Should You Wear Socks with Rock Climbing Shoes?

Newbie rock climbers often get confused about wearing socks with shoes. You might have seen some climbers constantly wearing socks while others mocking at them. This brings us to a conflicting option - should you wear socks with rock climbing shoes?

Now worries! This article will help you to identify the advantages and disadvantages of wearing socks with climbing shoes.

Wearing Socks with Rock Climbing Shoes

Rock climbing feels exciting while you are on track. Slipping your steps might cause you serious trouble and hurt your performance.

This brings socks to the spotlight, winding up questions if socks can enhance your performance complementing rock-climbing shoes.

So, should you wear socks with rock climbing shoes? It’s really up to your choice. If you are a sock lover, you’ll be glad to know socks provide much advantage in rock climbing. Let’s discuss the reasons why wearing socks are so popular among rock climbers.

Socks provide extra cushioning on the seams of the shoes. Well, we’re not talking about thick socks here. A pair of thin nylon socks can provide you comfort while rock climbing. You’ll get a different feel on your feet which you won’t get going sockless. 

Let’s say, your shoe size is slightly larger than your foot size. Should you buy another pair? Hell, no! Socks can fix this problem instantly!

Another great aspect about socks are securing your feet from blisters. They will prevent any type of slippage while you are climbing.

On another note, socks will keep your feet warm inside shoes and boost up your rock-climbing experience. They are great in terms of removing odor from shoes. You will feel fresh and energized each time you climb wearing socks.

What if You Don’t Want to Wear Socks While Rock Climbing?

At this point, you might hate rock-climbing now because you don’t like to wear socks with shoes. Hold on! Don’t quit! Not all rock climbers wear socks with their climbing shoes. In fact, many climbers are now opting for the sockless option now. Did you just get interested again? We got a bunch to tell you!

Rock Climbing Shoes

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Many climbers prefer wearing shoes without socks for more sensitivity. Your feet can be much closer to the rocks. No excessive sweating that might cause you slippage. We think, if your shoes are the right fit, you shouldn’t wear socks at all.

Socks can make your shoes feel too tight. It wouldn’t provide you the comfort that we talked about in the earlier section. So, ensuring a minimum space between your foot and shoes will bring you best results. However, remember to purchase the right fitted pair or else you’ll need to wear socks with your shoes.

As rock climbing became popular in the recent era, companies started making shoes that don’t need any extra padding inside. The shoes provide just as a barefoot feel yet much secured and safe while rock climbing. 

So, ask yourself again, should you wear socks with rock climbing shoes? If you don’t want to, then simply don’t! You can still perform marvelously.  

Consider Wearing Socks for These Situations

Though we recommended following your heart, you might need to wear socks with shoes in some cases. You might be a little uncomfortable with this matter if you are not really a sock person. However, there are some situations where it’s best to wear socks and avoiding uncertain damages.

We’ll start with rental shoes. If you hire climbing shoes from gyms, we highly recommend wearing a pair of socks. To be more specific, bring a pair of antimicrobial sports ankle socks with you to avoid any foot fungus issues caused by those used pairs.

Again, socks are perfect for filling in the gaps of old shoes. Usually, old pairs often lose its original size due to excessive wear. The pair can be stretched out and the cushioning can be damaged. In this case, you can still wear your treasured old footwear with the help of a good-quality sock.

Now, tell us, do big walls fascinate you? Do you love going for multi-pitches rock climbing? If so, then you’ll need a pair of socks for the perfect grip. We might have said socks can hurt you by slipping off the rock. That’s why, we recommend wearing thinner material socks that are comfy and safe.

You might pass a wall with cracks. For this, you might require something extra with your shoes. Socks! That’s right! Socks can help you climb across cracks even when the crack is large enough to jam your foot in. It will allow protection on your toe area from grinding against the rock.

What About Barefoot Climbing?

So, we already settled down the matter should you wear socks with rock climbing shoes or not. This might pop another common question in your curious mind. What if you don’t wear shoes at all? Can you climb rocks in barefoot?

Yes, you can. But should you? No, we don’t recommend it at all. It’s true that ancient climbers used to rock climb barefoot as shoes were not available then. However, with civilization developing, we now have access to a wide variety of shoes.

Companies are working relentlessly to produce shoes for particular usages. As shoes can provide you more security and performance, you shouldn’t go for barefoot climbing.

Final Words

Considering socks for climbing rocks is totally up to you. Going with socks and sockless both contains enough pros and cons. We hope our article helps you decide should you wear socks with rock climbing shoes effectively. However, you must not limit your preference based on your comfort only. Think about the pressing moments when socks become inevitable to wear. Whether you choose socks or not remember to always wear your special rock-climbing shoes while climbing. And never think of climbing barefoot!

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