What Kind of Shoes Does Serene Williams Wear?


They say practice, perseverance, agility, strong sense of game play and game plans are not the only key to a perfect victory in a tennis match. Tennis shoes also play a major role in determining the victory of a player. Shoes are more like a reflection of player’s persona, characteristics, qualities and ambitions.

There are many famous tennis players in the world. And most tennis enthusiasts would know that most of them are very picky when it comes to tennis shoes. Serena Williams is one of the most renowned and greatest female tennis players of this 21st century.

Serena Williams is popular both inside the court and outside. Critics claim she maintains one of the highest level of perfection during a tennis match than most other tennis players of ether gender. Like most other players, Serena is selective on her type of tennis shoes. In this article we have discussed what kind of shoes Serena Williams wears. If you want to find out more, then stay tuned!

Serena Williams Deal with Nike

Serena Williams mostly wears Nike shoes during her matches. She signed another five year deal with the famous shoe brand Nike. In her contract she stated she will be wearing Nike for three more years and endorse Nike shoes. The deal between Serena Williams and Nike is stated to be for $55 million. She was previously in a eight year old deal with Nike as their lead endorser.

Serena has been wearing Nike since her earliest times. Her contract with Nike also ensures that he get special privileges. Whenever she wins a match she will get royalties and special bonuses for her incredible performances. Serena Williams has won the Grand Slam for 6 years, Nike has been showering her will gift bonuses as a token to favor and good gesture.

Serena Williams’s most worn shoe

As many of you may know Serena Williams is an aggressive player. She always chooses to wear this particular shoe during most of her important matches. 

Nike Flare 2 HC

Probably you have seen Serena Williams playing most of her tennis games in a laser shiny shoes, yes those were the One and only Nike Flare 2 HC shoes. Nike flare 2 HC shoes are not always shiny and have a laser appearance, the shiny ones were specially customized for Serena by Nike. 

Nike Flare 2 HC shoes are designed for aggressive playing; these shoes have the perfect combination of strength, flexibility and support. Nike Flare 2 HC shoes have a construction of half bootie and provide a great complementary fit. This pair of tennis shoes help player improve their footwork by a large scale on whichever court they are playing. Clay, hard or grass, Nike flare 2 HC provides an advantage over any type of court. 

The shoes have a breathable upper mesh, since mesh is good for ventilation; hence the Nike Flare 2 HC shoes are great for allowing air to pass into and out of them. The midsoles of the shoes contain soft foam that provides good amount of cushioning. Cushioning helps to absorb shock waves and gives tennis players who are low to the ground the exact feeling of the tennis court.

Nike Flare 2 HC shoes are known for being lightweight and are best pairs for players who like to jump constantly and change their positions frequently on the court. 

If you wear Nike Flare 2 HC shoes for the first time you may feel lack of stability, but as soon as you start walking in them and playing in them, you will realize these shoes are perfect and provides the right amount of stability. If you want shoe that offer traction on any kind of surface and allow you to make different cuts Nike Flare 2 HC are the ones you should get for yourself. 

Pink Nike Flare shoes

Pink Nike Flare shoes are special edition customized Nike shoes that contains Serena William’s autograph in it. The shoes are orange in color with a tough of slight pink in it. The midsoles of the shoes are yellow, while the outsole is white. A fancy shoe to wear in any occasion. These customized special edition shoes cost $1799 only. These pairs are available on Amazon and other major shipping sites.

Nike Blazer Mid Off-White Wolf Grey Serena “Queen”

Serena Williams in her 8 years contract with Nike has collaborated to design and endorse a lot of special edition shoes. Amongst them Nike Blazer Mid-off White Wolf Grey Serena “Queen” shoes are one them. If you are a big fan of Serena you must have seen her wear this pair in several of her matches. Nike Blazer Mid-off White Wolf Grey Serena “Queen” shoes are more like sneakers rather than a bouncy athletic shoe. 

Its design is very different from that of regular tennis shoes. The entire shoe is grey while the bottom has a purple ink shade, as if stroked by a paint brush. This sneaker was endorsed in 2018 August and has a price tag of only $130. It is reasonable and affordable by most tennis shoe enthusiasts. 

Nike Off white 97 elemental Rose Serena

Nike Air Max 97 was released when Serena won the 50th U.S Open tennis Tournament. Every time this shoe has been worn, a feather like feeling has been felt. Its material is a big contrast to its outer look. It is a sleek shoe with a blend of colors and one of the best Serena Williams collaboration collections with Nike.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read this article, you should know what kind of shoes Serena Williams wears. The tennis shoes she has endorsed and the Brand she is still a loyal ambassador of. Grab you favorite pairs from your nearby store now!

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