Outfits with Black Sneakers That You Absolutely Need to Have in Your Wardrobe

From eye-catching chunky kicks to the easy slip-ons, the world simply can’t get enough of sneakers. The shoe style is super wearable and will be your partner in every occasion, casual and semi-casual. Choosing only one color of sneakers is way too much of a difficult task to get into in a single day, so for today, we’re presenting on what to wear with black sneakers.

While we love our share of the classic white counterparts who have become a closet staple for almost everyone, but the sleeker, edgier black version instantly adds a cool factor into your ensembles. 

To show our point, we’ve composed a list of all the best looks on what to wear with black sneakers. Wear black kicks to contrast an all-white look, or finishing off a monochromatic ensemble. Or get a bit sporty and make it into a casual weekend fit. Either way, these will be more than enough to prove that black sneakers should be wardrobe staples.

  1. Simple is the best: Monochromatic looks are perfect for almost every other occasion. Hanging out with friends? Going to a wedding? Attending an important event? Slip into a black wrap dress, swing a shoulder clutch bag around the shoulder, and put on chunky black sneakers. A pair of shades will really bring out the femme fatale in you.
  2. Regular with sneakers: Black sneakers can essentially go with all outfits. Put them on with your white tee and shorts. Pair light blue slim jeans with your favorite top plus the black sneakers. Don’t have a shoe in mind with a particular outfit? Go for black sneakers – easy and convenient.
  3. Converse and fits: Black converse may be the best thing ever! No, we aren’t kidding. They complement a wide range of fits and everyone can pull them off. Pair them with your ripped jeans, white top and black leather jacket, or go simply but chic with an oversized sweater and printed midi skirt. 
  4. Fall and black sneakers: The season of pumpkin spice latte and an overwhelming amount of orange and yellow tones is here, but we aren’t complaining at all! Mustard yellow shirts with black pants and sneakers look well balanced. While the bright shirt demands the attention, the other parts of the body feature muted colors so you don’t look like an overgrown sunflower. If you have to carry a ton of things along with you (sunscreen, umbrella, shades, water – pretty much necessity at this point), get a black backpack. Get a bit creative with the designs and prints of either the shirt or the pant/skirt, but refrain from making everything bright because the look won’t be balanced.
  5. Cargo pants and black sneakers: Cargo pants’ rising popularity can be owed to their comfy fit and all the pockets! A simple white shirt, olive green cargo pants with class black kicks is all you need to get that amazing Instagram-worthy snap. Did we mention how Instagram-ready black sneakers are?
  6. Color blocking: An otherwise all white ensemble can be a risky pick. It looks ethereal on some people, while it completely fades out others. The best thing to do is color block, and this is where those black sneakers will be life saviors. Not all are they practical, but they fit like a puzzle within volume of white.
  7. Athleisure looks: We mentioned this at the very first, so let’s see how black sneakers fit in this department. Since the colder days have officially arrived, bomber jackets are a must. Be a bit brave and pick out a floral bomber. It doesn’t have to be too crazy. Look for one with prints on a black canvas to really work with contrasts. Throw on a pair of simple black leggings and your kicks to flaunt your casual sporty fashion sense.
  8. A pop of color: No matter how tempting it is to wrap yourself in black from head to toe, a splash of color can be good from time to time. Over a simple tee wear an oversized coat with a bright color – pink, mint, light blue, etc. For the lower body, pick out a pair of ripped skinny jeans and black sneakers and your look is complete! Sophistication at its best, the ensemble can be updated with some nice mirrored shades.
  9. Black on black: Sweater weather is here! Wear a casual, muted shade turtleneck with a black jacket, leggings, and your black converse. If the wind is a bit too strong on that day, a black scarf would be an amazing accessory, plus rounded sunglasses.
  10. Trench coat and black sneakers: On another episode of why black converse sneakers are one of the most versatile shoes one can own, trench coats are a classic combo with them. Pair your favorite black kinks with a black shift dress and long camel coat. If you want, add a statement bag to give the look a whiff of elegance and classiness. 
  11. Overalls and sneakers: For all the ‘90s vibe lovers out there, we’re sure you’ve heard of the Superga sneakers. Although they were mainly in trend a few seasons ago, a few stores still stock them. Don’t forget to check out your local thrift stores because they often have great finds. Denim overalls are complemented well by black supergas. Wear a rep striped shirt underneath for that pop of colorful fun. Perfect for the grunge aesthetic, the black sneakers keep the ensemble sporty while the other elements exude a chic and pretty vibe.


It’s safe to say that black sneakers are an indispensable part of the fashion lover’s wardrobe, and it should be the same for you! They’re super versatile, go with a bunch of fits, and fit a variety of aesthetics. Now that you know what to wear with black sneakers, there are many options of black sneakers to choose from in the market. Make your pick!

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