Top 10 Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes of 2021

You might not give a care and just buy random shoes if you are looking to wear something for the grocery store. However, since you need to hike through hills and muddy trails, you may want to give your shoes a second thought rather than a random click on Amazon. Learn about the best lightweight hiking shoes and choose the one for you here!

Buying Guide

Weight of shoes: 

Experienced trekkers will express concern over how their regular pair becomes 10 times heavier when on trail. This is expected since heavy shoes generally offer better structural support, are more durable and are built with heavier materials to keep you stable on your home. Since being lightweight is the whole point here, look for particularly lightweight shoes with lighter lugs and shafts and read the reviews if they are offering enough support. 


Shoes ensure breathability either through mesh materials and ventilation holes or by just being made from full grain leather. While the former is vital for heavy journeys, you can opt for leather shoes if you are not one of those outdoor maniacs. Nevertheless, both keep you on track, especially in dry weather. It may consume more time to search for lightweight hiking shoes if the weather conditions demand breathability. But if you are living in warmer or more agreeable weather, you will be able to get away with shoes that consist of just the lightweight feature without the added heavy materials.


Hiking shoes are typically expected to have water-resistant layers. You should know that if you are looking for totally water-resistant shoes, they have to be manufactured with full-grain leather or other such materials in comparison to being waterproof and sealed. Needless to say, elements such as full-grain leather will increase the weight of your shoes. Your target is to find shoes that keep your feet cool and fresh instead of moist or dry. These are often shoes made from mesh that wick away the sweat.


First rule of fitting into the best lightweight hiking shoes is to wear woollen socks that wick sweat. This serves as an assistant to break in. A small half-inch to less-than-one-inch between the heel and the end of the shoe is necessary for wiggle space which you can figure out by inserting your index. For those puzzled at the sizes, you may want to opt for a larger size as most feet naturally swell in a hike. 

In comparison to heavy boots, lightweight hiking shoes commonly don’t need that breaking-in period but this depends on the materials used on the upper surface. That being said, you should give some time to your new lightweight pair if you want to avoid sore arches and blisters.

Since now you know what to look for, discover your desired pairs on your own here.

Top 10 Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes of 2021 





Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes


Padded shoe collar

Lace up closure

Two pairs of laces

Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes


Shielded toe cap

Heel counter surface

RMO Rubber outsole

Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes


Strong cushioned sole

Weight 11.2oz

Low top shaft height

Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes


Abrasion resistant rubber outsole

Insole supports arch

Lace-up closure

Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes


Large sizes available

Protective rubber sole

Mesh lining with tiny holes

Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes


Lace-up closure

Mark-free traction rubber

Seam-seal repels water

Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes


Rigid outsole

Flexible rubber sole

MD foam for anti-seismic performance


Wide toe area and snug heel

Cushioned midsole

Waterproof upper layer


EVA insole provide elasticity

Durable outsole

Reliable traction

CC - Los

Reliable friction grip

Electroplated eyelet

Rubber heel and toe caps

1. Knixmax

Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes

How many times have your roommates fled the room because of that ridiculous smell of dead rats and all you could say was, "Wasn't me" with flushed pink cheeks. No, we are talking about every time you take your feet out after taking what was possibly a hike. Child, Knixmax always embraces feet of all sizes. The gentle and breathable upper layers of suede leather and mesh allow room for your feet in warm summer and cold winter days. The traction of the shoes enable you to move through mixed terrain and harsh climate.


  • Contemporary colors and design
  • Dual removable insoles
  • Water resistant


  • Little wide for narrow feet


Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes

What do you expect your first step to be when you are wearing the Flarut? Your step can be anywhere from a rocky wall to inside a lake to plain grass. The answer will be the same every time. Comfortable. The Flarut lightweight hiking shoes are made from a mesh layer and rubber sole. The upper surface and lining constitute synthetic fibers and mesh that increase the breathability of the pair during hot summer and cold winter days. Since the shoes are lightweight, the upper surface is not completely waterproof but it fights water will and dries up fast.


  • Outsoles provide grip
  • Lugs below ensure resistance
  • Synthetic fabric supports breathability


  • Not machine dryable
  • Rubber sole may come apart after prolonged use

3. ASICS- Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes

Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes

For all those restless trekkers who find peace outdoors, you need shoes that work both as a running shoe and a hiking shoe, and that is the ASICS. As lightweight hiking shoes with a synthetic upper layer, this pair is built with a tough leather sole to provide comfort all day long. The heel is constructed with a GEL cushioning that reduces friction and thus helps accelerate your agility. Weird but cool fact about this pair by ASICS is that it comes with a removable sock liner so you can wear it to the grocery store and if you change your mind midway, you can go rock-climbing.


  • Reversed lugs enable traction
  • GEL cushion absorbs shock
  • Outdoor plus hiking shoes


  • Not waterproof
  • Brand shoe size counted smaller


Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes

Want to move nimbly with a moderate amount of agility as much as your body allows you to? Run, hike or go backpacking with the NORTIV 8 and don't let your shoes slow you down. Walk into streams and catch as many fish as you want because these rugged lightweight hiking shoes by Keen consist of waterproof layers as well as a synthetic leather that dries up fast leaving your feel simply frigid. The heel is backed up to reduce friction allowing your legs to gain more stability. On the other end, the toe cap is manufactured with rubber to protect your precious toes from collision.


  • Multi-facing traction enables grip
  • Little break-in required
  • Tread not aggressive


  • Moderate traction
  • Spongy insole

5. KEEN- Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes

Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes

The Keen may be one of the expensive pairs in the list but the important thing is, it offers quality. They may not be completely waterproof but you can walk over creeks and puddles wearing these shoes and still expect them to dry off quick. These shoes are ideal for a bustling hiking activity and even act as a combination of outdoor wear and boots. They are built with a lace-up closure and a shielded tongue so that it fits your feet easily no matter how ridiculously shaped they are.


  • Keeps dry in water
  • Tough padding
  • Curved edges repel mud


  • Not waterproof
  • May fall apart after prolonged use

6. Columbia

Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes

Having specific choices isn't something wrong even if you are choosing between lightweight hiking shoes. These shoes come for both men and women and are constructed with suede and leather upper layers. The collar is designed to be fully covering the ankle. The techlite midsole enables you to overcome your weight and apply a bit of cushioning. For added breathability, the tongue of the shoes is made completely from mesh. Since this pair of shoes are rather specific in construction, come with a hefty price tag. If you want to make the best use of them for wet trails, you can spray them after every third wear with a waterproof spray.


  • Colorful appeal
  • Sole supports friction
  • Breaking in not needed


  • Comparatively less soft
  • Stiff shoelaces


Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes

If you are generally a bundle of energy when it comes to sports activities, you can try out the Camel Crown. These are the best lightweight hiking shoes since they consist of a rather stretchy ortholite insole and can absorb ridiculous amounts of shock. The upper layer is made of mesh and leather and gives the pair an athletic feature. Once you step inside the shoes, you will feel a memory cotton that eases the sole materials, mainly constituting leather. These shoes are backed up by a tough cap and arch support so that you can comfortably go along with your outdoor trips whether you are taking a walk or a hike.


  • Works well with orthotics
  • Designed to repel water
  • Non-slip traction


  • Snug around feet
  • Less cushioning

8. Merrell- Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes

One of the most renowned brands in the footwear industry, these lightweight hiking shoes by Merrell is in a word, a quality item. The Vibram sole works to add grip-strength and durability to the shoe. Merrell works with both men's and women's shoes and yet provides extreme breathability through its mesh construction and doesn't let odor accumulate due to its contoured toothed. Even the shoelaces are Ghillie laces that, along with the mesh tongue repel all kinds of dirt and debris. The layers on top are seamless and add an overall good-looking appeal to the hiking shoes.


  • Orthotics not required
  • Quick rinse works well
  • Prominent appeal


  • No removable footbed
  • Low shock absorbance

9. ABAO- Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes

If you need to super excellent flexibility the above is what you are looking for. The shoes consist of a mesh upper layer that allows room for breathing and helps the feet to tread nimbly. While the shoelaces can be adjusted to your preference, the edge at the heel can also be pressed to take these lightweight hiking shoes off at a single movement. This pair by ABAO promises enhanced traction thus controlling your ability to move over different terrains and surfaces. Needless to say, the grip-strength in these shoes is remarkable and so, feet on!


  • Rubber sole allows flexibility
  • Elastic shoe laces
  • Excellent coloring


  • Snug room
  • Tough heel and sole

10. CC-Los- Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes

Need to travel in the snow? Or work in the scorching sun? CC-Los brings you the best lightweight hiking shoes that work well as biking or outdoor shoes too. The upper layer is manufactured from mesh and suede leather to increase breathability. As you step into the shoes, you feel its memory foam insole. Even when you're mad and you wanna kick the trash can with all your might, the Phylon midsoles and rubber caps know you're just mad, and so absorb the massive blows for your toes. The shoes also help with all those slippery surfaces you're afraid of by staying intact due to its PPR outsole. You can find warmth in chilly blizzards and freshness in hot summers and still not break a sweat.


  • Removable insole
  • Aggressive sole tread
  • Waterproof shoes


  • Cheap shoe laces
  • Metal hole restricts laces

Final Words

While these are the best lightweight hiking shoes for less ardent hikes, it is best to choose shoes with more supporting materials for multiple-day hikes. Nevertheless, look into the features and choose shoes that suit you best. Happy hiking!

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