The Best Way to Clean Your Suede Tennis Shoes to Always Keep Them New

Suede takes up one of the top spots in the list of fantastic fabric, but it’s so delicate that sometimes owning a pair of suede tennis shoes can be quite the hassle. The only way to keep your suede tennis shoes squeaky clean is to thoroughly scrub them from time to time. If you’re not willing to do that, get ready to say goodbye to your presentable pair of shoes after some uses. But no one buys shoes to have them inside a box in the cabinet, right? This is why it’s important to know how to keep your beloved suede tennis shoes clean to keep them as good as new.

Prevent discoloration or staining by removing the dirt and debris around your shoes and effectively increase their lifetime. This is where we come in – with a bunch of helpful tips and tricks that will help you keep your suede shoes in perfect condition. 

Can You Clean Suede Tennis Shoes?

You most certainly can. But since the material is so delicate, you have to make sure you don’t end up damaging the shoe instead of cleaning it. If your shoes are made of real suede, keep them away from the washing machine and dryer under all circumstance. You can only hand wash these. Remember to check for instructional cleaning tags on the shoes because they can direct on how to do it the ideal way.

How to Clean Suede Tennis Shoes 

Your tennis shoes are built to deliver comfort and traction when you’re on the court for optimum gameplay. However, they can be quite easily ruined when you’re hitting the streets, slowly rendering them unusable (for aesthetic purposes only). If your suede tennis shoes are tired of the mess and mark and it starts showing on the body, it’s time to clean them. For the cleaning purpose, begin by taking the laces out and putting a shoe tree in there to hold the shape nicely. Now, use a suede eraser to get rid of all loose dirt and debris before taking a suede brush to it. Take out the suede cleaner and water to complete. Once done with cleaning, let the sneakers dry prior to brushing. Please keep in mind that if suede gets too wet, it can be ruined. If there are simple small stains on the tennis shoes that have somewhat dried down, use an old toothbrush (dry) to brush them away very gently. Follow up the cleaning process with a generous coating of suede conditioner to retain the color and texture.

How to Clean Black Suede Tennis Shoes

Cleaning black suede tennis shoes can be rather challenging as the color may fade. Perform a regular cleaning schedule to keep the black suede shoes looking good. After the dirt has been thoroughly removed, touch up scuffed or faded spots with a hint of black suede dye. Not brown, not dark blue; black dye. You can also use your fingers to apply black crayon as a substitute.

How to Clean White Suede Tennis Shoes

Make an impactful fashion statement with white suede tennis shoes. However, these shoes have a notorious reputation in the cleaning department. To keep them white as the day you first got them, make sure to use a suede protector. Additionally, clean up marks immediately after they appear. Begin by blotting additional moisture prior to going in with an eraser to “erase” the stains. If you need another coating of cleaning, use white vinegar on a soft cloth. After they’ve dried, brush the tennis shoes to reinstate the nap. 

How to Clean Suede Shoes When There’s No Suede Brush

You can still clean your suede shoes without a suede brush, so don’t panic. To keep your shoes looking fresh as ever, use an old toothbrush to remove the dirt. It will function similar to a suede brush and efficiently loosen up the debris without harming the material. Go in with an eraser to tackle marks and stains. Alternatively, take an emery board to remove stains by steaming.

How to Clean Suede Shoes When There’s No Suede Cleaner

If you don’t own a suede cleaner, the suede shoes can still be nicely cleaned to keep them fabulous by using a suede brush with an eraser. However, the more stubborn stains may be a bit difficult to work with. If faced with such a situation, try using a little soap water. White vinegar can be very effective in cleaning the entire shoe if it’s a food or salt stain. 

How to Keep Suede Tennis Shoes Clean

Don’t just rely on last moment cleaning to keep your suede tennis shoes in perfect condition. Maintenance is key in preserving material so delicate. Make sure to brush your shoes after every wear to take off any soil.

Wrap them up and store in a dry place if not in use currently. Crumpled paper or cedar shoe tree is the most popular way to store suede tennis shoes as they absorb excess moisture and retain the shape of the shoe. Last but not the least, use a suede protector to prevent stains and seal fibers.

Additional Tips on Cleaning Suede Shoes 

  • Remove the laces before cleaning your suede shoes (or any sneakers) and insert a shoe tree. If there’s none of that, use scrunched paper to maintain the shoe’s shape.
  • Use a soft brush to get rid of dried mud or loose debris.
  • Invest in products specific for suede, including a cleaner, eraser, brush, and protector.
  • Gently scrub the shoes with cleaner and a brush to tackle stubborn marks and stains.
  • Once the shoes have dried, you can restore the soft feeling by lightly dry-brushing or putting on some mink oil.

Bottom Line

By following these guidelines, you shall surely be able to keep your suede tennis shoes fresh for longer. Take care of your shoes and they’ll be of service for a prolonged time. Apart from this, this is an article if you are looking for How to Wash Tennis Shoes.

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