What Shoes Should You Wear with Leggings?

It’s a real struggle to find the best footwear matched with your outfit. Leggings is a comfort wear that you can wear anywhere anytime. But what shoes to wear with leggings? Well, it’s not a hard option. Really! You can try any type of shoes with leggings. Of course, it’s important to check whether your outfit is matching your occasion. We think, sneakers, flats, boots, and heels are mostly classic in all cases. 

Whether you are partying with your friends or giving a presentation, all of these shoes will create a good impression matched with your leggings. Try to be experimental with the designs. See which shoe complements best with your favorite legging. This mindset will help you to find the best pair!

If you are still having trouble, please read the article below. Here we have described what shoes to wear with leggings on which occasion. You’ll get a full review on the shoes that will help you to create your own style. 

Minimalist Sneakers

Sneakers are a pure go-to shoes that doesn’t get out of fashion. With leggings, a pair of lace-up minimalist sneakers will look perfect. It gives a sporty but aesthetic impression. Of course, you can tie the laces however you want. The more creative you can be with the laces, the more dimensions you can add to your style. 

Well, you can also put on a slip-on sneaker with leggings. Add a crop top of high-neck, and a cap on the head. Girl, you’ll look sleek! Some minimalist designer jewelry such as hoop earrings will add a classy look on your entire outfit.

Ankle Boots

Leggings are actually very comfortable to style on. With boots, you will get an instant edgy and trendy outfit. Ankle boots really look great with standard leggings. If you want to get a classic look, get your leather black leggings out. Pair it with your teaming black, heeled ankle boots. You will look like a diva! You can also try these boots with faux-leather leggings or shiny spandex. However, to match the shoes with the leggings properly. Otherwise, you may end up wearing high-quality expensive outwear but with a cheap outlook. On further note, we think it’s wise to go for matte black, it will always win the trend no matter how much hurry you are in.

Over-the-knee Boots

We think over-the-knee boots are by far the most appropriate shoes to wear with leggings. These boots go way up the knee and gives you a classic look. Usually, loose pants can be tough to tuck in the boots. Also, they don’t really look that good. On the other hand, leggings have a skin fitting structure which provides room for the boots to slide in quickly. It creates a chic style and looks great! Whether you are out in daylight or just hanging at night in your favorite over-the-knee boots, this leggings-boot combination is absolutely perfect! 

Strappy Heels

Are you wondering what shoes to wear with leggings in summer? Strappy heals are excellent choice! They go perfectly well with leggings in sunny days. Say bye bye to sweaty feet!

So, why we are excited about this combination? It’s simply because they pair very well and gives relief in hot summer days. Also, they match so well with any type of top. Put on a blazer and dusters, or let’s say kimonos and bodysuits, all of them will please your eyes equally.

However, you might need to be extra cautious while wearing heels. Usually, leggings are comfortable with heels because they don’t cause any obstacles. But size matters a lot in heels. Only by the right sized heels or else, you will face hard times while walking. 

Ballet Flats

Want to create a go-to style? Ballet flats works best with leggings. It provides a casual look which you can do every day. Wear a crop top with a leather jacket. You will have the simplest yet chic style ever! If you want to create some other casual styles, you can always wear different dresses. Let’s say that a scarf, a chambray shirt , a sweater dress, and, whatever you love, just wear it! Keep the pants and the shoes as minimal as possible. You can absolutely pull off a good casual look!


Do you know, you can rock in sandals with leggings too? Many people think that sandals are too much minimalistic to provide a diva look. Well, the trick here is to find the right style. Wear a pair of casual sandals with your cute leggings in daytime hangouts. On the other hand, you can opt for a little heel designs for nighttime parties. 

Put on a pair of sandals with your favorite leggings on and go stand in front of a mirror. Experiment with your outfits more. See which color suits your style best. You’ll definitely find the best one! A pro tip is to wear simple minimalistic designer sandals if you want to go out in a chic look. On the other hand, choose sandals with multi straps designs to create edgier appearance. We bet you won’t have any doubts what shoes to wear with leggings anymore!

Final Verdict

Leggings are the coolest wear that you can style with almost anything. Whether you want to be versatile with your shoes or your top, leggings will provide you the comfort fashion look. You’ll not only have fun in decorating yourself but also get the comfiest feel! You won’t even have to worry about what shoes to wear with leggings in different seasons. Trust us, you have plenty of options!

We have covered different types of sneakers, boots, flats, and heels in this article. Remember, these are not the only options. You can still try out any shoe you want. Just experiment your favorite pair. We are sure you’ll look fabulous in those options with leggings put on!

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