Is it okay to Wear Sneakers with a suit?

Is it okay to Wear Sneakers with a suit? Did you know wearing sneakers a suit used to be considered a fashion faux pas before, but now it is a common trend amongst many youngsters? Sneakers with a business suit are worn by office commuters, business officials, and even school teachers. What is now considered sartorial and a fashion statement used to be an illogical combination of the outfit.

People prefer casual wear above business or format outfits. If you are thinking you can pair just any sneakers with a business suit then you are wrong. 

Not all sneakers go well with suits, and not all types of suits match well with sneakers. If you want to be fashionable and have an official look at the same time you need to wear the perfect outfit that will inject your personality into your look.  To help you with your style statements we have listed down few style options for you. In this article, you will find all the queries to your answers, and especially is it okay to wear sneakers with a suit.  

Choosing the right pair of sneakers

Choosing the right pair of sneakers is highly essential if you want your outfit to be coordinated with the semi-formal business suit you will be wearing for your important occasions. Whatever suit you choose we suggest you never try to pair a tuxedo with sneakers. The best option would be if you choose a slim-cut business suit that has no break on the trousers. We have listed few shoes that pair well with most business suits.

1. Oliver Cabell Low 1 in White

Oliver Cabell Low 1 in white shoes are low top white sneakers. They have a clean silhouette and it is made of calfskin full-grain leather, making it the perfect accompaniment to wearing it with a suit. The sneakers are made of Margom Italian outsoles and have delicate laces of cotton. Oliver Cabell Low 1 white sneakers also pair well with a slim-cutting suit in blue, navy or any shade of grey, a loose neck-tie, and a formal shirt.

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2. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars in Red

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars in red goes well with a semi-formal suit, jeans, shots and many more. These are a bold pair of red sneakers and can be worn with a navy, black, white, or tan suit. If you want to try a classic look you can style these shoes with an oxford shirt and a neck-tie. Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers are also available in black, charcoal and white colors. Since the shoes are made of canvas, the material is quite breathable and comfortable for regular use.

3. KOIO Verse Leather Sneakers

KOIO Verse Leather sneakers are ideal for any formal meetings, interviews and other professional occasions. KOIO Verse Leather sneakers are a combination of a hiking boot and a comfortable white sneaker. These Italian shoes can go with a lot of suit options starting from slim cut suits with lose formal coats.

These shoes are made of high-end Italian vegetable tanned leather and consist of durable outsoles made of rubber. KOIO Verse leather sneakers are available in Castagna, Roccia, Nero, Onyx and few other colors aside from white.

Common Projects Achilles Leather Sneakers in Brown

These are not your regular leather sneakers. Common Project Achilles leather brown sneakers are aesthetic and coordinate well with any outfit. The brown top with white midsole and outsoles pair well with any brown, light grey or a suit of any shades of blue in it. These full-grain leather shoes pair well with trousers that are above the ankle in length.

How to style a suit with sneakers 

If you want a sporty look

Do not be overdressed, but be casual and stylish enough. You can pair New Balance, Adidas, Puma or Balenciaga sneakers with a complementary color of suit. A sporty fun look is incomplete without branded sneakers.  If you are wearing a plain dark-colored suit make sure to wear any light-colored pair of sneakers of your favorite brand.

Trying out a semi-professional look

If you are going for a semi-formal look never wear a tie with your suit. Choose a formal shirt and follow that up with a blazer of your choice, with loose trousers and a comfortable pair of sneakers. Make sure not to wear sneakers that grab too much attention, semi-formal looks are always a bit more than traditional and a little less than professional. 

IF you want to pair Low top leather sneakers with a light suit

For a modern draper fitting grab a textured blazer and pair it with contrasting trousers of your choice. Most people prefer tight fit trousers with textured blazer. If you are planning to go to a meeting we would suggest you coordinate your blazer and trousers color. If you want a casual look for an event or occasion pair your trousers with a khaki pant. As for sneakers white leather sneakers would pair well with any of those outfits. 

If you want Low top sneakers with a colorful suit

If you do not always want to stay on neutral ground and want to try colorful suits with sneakers, we would suggest you to take cues with a salmon suit and a minimalist sneaker pairs are most comfortable with. You can also wear a colorful suit and trousers over a t-shirt and pocket squares.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read our article, you must have cleared got your confusion cleared. Yes, it is okay to wear sneakers with a suit. It does not matter what people around you think of your outfit. If you can manage to pull of your sneaker-suit combination critics will compliment more and you would be radiating confidence wherever you would go.

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