What Color Shoes to Wear with Navy Dress

Styling yourself properly can be a struggle. There are a lot of ways to style ourselves. There are many colors that we can style ourselves with. Perhaps one of the hardest colors to style ourselves with in real life is navy blue. Plenty of us love that color with all our hearts. 

However, it can be rather difficult to find colors that go well along with it. Namely, shoes can be hard to choose when thinking about styling with navy. So let us discuss that today, and try to answer the question: what color shoes should you wear with navy?

Things to Consider

Here are just a few of the things you should consider before you pick a pair of shoes to go for. 

Combinations that work well together

Dress and shoe combinations are quite important to your overall outfit. To make them shine together is to ensure that one does not stand out too much than the other. They should be rather consistent in visual appeal. Otherwise it may end up looking like a mishmash that looks poor, visually speaking.

Flashy does not signify quality

It is quite easy to pick a color for your shoes that will make you stand out. However, that may not always mean that they go well together. That also does not mean that it is a good choice. Not in terms of the combination, but in terms of the sheer look of the shoes.

Colors such as yellow or orange may sound nice on paper. You should however, think twice before going for a choice like that. It is up to you in the end, though. In the end, all of this is in a ball of subjectivity.

What you should go for

Let us what possible combinations work well together in terms of colors, namely that of shoes and dresses.

1. White Sandals

White flows very well with a color like navy. It is a great contrast to look towards when compared to a dark color of this sort. White sandals will complement your feet while bringing out the look of your dress. 

It also helps in case you have a purse or bag that you carry around of a similar color. The accessory and the shoes add to your outfit, something that may seem rather insignificant at first. Sounds perfect with a navy gown or frock!

2. Silver Heels

A nobler of a color than white, silver heels go well with navy dresses too! Whether you are headed out to an event or a conference, silver heels make for a great match with this deep shade of blue. Furthermore, silver is an eye catching color due to the sheen it gives off. So be prepared to have some eyes on you when you walk down the hall wearing these.

3. Purple Strap Sandals

Strap sandals are quite a bit trendy nowadays in terms of mainstream media. A navy dress is considered fairly luxurious as an outfit. A deep purple pair of strap sandals sounds perfect for you! Also, purple jewelry makes for a great combination with those shoes.

Imagine walking into a room of individuals in formal attire. You don on your navy gown, letting your purple shoes and jewelry shimmer in the light. It is needless to say that you will have a lot of eyes on you if you do this.

Tip: It should be noted that this trick also works in similar fashion with violet or lavender. These are all colors of the same family tree, and often play off similarly in terms of visual appeal. 

4. Metallic Strap Shoes

‘Gold plated’ and ‘Platinum plated’ sure are hot terms nowadays. However, their attractiveness is one that cannot be denied. The sheer visual aesthetic of metallic sandals is one that you will love. Especially when you combine it with your navy dress or outfit. 

Navy is often already seen as a rather ‘royal’ color, alongside purple. So adding a pair of shoes with an expensive vibe such as this will greatly complement the dress. 

5. Brown Boots

While this is an odd choice for some, boots are a popular combination with dresses nowadays. The navy dresses bring in the class and the noble feel of your look. On the other hand, a pair of brown boots adds a more ‘earthly’ feel to it. 

Brown shoes, or in this case, boots, are an exception to the rule. In general, it seems that this color will not work too well in most cases. However, somehow it manages to sneakily work well with so many colors out there, such as a navy dress.

6. Black Shoes

This one was probably predictable. The all-powerful black seems to go well with just about everything in today’s age. Not too surprising was it? We did not think so either. 

Don on a pair of black sandals or shoes and you will see how it works with your navy dress. The black and navy work well together due to the dark vibe they give off. 

7. Pale Yellow Heels

You can easily swap out this color for beige instead of pale yellow. In summary however, a light shade of color such as this works well with a navy dress. It is the same reason for which a color like white or silver worked so well with it in the first place. 

In Conclusion

To conclude, we would like to say that most of this is indeed subjective. There is a reason why the fashion industry is ever so changing, and never really is stable for too long. This is because the taste of people differs from time to time. Sometimes even very fast. 

We do hope however that these options help you out. So go out there and make your navy dress look its best with the perfectly colored shoes – according to you!

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