What are Orthopedic Shoes?

Everyone is unique with their distinct characteristics. Their feet aren’t any different. Each person’s feet have a different shape and size that makes them separate from each other. What are Orthopedic Shoes?

Normal shoes are based on a generalized measurement. People with foot problems often find normal shoes to be discomforting. Orthopedic shoes are customizable shoes that give the user a pleasant experience.

How Orthopedic Shoes work:

Orthopedic shoes are worn by people who have a rough time balancing themselves or they have some kind of deformity in their feet. It can be cerebral palsy, swelling, or any other kind of disease.

Some people prefer to wear these shoes because of how well made and customized they are. These shoes are made by measuring and adjusting your feet to get the perfect sized shoe for you. You can even tell the orthotics to make certain parts of the shoe to your preference.

Difference Between Normal Shoes and Orthopedic Shoes:

There are certain differences between the two kinds of shoes. The normal shoes are made for general people. On the other hand, orthopedic shoes are made for people with unique feet. Other than that, here are some basic differences between these two.

  • Versatile Sizing Options: One crucial problem with normal shoes is not finding the appropriate size. If you have ever gone to the shoe store, you will most likely have experienced this kind of incident. Orthopedic shoes provide the user the opportunity to choose their size.
  • A Firm Sole: Orthopedic shoes tend to have much more firm soles than normal shoes. They are durable and made for heavy-duty tasks. People feel comfortable walking in them and doing their everyday tasks.
  • A Strong Heel: Heels support the rear of the feet. If the heels are fragile, then they will easily break down. This kind of shoes have a strong heel that gives the user the stability he needs. Also, for people with a shorter height, it makes them look much taller and boosts their overall confidence.
  • Smooth Upper Soles: After wearing shoes for some time, it starts to itch. It’s primarily because of rough upper soles. The sole makes contact with our skin and makes an itching feeling. Ortho shoes have smooth upper soles that prevent the shoes from rubbing against the skin.
  • Extra Width: Extra width means more comfort and space for the user. Some shoes have extremely small width that makes the wearer feel suffocated. They want to free their feet from the cages of the shoes. Orthopedic shoes come in a wide range of widths. It completely depends on the user’s choice. This is why orthopedic shoes are so amazing.
  • Well built Outer and Mid Sole: Shoes go through a lot. They absorb the impacts of outside and inside pressure. The outer and midsole is the most common spot for high impacts. That’s why orthopedic kind of shoes are made to absorb any kind of collision or crash because of it’s well-cushioned outer and midsole.

Benefits of Orthopedic Shoes:

  • Fashionable Look: For many years people thought orthopedic shoes to be old-fashioned. These  are extremely fashionable now. You can pair them with any style of clothes and look fabulous. The aesthetic design and strong heels make the shoes stand out from other types of shoes.
  • Better Growth and Development: There are shoes on the market that drains your whole energy. You have to weigh yourself down to walk on them. Orthopedic shoes are lightweight. The shoes energize you and make you ready to face any obstacle along the way. They promote growth in the body and strengthens your backbone.
  • Comfortable Experience: This is perhaps the most important benefit of them all. The comfort that you get from wearing orthopedic footwear can’t be found anywhere else. There is no itching or discomforting experience. The soles and heels are built in a way to match the wearer flawlessly. Therefore, they always have a happy and enjoyable experience.
  • Protection From Diabetics and Neuropathy: Orthopedic footwear keep the wearer’s brain in a calm state. As there is no irritation or discomfort, many patients suffering from neuropathy and diabetics choose to wear orthopedic shoes. Keep in mind that not all people who wear orthopedic shoes have neuropathy or diabetes.
  • Mitigates Pain: People with foot problems like bunions or swelling experience extreme pain each time they wear shoes. Because of this pain, they have trouble walking and even keeping balance. Orthopedic wear mitigate this pain to a bare minimum. With its smooth surface and lightweight, wearers can breathe a sigh of relief.
  • Improved Posture: Do you want to look more confident and assertive in your attire? Then you should try wearing orthopedic footwear. You can improve your posture and the way you walk just by wearing orthopedic shoes. The solid build provides the wearer with increased mobility and stability. You can stand straight easily and look much more confident in your posture.

Different Brands of Orthopedic Shoes:

Many companies are developing orthopedic shoes seeing their increasing popularity. There are different brands of shoes in the market you can choose from. Each of them has its unique attributes. Here are some of the best brands of orthopedic shoes that will give you the most amazing experience.

  • Dansko: Dansko is widely renowned for its orthopedic footwear. They have been providing customers with the best quality orthopedic shoes to relieve their foot problems. Their shoe is strongly built with tremendous arch support. The soles are removable so that you can customize them according to your preference. For greater stability and protection, there isn’t a better choice than Dansko.
  • Gravity Defyer: People with sensitive feet feel irritation wearing shoes for some time. It’s very annoying and discomforting. Gravity Defyer has come up with orthopedic shoes with a front sole alongside a supported midfoot to stop irritation once in for all. The shoes come in a wide range of sizes and widths. Therefore, the customers don’t have to worry about anything before buying them.
  • Aetrex: No matter how precisely it’s done, in the end, it just seems to fall short. But not for the case of this brand. Their 3D personalized foot scanner measures and stores data about the user’s feet size, length, and width picture perfectly. Then they create 3D printed orthopedic shoes from the data. Seems too good to be true. Doesn’t it? Well, with their state-of-the-art technology, they have brought the whole concept to reality.
  • Spenco: This brand on our list makes orthopedic shoes with tons of features. Their shoes are equipped with a metatarsal pad to absorb any kind of impact. The shoes have a deep heel cup to give the user stability and prevents foot problems like overpronation. Apart from their innovative features, they are extremely flexible and fashionable.
  • Orthofeet: The name of the shoes itself compliments its functions perfectly. They provide the customers with the most amazing and comfortable experience leaving no room for irritation or pain. With its gel padding, walking feels completely pressureless. The air ventilation system is amazing. Therefore, the user doesn’t feel suffocated. The inner part of the shoes is soft and gentle. All in all, it’s a great choice if you are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes.
  • Drew: Much like Aetrex, they provide customized shoes for their users. But their range is much more diverse. From sandals to boots, you can make your orthopedic shoes in no time. They offer a versatile range of widths and sizes. You can also select if the outer surface is going to be foam padded or not. Drew gives their customers complete freedom to choose their orthopedic shoes.
  • Vionic: Last but not least is the Vionic. These shoes provide the most natural alignment of your feet. They have extraordinary tech support for extra comfort. The developers suggest wearing the shoes for a couple of hours every use to adjust them properly.

Are Orthopedic Shoes Worth It?

Orthopedic shoes are worth it. To get a comfortable and satisfying experience, there isn’t a better alternative. You don’t have to have foot problems to wear orthopedic shoes. You can try them out for various other reasons we’ve talked about. They are great for building posture and stability.

They decrease pain and make us stress-free. Apart from their beneficial aspect, they are also extremely eye-catching. Therefore, you should try out orthopedic shoes for sure.

Final Thoughts

Orthopedic shoes are garnering attention every day. Traditional shoes are stiff and rough. They make people feel suffocated and stressed. It provide the wearer with utmost comfort.

They compliment our feet perfectly. Because of these shoes, people with foot problems around the world are walking and running freely without having to worry about anything. Diabetics patients are choosing to wear orthopedic shoes in their morning runs. All in all, they are making people’s life much easier.

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