What is Business Casual Shoe?

Are business casual sounds very standard formal and official doesn’t it? People think business casual refers to wearing a perfect well-made suit, brushed hair, an excellent watch, and lastly a formal pair of expensive shoes. But if think so too, and then you are mistaken.

There is no exact definition or dress code to business casual; it may differ slightly from company to company around the world. But most in most of the places business casual dress code refers to less traditional and formal office clothing. You should look official enough to represent yourself and for people to take you seriously.

The outfit may not be the only problem people face while deciding to go business casual, but picking the right shoes is the thing that brings people the most dilemma. Sometimes we cannot pick which shoe is considered business casual and which is not. So to help you with your trouble we have listed down what kinds of shoe are business casual. So stay tuned!

Options of business casual shoe for men & women


If you are a woman, the definition of business casual shoes is different and diverse. Unlike men, women are free to wear a range of outfits for their business casual meetings, ranging from skirt with blazer, palazzo pants with formal a shirt and blazer, short formal skirts with a format shirt or a perfect full formal suit. Business casual shoe for women including leather shoes, shoes with high heels, shoes with thin long heels, stilettos and dark PU/ Suede shoes of any brand. 

But make sure to avoid strappy sandals, lacey sandals and anything that falls into that category. Some young ladies prefer wearing slip on sneakers with their formal outfits. Slip on sneakers is not always welcome on the business casual class, so do not always rely on them.


Men on the other hand, do not have many diversified options of outfit like women do. So their range of business casual shoes is limited. Dark leather shoes like loafers, oxford shoes, Derby shoes, monk strap shoes and such would be the best type of business casual shoe to wear at a meeting. 

Men should avoid sneakers, any brand of athletic shoes, training shoes, and other similar types. Make sure not to wear white or any bright colored shoes, they are not business casual. Always go for dark brown, black and other similar colors for business casual wear.

Type of business casual shoe for men

1. Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are one of the most formal shoes for business meetings, interviews and etc. Oxford shoes the perhaps the most common business casual shoes to exist. Its special feature is its closed lacing system. Its eyelets are sewn under its vamp, which is responsible in giving it a clean shiny formal appearance.

Oxford shoes are available in most shoe shops and are not very expensive. Price range does differ in terms of quality, the shoes manufactured using plain toe leather are cheaper than the Oxford shoes that are made of cap toe suede.

2. Brogues & Wingtips

These are less formal than Oxford shoes but are considered among the business casual category. If you want a shoe that has more decorations on them and a distinctly different appearance than most formal shoes Brogues and wingtips are business casual shoe that you should get for yourself.

You can also wear Brogues and wingtips shoes at other places other than meetings and interviews. Since their designs are unique they can be worn at weddings, parties and such other places. If you are someone who does not prefer plain shoes and is looking for something with plain and decorations covered in its exterior body Brogues and wingtips are the ones for you.

Brogues and wingtips business casual shoes also have an extra piece of leather around its toe area that forms a W shape.

4. Loafers

If you think loafers fall into the category of casual shoes you are mistaken. Loafers, especially those made of leather or suede are business casual shoes. These slip on shoes with no laces come in many different shapes, color, and sizes. Loafers have their own class; they are trendy and casual at the same time. You can wear socks with your loafers to make you seem more formal, but that is totally up to you. 

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5. Monk Straps

Mon straps shoes are your basic casual shoe that can also be worn as business casuals. They have double buckle straps with no laces. They are versatile and can also be worn in with jeans and trousers. People who like it simple and do not want too much attention from other people prefer Monk strap shoes.

Monk strap shoes come in different colors and designs. They are below the ankle line but have good coverage and a wide surface area. People who have wide and long feet and face trouble finding the right sizes for them should try Monk strap shoes out. 

6. Chukka shoes

Chukka shoes are the perfect business casual shoes. These shoes are ankle-high shoes that consist of 2 – 5 eyelets, manufactured of suede or leather. These shoes are not too formal or too informal. You can wear them at your office or workplaces. You can also wear than at casual hangouts to have a sober outlook. Chukka business casual shoes are easy to wear and take off.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read our article you should know what business casual shoes are, and which shoes fall into the category of business casual footwear. Shoes can reflect a lot about its wearer’s personality and choices also keep your shoes polished all the time to have the perfect business casual look.

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