Is it okay to Wear Tennis Shoes for Business Casual?

Is it okay to Wear Tennis Shoes for Business Casual? Choosing the right footwear is more essential than you can think. Business casual shoes are standard, not too formal or too official.  Infact, they are both stylish, classy, and with a suitably corporate design.

Some people plan days ahead about what business casual shoes would match perfectly with their outfit before an important meeting, while some prefer wearing normal athletic sneakers, such as tennis shoes to an important business event. There has been a lot of debate whether tennis shoes can be worn as business casual shoes or not. 

But the truth is, it is not always about what the outfit it, what really matters is that how you carry it. Many people can risk wearing tennis shoes with a properly well-made designer suit to an official meeting, because they feel more in control when wearing something comfortable.

While some work places have strict rules for all their employees of not wearing sneakers or tennis shoes at office. We have discussed about this matter in complete details in our article. To know is it okay to wear tennis shoes for business casual stay tuned with us.

What do wearing business casual shoes mean?

Business casual may seem a very easy dress code right? Formal suit, tie, a decent watch, and a formal pair of shoes correct? If you think the same, you are quite not right. Business casual dress code has stirred up confusion for most people. The dress code stated above if the formal business attire, not business casual. Business casual wear and business formal attire is two different dress codes. Business casual is a more relaxed dress code; something which is not too traditional or trendy, at the same time cannot be too formal. 

You should be relaxed in your clothing as well as maintaining your appearance as businesslike and professional you can be. Business casual shoes are the same in this case. Oxford shoes, loafers, monk straps, chukka shoes, Brogues & wingtips etc. are some of the popular and most worn business casual shoes.

But business casual shoes have different meanings in different countries, industries, companies, etc. Some places prefer their employees to wear sneakers or other athletic shoes to their meetings and work stations. Some have a set of rules & guidelines on their entire dress code. But most companies & offices in this 21st century allow their workers to wear the shoes they feel most comfortable in.  

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Advantages of wearing tennis shoes at work

1. Tennis shoes are versatile: 

Tennis shoes come in thousands of different colors, design and patterns. You will find a pair of tennis shoes to match with all your occasions. The ones you wear while playing tennis is different from the ones you will wear to your office. There is different pair of tennis shoes for attending weddings, parties, for casual walk to the park as well for going to the grocery. 

Tennis shoes made of leather are business casual enough to wear at formal meetings and interviews.  But make sure you wear them with your regular business casual outfit and not gym clothes. Women on the other hand have a lot more different options to choose from.  

2. Tennis shoes are breathable

Most oxford shoes, chukka boots and other business casual shoes that are made of PU or suede are not breathable. The passage of air transport of compressed with their thick exterior covering. Most tennis shoes are made of mesh and hence are quite well ventilated.

Mesh allows air to circulate inside your shoes and allows your feet to breathe. Tennis shoes help your feet to keep cool especially during summer months when the weather is hot & humid. Tennis shoes not only allow your feet to stay dry and prevent buildup of sweat, it also prevents odor production. Many people who wear regular business casual shoes for long hours have stinky odor coming out from their feet.

3. Tennis shoes prevent foot pain

Did you know tennis shoes provide our feet with extra support? It helps our feet to be comfortable enough carryout several activities freely. Tennis shoes also protect our feet, it acts as an additional barrier. If you supposedly drop something on your feet, the tennis shoe’s additional layers protect your feet from any injuries or scratches. Unlike business casual shoes, you can easily wear tennis shoes, slide them in and take them off.

Tennis shoes are durable, stable and highly flexible. You can run in them, jump while wearing them and even do squats and stretches in your office if you are having a hip joint pain or a muscle stretch. If you need to make few errands and then run back to work, what pair of shoes will be better suited for that other than tennis shoes?

Our opinion on wearing sneakers as business casual

We think there is no reason for companies to not allow their employees to wear tennis shoes as business casual footwear. But you must wear the right kind of tennis shoes and nothing too funky or eye catching. Make sure to wear casual tennis shoes with a formal suit. Try to have a balanced look.

If you are a sneaker enthusiast you will know that there are many business casual sneakers that can be worn in any meetings. Look for a sophisticated design, especially those that are made of leather and are of dark colors. You can wear all white tennis shoes too, but then again balance your business casual outfit likewise. 

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Bottom Line

Now that you have read our article you should know that it is okay to wear tennis shoes as business casual. Work hard, dress well and ace that position you have been trying to achieve.

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