What are CrossFit Shoes?

What is CrossFit Training? 

CrossFit is a form of high-intensity workout. The training method became popular recently after the surge of box gyms all over the world.

The exercise consists of various strength and conditioning training made up of day-to-day functional movements and actions. The training improves power by emphasizing the elements of weight, distance, and speed.

It varies from a conventional workout as it lasts for a predetermined period to help build muscles.  Running, squats, push-ups, plyometric training, speed ropes, weight lifting is some of the training variations.  CrossFit training is more effective when done by CrossFit shoes. And this article is all about finding what they are and what they do.
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What are CrossFit shoes?

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What is a CrossFit shoe?

CrossFit shoes are specially designed footwear to support CrossFit training. They are different from regular training or running shoes as they need to be able to live up to a lot of expectations. Hence, CrossFit shoes are made with a lot of unique features.

Features of a Good CrossFit Shoe 

Prime Features of a CrossFit shoe includes:

  • Stability
  • Support
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Protection

A CrossFit shoe must have a lower heel height. An ideal CrossFit shoe should have a minimum heel-to-toe drop within the 0 mm – 4 mm range. It refers to the difference in height from the heel of the shoe to its toe. The low height helps maintain a balance while training. It also ensures that the back is held firmly in place throughout the training session.

Anything more than 4 mm will hinder training. Similarly, if the heel is too low (0 mm) and if you are not used to barefoot training, it could put a strain on the joints.

In CrossFit shoes, you need firm and rigid soles. It allows stability during a deadlift, squatting, cleaning, or snatching. Moreover, a flexible sole will allow you to push off the ground and produce power to move adequately in all directions. It is good for short warmup running but is not meant for longer runs. 

However, there is less grip and traction on the outsoles of the shoes. It is designed that way to further enhance stability and support indoor training.

The CrossFit shoe has a more solid material compared to conventional training shoes. It makes up the upper part of the shoe and wraps around the foot. The solid-body provides a firm fit that helps the foot to remain in place inside the shoe. 

However, there is a new type of Cross fit shoe called minimal shoes. Those are specially designed for cross-fit training but have less material and less sole. 

Soft and dense foam is used under the heel of Cross fit shoes. A softer foam under the forefoot allows some cushioning and helps with ankle and heel stability during plyometric training and shorter running sessions. 

During Cross-fit training, it’s essential for you to spread and wiggle your toes. That’s why, you should get shoes with enough spaces. A wide toe box enables toes to splay during heavy lifts. As a result, the body weight is evenly distributed throughout the feet. It provides more stability and balance. 

Durability is a prime concern for any footwear and not just cross-fit training shoes. 

Cross fit shoes have a rope guard that shields the midfoot from rope burns and provides a good rope grip. 

The toe cap is thicker than most training shoes so it protects the entire toe area during pushups, burpees, and weighted planks. A firm heel counter is used that protects the ankle and heel from abrasions.

Finally, just like with any other training shoe, comfort is crucial. CrossFit shoes are made to be worn for several workouts per week. The shoes are smooth, light and flexible. It is designed to endure varieties of training so that you are comfortable when lifting weights but also during the HIIT sessions.

Why Do You Need CrossFit Shoes?

Cross-fit exercise is different from traditional exercises. It includes a wide range of exercise routines to keep each part of your body working. The exercises have a pre-determined time and vary daily basis. Meaning that you might run today, climb up a rope tomorrow, and lift weights on the third day.

With the endless possibilities, it is vital to have the right shoe for cross-fit training. Using a running shoe or a regular sports shoe is not likely to provide you with all the various requirements that this training demands, let alone peak performance. 

This functional fitness training demands a lot with its varied modalities. So you need a pair of shoes that is a jack of all trades. CrossFit shoes give much more stability and strength than conventional shoes, meaning more control over all of the activities, therefore an effective workout session every day.

For instance, if you wear running shoes during weight lifting, you would feel like you are sinking into a deep mattress while lifting the weight. But the thinner sole of a CrossFit shoe will give you better support when lifting heavyweights.

Moreover, wearing the wrong shoes for a specific type of exercise can be risky and cause severe injuries to you. A CrossFit shoe reduces any risk of injury that might occur from the high-intensity training.

Our Recommendation for CrossFit Shoes 

Now that you know what CrossFit shoes are and why you need a proper CrossFit shoe for the training, you might be planning to purchase one. 

There are so many CrossFit shoes available in the market that it's almost overwhelming. So here is our recommendation for the 5 best Crossfit shoes in the market for you to choose from –

  1. Nike Metcon 6
  2.  Reebok Nano X1
  3. Under Armour Tribase Reign 2
  4. Reebok Crossfit Speed T.R 2.0
  5.  Nobull trainers

Bottom Line

CrossFit shoes are exclusively devised for the Box designed to support your training and protect your feet long term. If you plan to take your cross-fit training seriously, you must invest in a good pair of CrossFit shoes without the wait.

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