CrossFit Shoes vs. Running Shoes

CrossFit Shoes vs. Running Shoes – A Detailed Comparison Guide

At first glance, CrossFit shoes and Running shoes look very similar. However, they are not! The rights shoes can have a significant impact on your workout. Wearing the wrong shoe will not only be uncomfortable but will also reduce performance and increase the risk of injuries.So before you buy shoes for working out, it is necessary … Read more

can wrestling shoes be worn as normal shoes

Can Wrestling Shoes Be Worn as Normal Shoes?

Wrestling shoes are carefully engineered to provide stability and support while wrestling. But if you are not a regular wrestler, or you have quit playing recently, or perhaps purchased a pair by mistake, you probably have a nice pair of wrestling shoes being wasted at home. You might be wondering how you can use them … Read more

Are CrossFit Shoes Good for Running?

Are CrossFit Shoes Good for Running?

Whether you are planning to expand your CrossFit training to running or you are novice health-conscious just planning to start running, you need a reliable training shoe. Choosing the right shoe for a workout is a crucial part of the training arrangement. If you are wondering if your CrossFit shoes are good for running or … Read more

What are CrossFit shoes?

What are CrossFit Shoes?

What is CrossFit Training? CrossFit is a form of high-intensity workout. The training method became popular recently after the surge of box gyms all over the world.The exercise consists of various strength and conditioning training made up of day-to-day functional movements and actions. The training improves power by emphasizing the elements of weight, distance, and speed.It … Read more