What Shoes Does Paul McBeth Wear?

Paul McBeth is the most wonderful player in disc golf's history and is the richest athlete in the world. This 31-year-old American athlete is a five-time champion on disc golf. He was the winner of the PDGA World Championship four times in a row, from 2012 to 2015. Moreover, the player was listed as the highest-ranked athlete of disc repeatedly golfs in 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019. So, do you wonder What Shoes Does Paul McBeth Wear?

When this renowned disc golfer joined Adidas as a brand ambassador in 2016, his footwear of choice was Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX. The eminent sports gear manufacturer, Adidas, came up with this perfect disc golf shoe.

Why Is Footwear Important in Disc Golfs?

Footwears in disc golfs are as much as necessary as the discs, bags, and plastic baskets. The shoe is the only point that would connect the player with the ground while controlling the grip and creating a base for an excellent short. 

A lot of twisting and rolling of knees, feet, and ankles is involved in this sport. Players of these sports are bound to walk the entire time along with performing explosive twists. Therefore, there are a lot of torsions the foot has to go through. 

Issues with disc golfers' back and knees are related to their choice of footwear. Hence, looking out for a disc golf shoe that provides you the right amount of traction and grip along with comfort is a necessity. 

Traditional footwear will not work for disc golf because the heels of those shoes are built up more than the toe. This puts the wearer into the rolled ankle already. Hence the wearer's feet' position is not stable to twist.

A lot of athletes also decide to go barefooted. This makes them exposed to injuries because you can anytime step on something that would cause harm to your feet. Thus, investing time in choosing the proper footwear is so important.

Three Key Factors to Look for in Disc Golf Shoes

Zero Drop Shoes

Some people often confuse zero drop shoes with flat shoes. Zero drop shoes mean that shoes should align your heel of the feet to toe. Like the way our foot is barefooted. In Zero drop shoes, there would be no drop from the heel to the toe area. This provides the wearer a lot of mechanical benefits because that's how a person is built to run. 

When you wear a shoe with elevated heels, it puts a lot of stress on your back and knee. According to a research, there's a kin relation between increased osteoarthritis and high heel.

The flexibility of the shoes

When it comes to disc golf, motion control is a necessary factor to take into consideration. Because a player would never want to impede the movement of the shoes when a player cannot supinate and pronate, it does not imply that they are orthotic; it means that they need to strengthen. A good pair of flexible shoes do a lot of work here.

Wide Toe Box

A wide toe box is another essential factor while choosing shoes. Human feet are naturally designed to be close to the ground, and toes are splayed out. The toe box of the conventional shoes pushes the toes together and causes deformities such as hammertoes, bunions, and other foot problems. 

Furthermore, feet in traditional shoes lose mobility, affect posture. The toes suffer from a limited range of motion; capability to move independently is lost.

Review of Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX: What Shoes Does Paul McBeth wear? 

Ever since Paul McBeth has partnered up with Adidas, these shoes have become a favorite among the disc golfers. This is not because of the branding done by Paul. The shoes are worth everyone's attention. The design of the shoes is unique and modern; besides, they also provide the right amount of comfort, traction, durability, and protection. 

Comfort and Lightweight

These 1 pound 13 ounces shoes provide maximum comfort. The midsole of the shoes is made up of EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate). The compressed foam of EVA provides durable cushioning in the midsole. Moreover, the adiPRENE formula inserted in the shoes provides additional shock absorptions. Besides, the speed lacing system and molded comfort offer better fit and enhanced comfort.

Since disc golf is associated with a lot of tossing, turning, and walking, the lightweight formula of these shoes makes them suitable for disc golfers. 


Paul McBeth's favorite Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX is built of mesh and synthetic, a durable material combination. The outsoles of these shoes are made up of Traxion rubber, which delivers excellent grip and comfort on any surface. 

The sport Disc Golf's traction requirements are unique. Sometimes the surface is muddy; sometimes, it is snowy, wet, or dewy. Hence, a shoe with an excellent traction formula is required for winning and avoiding injury. 


The Adidas Terrex Swift R GTX is waterproof. Instead of coating or spray, the manufacturers' decided to use a membrane, which makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking out for a pair of waterproof shoes. Unlike other waterproof shoes, the Gore-Tex technology ensures that the wearer gets enough air circulation with water resistance. 


The only setback of these shoes is the durability. But this is not the only shoe that has this allegation against it. Most of the hiking and disc golf shoes cannot offer the same service after a regular use of 12 months. This is something the brands should take into consideration.

Bottom Line

It is necessary to invest your time into your footwear when involved in a sport like disc golf. If not, you may have to suffer from many health issues due to carelessness about your foot health. 

Keep the above-mentioned things in mind when you are choosing your footwear. It would not only bless you with good foot health, but also it would be great for your sports career too.

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