to slim-fit or skinny jeans and low-tops. This tailored silhouette will still be fashionable and can be worn for virtually every event involving more-than-casual clothes. In your wardrobe, having a pair or two of these styles of jeans would make it much easier to get ready, particularly if you have a good pair of shoes to go with them.

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STYLING TIP 9: Go for A Pair Of High-End Tennis Shoes

Many casual shoes are made from textiles or synthetic fabrics. Dressier shoes, though, are made of better quality and more pricey fabrics, which make the sneakers more durable with an additional benefit.

Choose a color and design that will go with any pair of trousers, since these tennis shoes would usually cost more. Black and other dark neutrals are usually the go-to for this, although it can also work just as well for whites and other lighter tans.

STYLING TIP 10:  Avoid Wearing High Top Sneakers When You Try a Dressier Look

Usually, high-top sneakers are more athletic in nature and would most certainly not do well in a formal environment. Save them for the casual outfits.


There you have it! We hope these 10 different styling tips help you make the most use out of your wardrobe. So the next time you are in doubt thinking about what outfit to wear just put on a pair of skinny jeans with some tennis shoes and you are good to go.

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