What Does GS Mean in Shoes?

Shoes come in different sizes for multiple aged groups. You will see many shoes have GS written on their labels. GS means Grade School. These shoes are particularly made for grade school students having different sizes. Well, adults with smaller feet can also wear the largest GS shoe size if it fits well. Just like GS, there are many abbreviations in the shoe industry such as BG, BC, TD, EP, and PS. So, let’s find out What Does GS Mean in Shoes?

Check out this article below to learn all about GS measurements in shoes. As a bonus, we also included tips on how you can determine your and your kid’s shoe size. 

Abbreviations of Shoe Sizes

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It’s a bitter truth that we don’t have identical feet, not even the twins. Though the same shoe size can fit to many, not everyone feels the exact same comfort. Speaking of variability, we know how we have worn different sized shoes while growing up. Our shoe size changed with passing each year in school. So, shoe companies came up with some categories that are only applicable for students in different stage.

You might have seen the word GS on many shoe shops and wondered – “What does GS mean in shoes?” Well, it’s an abbreviation for Grade School. That means GS shoes are typically standard sized shoes for students who are in grade school.
Just like GS, there are couple of other acronyms in the shoe industry that you should probably know. Take a look at them below:

  • BG stands for BoyGrade School
  • BC stands for BabyCrib
  • TD stands for Toddler 
  • EP stands for Engineered Performance
  • PS stands for PreSchool

GS Shoe Size Chart

GS shoes have different sizes. We have provided a standard GS shoe size chart below so that you can understand how many types they come in.

3.5 Y3
4 Y3.5
4.5 Y4
5 Y4.5
5.5 Y5
6 Y5.5
6.5 Y6
7 Y6

So, from the chart you can see the letter “Y” written along with the US shoe sizes. What are Y sizes? Well, it is an indication of a particular age group such as “young” in this case. Shoe companies categorizes each size according to age groups and label them in letters. Just like Y stands for “youth”, C stands for “child”, etc. There are also different labeling for adult shoe sizes such as N for “Narrow”, W for Wide, and R for “Regular”.  

Is GS Shoe Size Only for Kids?

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Now that you know what does GS mean in shoes, you are probably thinking these shoe sizes are only for kids. Nothing for you. Well, hold on! You can buy a GS shoe too. These sizes are also perfect for grown ups who have smaller foot size. If you are searching for a comparatively small sized shoe for yourself, then you can try out the highest GS size. 

We recommend these shoes because they are usually less expensive. By the way, the price may vary according to different brands. For a 7Y GS shoe size, you can consider it equivalent to men’ s shoe size 7. The only difference lies between a GS 7Y and regular men’s 7 is the quality. Price also matters in some cases.

How to Measure Your Child’s Shoe Size?

It’s always better to measure the exact foot size of your child before purchasing shoes. It will allow to find the right fit and your kid will be happy. So, no matter what age your child is in, take a ruler and follow the steps below to measure his or her foot size.

  1. Tell your child to stand straight against a wall. Make sure he/she is aligned straight with wall and the heel aligns perfectly as well.
  2. Take the ruler and place it on the inside of the feet. Measure the foot size from the wall to the largest toe. Keep the ruler firm and straight.
  3. Note down the size. Now, you can add this measurement to some shoe sizing tools in different shoe brands’ websites and see which size they recommend you to purchase.

Measure Your Foot Size

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Well, what if you need a GS shoe? Just like the kid’s measurement, you need to measure your foot size too. Follow these easy steps below and know what size is your shoe:

  1. First of all, get ready with a piece of paper, a pen, and a ruler.
  2. Now, place the paper on the ground. Don’t fold it. Stand on the paper and keep your foot flat. Leave some gaps in between your fingers. Make sure your foot is all firm and aligned properly with the fingers.
  3. Take a marker and make a mark behind your heel. Put a small straight line to your longest toe. Make sure you pick up the longer foot for measuring the size.
  4. Now, take a ruler and measure the distance between the two lines in inches. You can also take measurements in centimeters (whichever you prefer!). Try to keep the ruler as straight as possible when you are measuring the length.
  5. So, as you have calculated the measure of your foot size, you have to look at the size of your shoe in a standard shoe size chart. Pick a women’s or men’s size chart according to your need. Now, search for the size you have measured earlier. There might be a few decimals differences in your measurement and the size chart. You can always round up the numbers and pick one that will be the most suitable size for you.


We hope you gained much value from this article. Now, you know what does GS mean in shoes along with the GS size chart. Try purchasing the exact shoe size always and make comfort your first priority.

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