What Kinds of Shoes are Best for a Gym Workout

Best gym workout shoes: Shoes are the accessories that protect our feet from any bruises or injuries. Whether you are doing high-intensity exercises, weightlifting, muscle training or any other forms of exercise in the gym, you need a proper pair of gym shoes.

If you gym shoes are not good enough it can tamper with your fitness, weight loss training and other exercises. Choosing the best pair of gym shoes can protect against your foot injuries, prevent imbalances and other problems. The best pair of shoes can also prevent ankle sprints, foot damage or blemishes. 

No wonder people shop around a lot until they manage to find themselves the best pair of gym shoes. Choosing the perfect gym shoes is as important as your performance and overall training.

Many of you are unsure which pair of shoes would be best suited for you. Do not always go by the outlook, always try the shoes out and check them for yourself. To help you decide, we have listed down what kind of shoes are best for a gym workout. So stay tuned!

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Different training methods require different gym shoes.

Do you know the American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society stated that people should only choose the type of shoe that is best for the type of training they are engaged in? If you perform a special workout session for only three to four times a week you need to choose a shoe that corresponds to it.

Also the McKinley Health Center has recommended that people should try on their new pair of gym shoes in the afternoon or evening, as the foot widens and expands during that time. Buy shoes that are half an inch between the tip of the shoe and your big toe.

The best kind of shoes for a gym workout

1. Asics Gel Kayano

Asics Gel Kayano gym shoes are best for running and strength training. These are made of synthetic mesh material, contains Rearfoot and forefoot gel technology that provides an excellent cushioning system. The cushion helps to absorb shock and prevent toe-off imbalances. Wearers can transition their feet in multiple directions. 

It is also equipped with Flytefoam propel technology that provides wearers with excellent bouncing abilities and good responsiveness. People can easily run great distances wearing these shoes. These gym shoes have organic super fiber to reduce packing. The dynamic duomax support system allows people to have great stability and support while working out. The shoes increase platform support, and also have good ventilation and breathability.

2. Asics Gel Nimbus

Asics gel nimbus is the perfect shoes for high impact workouts like dance cardio, HIIT or plyometrics. This is a shoe specially designed for both men & women who love to work out at the gym. These shoes have long-run impact absorption. It has great stability and provides a more balanced stride followed by smooth transitions. 

It has engineered eyelet shaping that helps the upper part of the shoes to move as naturally and flexibly as possible. The shoes are stretchy, elastic, and have good breathability. If you love spending time on the treadmill, these shoes have excellent shock absorption ability and softness that will make you feel lightweight. The best feature of these shoes is its gender-specific TRUSSTIC device that supports men & women in the right direction 

3. Nike Metcon 6

If you are looking for a pair of gym shoes for premium training sessions you should check out Nike Metcon 6.  Nike Metcon 6 is an all-rounder pair of gym shoes from their flagship of cross-training line. You can wear this shoe while weightlifting, running, trekking and during many other activities.

It has good ventilation facilities, and prevents sweat buildup. Nike Metcon 6 is great for lateral support of your feet, good for jumps, rope climbing and squats. It also comes with hyperlift inserts, they are well known for their durability and grip.

4. Reebok Nano X

Did you know Reebok Nano X has the most stable base for support and weightlifting? It also has an EVA midsole for any light cushioning during high-intensity or impact exercises. Its rubber outsole provides enhanced traction and great durability.

Reebok Nano X has been exceptionally praised for its stability. IF you wear this to your gym and perform any type of exercise it will help improve your balance, secure your feet and keep your posture upright. 

Reebok Nano X has been designed for slow lifts, wall balls, overhead squats and other similar training. If you wear reebok Nano X not only will you be surprised with its flexibility but its comfortability is also unmatched. It has extra cushioning, spacious enough for wide toes and side-lines. Its foam sole helps to absorb shock waves while you are sprinting or jumping.

5. On Running Cloud Whites

On Running Cloud white shoes are the perfect pairs for boxers and marathon runners. If you are into strength training and practice a lot of high impact moves. On Running Cloud Whites is the best pair you should get for yourself. On the other hand, many female marathon runners prefer On Running Women’s Cloud whites over any other shoes.

If you love treadmills you should get one of these. With On Running Cloud whites runners experience a very soft landing while stopping, along with a very strong takeoff while starting their run. It is one of the very few gym shoes that contain 16 different rubber elements in its sole, which are known as clouds. 

Bottom Line

Now that you have read our article you should have an idea of what kinds of shoes are best for a gym workout. Pick the best one for yourself and your loved ones and have a productive time at the gym.

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