Sidi Genius 10 Review: The Best Cycling Shoe Ever?

Cycling is a worldwide recognized sport. This regular activity has become such a big spot that it has dedicated footwear and gear. One of those footwear manufacturers is Sidi. Being a professional cyclist, you might have heard about this Sidi brand and might have even used one of their many shoes. One of their latest and greatest shoes is the Sidi genius 10. Can this be the ultimate cycling shoe for you and everyone? Let us find out.

About Sidi

Sidi was launched in 1960. At the time it was a small artisan workshop. Eventually, in 1970, the brand changed its focus to being a manufacturer of motorcycle boots and cycling shoes.

With the help of Dino Signori, founder of Sidi and a long-time cyclist, the brand has become one of the most renowned brands in the market of cycling shoes.

One thing unique about Sidi is that they do not boast of being the greatest or being the most technologically expert brands. Their shoes tell a lot more about the brand and their shoes undoubtedly perform well beyond expectations.

They have a ton of cycling shoe lines in the market and one of their most successful lines of shoes is the Sidi Genius series. The best thing about this line of shoes is that each version is created by learning from the mistakes of its previous version. That is how they have made the Sidi Genius 10 and it looks very stylish and reliable.

The Sidi Genius 10

The Sidi Genius 10 is undoubtedly one of the best shoes created by Sidi. It also happens to be the most up-to-date cycling shoe from the brand.

Before we talk more about these shoes, let us clarify a few things. The Sidi Genius 10 is made for road cycling, not for off-road cycling, nor for triathlon cycling. It is also not designed to be a walking shoe. The only purpose of this pair of shoes is to serve as a good road cycling shoe.

Now that the shoe’s purpose is loud and clear to all of us, let us take a look at the Sidi Genius 10.

The Sidi Genius 10 is the result of the long-term development of Sidi’s Genius line. This shoe gets everything right about being a road cycling shoe. But it does have some shortcomings and flaws. We will talk about that later. Let us see the bright side of the shoe first.

Features Of The Sidi Genius 10

Speaking of features, there is a lot to say about the Sidi Genius 10. But let us stay technical and talk from all technical and specifical perspectives of a cycling shoe.

  • Style

The first feature that might appeal to you about these Sidi Genius 10 shoes is their design of style. We know that styling doesn't count much as a technical specification but in cycling, the cyclists try to match their outfits and shoes in style and color.

The Sidi Genius 10 has a simple profile in style but yet it is very eye-catching. The shoe has a plain upper with holes and meshes for ventilation and there are the Techno 3 dials (Manufactured by Sidi) and the straps. These parts are colored black while the upper of the shoe comes in five different colors. Black, Grey, White, Red, and Light green.

So surely you don't have to worry about this shoe ruining your cycling outfit. The black and white can easily match any outfit.

  • Soles

The midsole of this shoe is of average quality. Sidi should improve this in their next Genius series launch. But it is comfortable enough.

On the other hand, the outsole has a purely genius design. Usually, cycling shoes have a very stiff outsole which is impossible to bend. That is because these outsoles are usually constructed with carbon. Stiff outsoles are beneficial for cycling as it prevents loss of muscle energy. But it sometimes creates some personal problems for the cyclists. For example, a slight tingling or itchy sensation is created in your feet. With soft soles, you could easily wiggle your feet and get rid of them.

Perhaps that is the reason why Sidi decided to not put an extremely stiff outsole in the shoes. Rather than a full carbon constricted outsole, the Sidi Genius 10 has an outsole created with a mixture of carbon and nylon.

The outer edges of the outsole are a little flexible while the middle section is entirely solid. That is how these outsoles of Sido Genius 10 manage to generate full power transfer and also keep it comfortable.

The outsole has a three-bolt cleat system with number markings for custom precision of the cleats to your cycle pedals. It also features a ventilation mesh for enhanced breathability and heel support in the back.

  • Upper

The upper of the shoe is made with water-based eco-friendly materials. It is constructed with Microfiber of these eco-friendly materials and they were put together using Micro technology.

The upper is durable and can withstand a long run in cycling.

One of the big changes in this upper of the Sidi Genius 10 is space for the feet and fingers. The previous Sidi Genius shoes had a very narrow toe box, which was beneficial for small feet, but for average-sized feet, it was a bad design and that was what the Sidi Genius shoes were notoriously known for.

Thankfully in the Sidi Genius 10, this problem is resolved.

  • Stiffness

The stiffness of the outsole is well balanced. It is not so stiff, but stiff enough to prevent any kind of muscle energy. The outsole is made with nylon injected carbon.

The edges are soft and comfortable while the rest is stiff. This way, it creates a comfortable experience while not compromising stiffness. The upper part of the shoe is also stiff, to protect the feet of the cyclists.

  • Cleat System

The cleat system of the Sidi Genius 10 is a three-bolt cleat system. It has markings in the holes for the precision setup of the cleats.

The Sidi Genius 10 can be paired with Shimano Ultegra 6800, Ritchey WCS Carbon Echelon, and Look Keo Blade 2 CR cleats.

it is not recommended that you walk around while attaching cleats in cycling shoes. It will ruin the cleats. It is also not recommended for walking without the cleats because then the cleat system will get ruined. In short, don't walk in these shoes.

  • Closure

This is one of the best upgrades you will see in the Sidi Genius 10. The closure system of this shoe is a Techno 3 dial system. It is manufactured by Sidi themselves.

The previous versions of the Sidi Genius shoes had velcro closure. It was good enough but not good enough for cycling shoes.

This dial-up BOA lock system is the better option but there is one problem with the Techno 3. The dials can be rotted to tighten the strap by 1 millimeter for precision. But you cannot loosen them by rotating in the opposite direction. This consumes a lot of time for tightening the shoes in the right grip. We can hope to see that Sidi finally improves this in their next Sidi Genius shoe with a new Techno dial-up closure system.

  • Ventilation

Ventilation is another aspect where the Sidi Genius 10 does well. It is kept to a minimum. There are only two ventilation points at the front of the shoe, on both sides of the toe box. In addition, there is another ventilation point mounted at the outsole, between the cleat system holes.

Together, they create a cool experience for your feet and keep them dry.


  • Includes a reinforced heel cup
  • Replaceable heel support
  • Reinforced structure keeps the shoe in shape
  • The replaceable heel cap expands the lifespan of the shoe
  • Affordable price range
  • Sturdy build quality

Classy design and stylish outlook


  • Closure system could be better
  • Midsole is not good enough

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Speaking of the downsides, there are only two considerable downsides of the Sidi Genius 10. The first is the closure system and the second is the midsole.

The closure system is the Techno 3 dial-up system. It is manufactured by Sidi. Honestly, it does a good job of tightening, but in the case of loosening, it does not work well.

To lose the strap, you will need to push two buttons in the system which will loosen it by quite a few centimeters. Then you will have to tighten it up again. It is time-consuming. The midsole does not have any major flaws, but it could have been better for the price range.

Is the Sidi Genius 10 a good cycling shoe? Honestly speaking, yes it is. From style to performance, this shoe is the best cycling shoe Sidi has manufactured. But it does have two flaws.

Knowing Sidi’s nature of learning from past mistakes, we can say that these flaws will be resolved in the next installation of the Sidi Genius series.

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