How to Wear Tennis Shoes with Jeans? We Have Some Ideas!

Bought a new tennis shoe? Good taste! Tennis shoes are all the rage in modern fashion. While fashion choices vary with people, the new athletic styles pairing all types of clothes with sports shoes are getting popular. We understand why. Tennis shoes are very stylish and wearing any clothes bring that funky retro look.

An added bonus-they happen to be super comfy. Wear them with jeans and you end up with the best casual attire. In fact, you can achieve looks for various occasions with the right pair of this sports shoes and jeans. Confused? Don’t worry, we have gathered few tips on how to wear tennis shoes with jeans. Let’s explore and find your calling

Go Casual Low-top Tennis Shoes with Skinny Jeans

If you have low-top tennis shoes and a skinny pair of jeans, hurry up and create this casual look. This one is a very common look, especially among the younger people. Low-top tennis shoes are quite versatile, and you can wear them with type of jeans. However, pairing them with skinny jeans result in a casual go-to look for every day. Low top tennis shoes are very comfortable, with ankle support cushioning and stable insoles. So, there’s no need to wear socks.

How to Wear Tennis Shoes with Jeans

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There are plenty of options in the market, but we have a suggestion. Nike Air Max 97 is very popular in the market now and there are good reasons. The black and white combo along with Nike’s very high quality build of the shoes made it a favorite for casual look.

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Nike AirMax 97                                                                              Photo:   (Image Link : 6000 × 4000)

Minimalist Look with Monochromatic Running Shoes and Jeans

Going minimalistic in fashion? Don’t forget the running shoes and that old pair of jeans. Minimalistic look can be a bit hard to create with sports shoes. Due to the size and design, sports shoe often stands out with all attire. You can still create the look if you choose the right shoes-or should we say the right color shoes. Try to choose monochromatic color tennis shoes with very simple upper design. Pair with the old jeans you have and you end up with this beautiful minimalist fashion.

How to Wear Tennis Shoes with Jeans

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A favorite among minimalists is this New Balance 501 tennis shoe. This one comes in various colors and styles. It’s very comfortable too and lasts for a long time. There are other brands with similar designs, such as ASICS and Reebok.

New Balance 501 Monochromatic Running Sneaker | Tennis shoes outfit, Tennis  shoe outfits summer, New balance 501

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Look Like a Modern Gentleman

You don’t have to wear suits and pants all the time to look like a gentle man. It’s possible with tennis shoes and jeans too! This look is becoming quite popular with young men. Also, best if you add long coats or blazers. It may be the most unusual way of how to wear tennis shoes with jeans but it works. It combines formal with informal and the contrast works well. You can choose any tennis shoes you prefer, but we have a suggestion. 

How To Wear Sneakers - with jeans

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ASICS gel-quantum series is made for this semi-formal look. The frame is quite sturdy and the design is also combines both corporate and casual outlook. 

Asics GEL-Quantum 180 4 Men's Running Shoes

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Channel the Boho Look with Leather uppers and Frayed Jeans

Got wide bottom frayed jeans? Wear them with a leather upper tennis shoes to recreate the boho look. Wide bottom frayed jeans were popular in the 70s and 80s. Recently, these vintage jeans are rising in popularity. Add some modern element with tennis shoes. We suggest to go for ones having leather upper. 

K-Swiss has some great leather upper tennis shoes. Their Hypercourt Express series go quite well with frayed jeans. This look is very popular in tinsel town too; you might see many pictures of Hollywood A-listers creating this look.

K-Swiss Men's Hypercourt Express LTR Tennis Shoes

K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express       Photo: Tennis Express (50648-DEFAULT-L.jpg (1001×1001) (

Chunky Tennis Shoes with Jeans for Work

Sneakers at work? Might sound like a recipe of disaster but we assure you-it works. You don’t need to wear uncomfortable office shoes all the time. Work attires are very much semi-formal these days. Take this look for instance. You have straight cut jeans, preferably of dark color and chunky tennis shoes. Fashion is all about creating these stark contrasts and making the harmony work. 

chunky sneakers | Black  sneakers outfit, White sneakers outfit

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Fila’s Disruptor Series is one of the most popular chunky tennis shoes out there. They have great grips, so don’t worry about shoes falling off your feet. Other brands also have chunky tennis shoes, with plenty of colors and designs.

The Fila Disruptor 2 Is a Chunky High-Fashion Shoe for Everybody | GQ

 Fila Disruptor 2                                                                                                                             Photo Source : GQ

Use Those White Tennis Shoes Well

White tennis shoes are so fashionable that we had to mention them separately. They are perhaps the most fashionable tennis shoes in the market, with different brands coming up with new designs every year. Jeans and white tennis shoes are a match made in fashion heaven.

Any jeans look good with white tennis shoes. The blue hue of jeans and chalk-white tennis shoes combination is amazing. It’s very popular among the millennials and gen-z nowadays. Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker is our favorite white tennis shoe in existence, although other brands have great options too with a more affordable price. But this one is just fabulous and we think you can definitely add it to your fashion routine.

White Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers · Free Stock Photo

Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers                                                                        Photo: Pexels (1200 × 627 (

Final Words

These were just a few ideas on how to wear tennis shoes with jeans. There are still so many ways you can get creative with tennis shoes and jeans but we couldn’t fit them in this article. Truth is, fashion is very individualistic, and you can always create your own look. Choose any style that you are comfortable with. Wear those tennis shoes with confidence and that’s all it takes to make any fashion attire work.

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