How to Wear Sneakers with a Dress

High heels with a dress are every girl’s go-to style outfit, but recently girls are now coming out with new fashion trends. A dazzling party dress, with tiffany’s earnings and a Gucci bag goes best with a pair of high stiletto heels? If you are tired of styling all your outfits with heels, slide them aside and grab a pair of sneakers ladies!

If you are one of those girls who prefers comfort over style, does not care about gaining extra inches of height, sneakers are perfect for you. Wearing sneakers with a dress would not mean you are any fabulous or chic, infact you would look dynamic. This new fashion pair has got everyone talking. Every girl wants their ‘outfit of the day’ to be trendy, fashionable and easy to manage.  If you want to know how to wear a pair of sneakers with a dress, check our article, we have a detailed description all about it.

People following the trend

If you follow regular fashion icons and celebrities in social media, you must have seen them wearing a dress with a regular pair of sneakers. IF you are a follower of trend then surely you must have also seen celebrities starting from Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid wearing this stylish duo of a floral or dazzling slit dress with sneakers.

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Tips on how to style your dress with sneakers

If you are going to wear sneakers with a dress make sure you follow these tips carefully.

  • First of all, wear short socks with your sneakers. Long socks are a big no! If your socks show diverts a person’s mind from the dress and the shoe directly to the socks. Beside if you want to look longer with long smooth legs, make sure you do not wear socks, or socks that cannot be seen while wearing sneakers.  
  • Sneakers and dress color and design combination is very important. If your dress is plain or has a single color, try to wear sneakers that has art print, graphic painting or patterns on it. It will make your entire outfit look balanced and trendy.
  • Likewise, if your dress is gorgeous, glittery or has a lot of print on it, try to keep your sneakers as simple as possible. A white pair of sneakers go well with most glittering or printed dresses.
  • If you want to match the color of your sneakers with your dress, style that out with a contrasting accessory. Make sure to carry a bag that has completely a different color or a necklace that would stand out. 
  • Suppose you are on vacation and you want to style your floral printed maxi dresses with the perfect pair of sneakers, we suggest you pick a simple of sneakers with that. Try to keep the color of your sneakers as light as possible. Since it a vacation, you should look as shiny as the morning sun. In this cases, contrasting sneakers with your dress’s color would not be a good idea.
  • Some of you prefer athletic sneakers over regular ones. There is no harm with that, it is all about choosing the perfect color combination. 
  • If you are on a date, out with friends or family or went out for sightseeing, for these cases you can grab an athletic pair of sneakers and style them. But in case you are off to a party, gala night or an event athletic shoes would be a big no! For special events try to make sure your outfit is highlighted more than your shoes. A regular pair of white or any normal sneakers would look just fine.

What to pair with what?

Every girl has at least once faced this dilemma while trying to pair the right pair of sneakers with the perfect dress. To make it easy for you we have listed a few combinations for you to style your duo combo perfectly, so that you don’t have to go through the trouble yourself. 

Pairing midi dresses in pastel sneakers

Midi dresses can be paired with any shoes or sandals, but they would look best if you style them with a pair of pastel sneakers. Mini dresses make girls look lively, fun, colorful and vibrant. If you wear a colorful midi dress with a pastel sneakers our entire outfit would stand out. Totally a game-changing combination.  

Casual University dresses with white runners

Do you want to look smart and delicate and studious at the same time? Try out long bright color cotton dresses with white pair of sneakers. While attending classes, one must not look too over-dressed and for girls, being under-dressed is also not an option. Keeping your dresses simple, with one or two combined colors, along with simple pair of regular sneakers would give you a complete sophisticated look.

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Bohemian Frock dresses with sporty sneakers

Vibrant dresses are mood changers, especially when paired with sporty sneakers. Many of you decide to pair bohemian vibrant dresses with matching color sneakers or pastel ones. We suggest you try them out with sneakers that have a sporty design; ones that have a graffiti print or tattooed with different colors.

Sporty touch with regular pairs

If you want to go for a casual look, try wearing a normal striped dress along with a jacket and a fancy cap. Double that up with a regular black or white sneaker pair. That would totally give off an athleisure vibe. 

Bodycon dresses with athletic shoes

Try out a stylish fitting single color bodycon dress with multi-colored athletic sneakers. All eyes would definitely be on you girl.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read our article you should have an idea of how to wear sneakers with a dress. Grab the opportunity to be the next fabulous it-girl. 

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