What Golf Shoes Do the Pros Wear?

You might be wondering  what golf shoes do the pros wear? There is without a doubt, a relationship between shot accuracy and golf shoes. They aren’t just footwear for the green, they’re serious golfing equipment that help you to up your game. In any sport, learning from a professional is a great way to improve your own ability in that sport. Golf is no exception to this. Skill and experience go a long way in golf and learning what professional players do definitely helps in your game.

What Golf Shoes Do the Pros Wear?

There is a lot research out there that shows a definite relationship between footwear, swing strength, shot distance and accuracy. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced golfer or just getting into it, changing your shoes can help in improving your game and at the same time reduce the amount of strain on your body, especially your feet.

Also, some golf clubs and courses don’t allow you to wear sneakers or tennis shoes on the green. Not only will you find yourself looking good but also improving with these pro golfers’ choice in foot wear. 

For a golfer, especially when they’re on the green, they have to adhere to the course rules when it comes to attire. Many pros are sponsored by brands to wear their product during a game and often have their own line of shoes. 

Brands such as Nike, Adidas, FootJoy, Puma, and Cuater are brands that specialize in sport wear and create shoes of all kinds. 

1. Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas

Photo by: golfdigest

This prolific golfer is known for his powerful swing. He is quite a lean person but can generate a lot of power when he is swinging. He’s a young player with several accolades and prefers to wear FootJoy’s Icon Black classic golf shoe.

Styled in the Oxford style the shoe offers a custom fit and luxurious look with added performance. It utilizes Pulsar soft spikes which are quite long lasting and clean with ease.

2. Jon Rahm

Jon Rahm

Photo By: GOLF.com

Spanish golfer and former world number 1 golfer Jon Rahm has it all, style, charm and talent. He has a unique swing that seems to send the golf ball much further down the line than his contemporaries.

Though tall, he has a compact swing, a consequence of not being able to coil his spine as much as other golfers, but regardless of that, his swing is strong travels quite a bit. Jon Rahm’s shoe of choice is Cuater’s WILDCARD.

A very simple and lightweight fabric shoe, the spikeless WILDCARD has Cuater’s SweetSpot cushioning system which allows for comfort when walking and taking shots.

3. Dustin Johnson

What Golf Shoes Do the Pros Wear?

Photo by: PGA Tour

The current world number 1, Dustin Johnson has a very powerful swing, he may not look it but he is built like an NBA player and can drive balls almost 350 yards down the line. Dustin is about 6’4 and 190 pounds and according to Titlist TPI he can dunk a basketball from a standing position.

This means that Dustin has a lot of explosive power. This is the main reason behind his long distance swings. Dustin chooses to wear the Adidas Tour360 XT. These shoes are amongst some of the best golf shoes out there. Comfortable with nothing but performance, the spiked golf shoe sets itself above the crowd. 

4. Collin Morikawa

A very ambitious young golfer, Collin’s swing is somewhat similar to world number 1 Dustin Johnson. Standing about 5’7 he tends to twist his whole back as he pushes his club into the ball.

The swing arc is smooth and the follow through is elegant. Morikawa’s skill has led to with a PGA Tour and also be named World Amateur number 1 in 2018. Morikawa’s shoe of choice is the Adidas ZG21.

It looks very much like a sneaker and is completely waterproof. Special technologies make the shoe incredibly lightweight yet sturdy. It uses spikes for traction and has special cushioned soles that give power and stability to your shots.

5. Bryson Dechambeau

Also known as ‘The Scientist’ Dechambeau has one of the longest drives on a PGA tour, 428 yards to be exact and he achieved that by approaching the sport in an analytical and scientific manner.

Dechanbeau uses his whole body when he swings, his hips, shoulders and hands all move as one as he begins his swing. Dechambeau’s preffered footwear is the Puma IGNITE PWRADAPT.

A sports type shoe, it provides superior cushioning that is comforting and stable. The sole is a combination of smaller nubs and cleats which adapt to the wearer’s movements for that extra grip during those long drives.

6. Patrick Cantlay

World number 6 Patrick Cantlay has overcome some great difficulties in his life to achieve what is said to be a smooth, efficient golf swing. In 2013, he’d fractured his L5 vertebrae during a warmup.

He didn’t really return to the golfing stage until 2017, where he rose greatly in the world rankings. Cantlay’s best career win is the Memorial, which he won in 2019. Due to his lower back injury, Cantlay has had to change his golf swing entirely.

Instead of coiling up like normal, he keeps his body high and brings his power through his torso rather also using his hips. With minimal hip rotation, he minimizes any stress on his hips and lower back area, this swing style is very smooth and subtle.

Cantlay prefers the FootJoy DryJoys Tour shoe, a classic oxford style golf shoe with Stability PODS tech. It boasts high stability and performs with elegance and beauty, just like Cantlay’s golf swing.

7. Brooks Koepka

Brooks Koepka

Photo by: The Ringer

This two -time U.S Open winner is one of the best long hitters out there. Coach Claude Harmon says that Brooks is destined for big things and that he plays fearlessly. Brooks’ strikes are incredibly strong as he carries the ball 300 yards regularly.

Even if he can hit with all his strength he tends to reel it in and takes a measured shot. Brooks’ preferred shoes are the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour. The shoe is made of fabric and is quite breathable, despite this the shoe is quite good in any weather.

The shoe utilizes Nike’s Zoom Air technology which boosts responsiveness and comfort whilst wearing. When combined with the spikes, it provides a lot of traction and bounce during a swing.

8. Hideki Matsuyama

Matsuyama has many wins under his belt and was the first Asian-born golfer to win the Masters Tournament in 2021, he also has 6 wins on the PGA tour. He is a very successful golfer and his technique is key to this.

During his backswing, Matsuyama adds a slight pause just as he transitions into the downswing. However, it’s not actually a pause but him slowing down before the downswing. This ‘pause’ has made his swings consistent. Matsuyama prefers to wear the Asics Gel Ace Tour 3.

Rather than conventional laces it features a durable BOA lacing system which is designed for comfort and a snug fit. Traction with the shoe is amazing as it has both nubs and 7 removable cleats. It combines performance and comfort with a sleek, sporty look that delivers on every aspect.

9. Matthew Fitzpatrick

What Golf Shoes Do the Pros Wear?

Photo by: The Irish Sun

This English golfer was successful as an amateur golfer, winning the 2012 Boys Amateur Championship and the 2013 U.S Amateur. Professionally he has about 6 wins in the European Tour.

Fitzpatrick’s golf swing sends the ball quite far down the green, the way he holds his body during makes all the differences and like Brooks Koepka he follows through smoothly quite smoothly to drive the ball straight into the green. Fitzpatrick wears the Under Armor Spieth 4 GORE-TEX.

The sneaker type golf shoe is made to handle any condition with the comfort and sturdiness that is expected out of a good golf shoe. Featuring a combination of traction nubs and soft spikes, the shoe offers great flexibility whilst providing traction. The special GORE-TEX makes the shoe waterproof, breathable and light.

10. Sungjae Im

At just 22, Sungjae is a rising star in the world of golf. Im’s natural talent was polished at the Korean National Sports Academy. Im doesn’t have a lean body like most modern golfers but can strike the ball with power and direction like the best of them.

Im’s swing style is non-traditional and looks ungraceful, but regardless of look it works effectively. Im prefers to wear the FootJoy Pro/SL, a sleek golf shoe that offers some of the best traction when compared with other spiked golf shoes. It doesn’t have spikes but traction lugs and nubs. An FTF foam sole adds stability and comfort during swing.

What Golf Shoes Do the Pros Wear?

Photo by: luis-villasmil


These are the shoes golfing professionals wear, they’re comfortable, stable and allow the wearer to perform at their absolute best. Now that you know what golf shoes the pros wear, you too can up your game by following their example.

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