How to Wear Sneakers Fashionably

Even being a pair of sport’s footwear, sneakers have earned the fame in casual and fashion world too. So you don’t have to be a part of any sport to wear them. If you are here, we can guess that you either have a pair or you are planning to buy one. But you have no idea how to wear sneakers fashionably yet casual, right?

So, we think it will be better if we guide you. The outfits that we have chosen here are the ones that you will mostly find in your wardrobe. So, let’s know how you can wear sneakers fashionably!

Fashion and sneakers

Three Basic Rules

Choose the pair that will suit your wardrobe: Never go with the hype style if it does not suit you. Always try to pick one that can go with most of your attires.  

Spend on quality: Make sure you buy sneakers that are made of high-quality materials. Some of them include textile, leather, or synthetics. Besides, premium workmanship is important too as it proves the quality of the material. 

Keep it clean: The charm of the sneakers can get lost if you don’t clean them or take care of them. So, ensure proper maintenance that can include washing the footwear and shoelaces, brushing soles, eliminating odor, and using shoe trees. 

Ways to Style Sneakers:

All white

The title says it all. Nothing can go wrong with white sneakers. Here are some of the attires you can take into consideration. 

For women:

  • Loose sweatshirt and faux leather leggings. 
  • Joggers and sweatshirts. 
  • Black jeggings with plaid blazer and white t-shirt. 
  • Mom jeans with any kind of crop top.
  • Casual stripe dress with denim jacket.
  • Neutral trench with a black t-shirt and white skinny jeans. 
  • Oversized turtleneck with solid color midi skirt. 
  • Casual top and jeans shorts.

For men: 

  • Knitwear with chinos and leather or bomber jacket. 
  • Long or short sleeve t-shirt and chinos. 
  • Navy, beige, or grey suit with casual shirt or t-shirt and odd trousers.
  • Casual tops with jeans or shorts.
  • White jeans and jacket with colored t-shirt.
  • Black leather jacket with jeans and white shirt. 
  • Black jeans and black jacket.
  • Bright-colored sweater and dark-colored jeans or chinos. 

Go Retro 

You will get a lot of sneakers that come with a retro look. You may find them among the brands such as Vans old skool, Adidas superstar, Converse, Chucks and New Balance. 

For women: 

  • Brown overcoat with neutral color stripe shirt and jeans.
  • Bright colored shacket with white pants.
  • Nude colored top with jeans. 
  • Polka dot or neutral color striped loose t-shirt. 
  • Sky colored top and white pants. 

For men:

  • Beige colored t-shirt with white jeans.
  • Sky-colored shirt over white t-shirt and dark jeans.
  • Stripe t-shirt and jeans.
  • Black chinos with nude sweater and check shirt. 
  • Jeans with black shirt and black t-shirt. 

Badass Dad

Dad sneakers are like these oversized sneakers that may look ugly but you can certainly wear them elegantly. Some of the dress codes include-

For women: 

  • Overcoat in nude color with tights. 
  • Check overcoat with dad jeans.
  • Classic colored sweatshirt with jeans. 
  • Oversized plain t-shirt with printed shorts.
  • Plain pantsuit with contrasting t-shirt. 
  • Overcoat on a striped shirt. 
  • Long striped t-shirt tucked in shorts. 
  • White shirt tucked in long denim skirt. 

For men: 

  • Plain hoodies with minimalistic check pants. 
  • Oversized hoodies with black jeans. 
  • Floral t-shirt with ripped jeans.
  • Multi-colored horizontal striped sweater with chinos.
  • Dark-colored check shirt jacket and black sweatpants. 
  • Black denim jacket, navy t-shirt and dark jeans. 
  • Floral shirt and jeans.
  • Gray sweatshirt with black chinos.

Neutral Floral 

You can brighten up your day with some colorful sneakers coming with a floral touch. There are many sneakers that can go with your personality only if you pick the right attire. But make sure the floral design and color go with the design of your clothing. 

For women: 

  • Black jacket with a gray t-shirt and leather skirt.
  • Black skirt with nude-colored striped top. 
  • Peach overcoat with white t-shirt and jeans.
  • Floral top with shorts.
  • Long black top with denim jacket. 

For men: 

  • Dark brown suit and a white shirt. Ensure the pair comes in white with light-colored floral print.
  • Black floral pair with black short sleeved shirt and black chinos.
  • Floral shirt with jeans. 
  • Blue floral pair with sky colored shirt and shorts. 
  • Grey floral with white crew-neck sweater and grey sweatpants.

Bold Boots

Such sneakers are the latest hybrid that that has brought something new in the boot world. Its top part looks more like a hiking boot whereas the bottom possesses the comfort of a sneaker. Now let’s show some of the styles that can go with sneaker boots.

For women: 

  • Printed or non-printed long top.
  • Black pair with oversized turtleneck with tight black skirt.
  • Olive jacket with denim shirt and tight jeans.
  • Hoodies with shorts.
  • Black loose t-shirt with warm-toned polka dot design. 
  • White t-shirt tucked in beige skirt. 

For men: 

  • Dark gray pair with dark gray t-shirt with camo pants. 
  • Earth tones pair with brown wool sports coat and check shirt tucked in nude chinos. 
  • Brown pair with light gray 3/4 sleeve shirt and dark jeans. You can add a brown colored vest too.
  • Warm toned pair with white t-shirt and black jeans. 
  • Camo or printed shirt with white pants. 
  • White long overcoat, black t-shirt and ripped jeans. It can go best with dark brown pair.


It will always be better if you avoid buying sneakers that can go with only a few of your outfits. They certainly give you a casual vibe but they have their own personality. And it can become mismatched if you pick the wrong getup. Not just that, it is also advisable that you don’t wear them to the wrong occasion. For instance, if you are invited to a fixed formal dress-code event, it’s better you leave the pair at home. You won’t go wrong on our tips on how to wear sneakers fashionably.

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