What Shoes Should You Wear with Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have been on the fashion trend for a few years now. But what shoes should you wear with skinny jeans? It’s easy to find a good-looking cute top to complete the outfit but hard to find a pair of shoes that will complement it. Leaving aside all the fashion conundrum, we are here to help you out finding the best options to wear with your skinny jeans. You can choose sneakers, boots, flats, pumps, etc. any type of shoes you want. However, you must remember that the shoes must provide a sharp edgy impression. With too bulky designer shoes, skinny jeans will not be the perfect combination. Try to look for shoes that have more of a rounded or pointy edgy in the front. If you are choosing heels, the rules still remain the same. This way you could find the best combination right away!

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Style with Sneakers

What Shoes Should You Wear with Skinny Jeans

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Our first choice is sneakers with skinny jeans. These shoes look cooler with shorter inseam, makes your outfit more outstanding. You may look around for rolling, hemming, or chopping inseam if you have smaller feet. 

Of course, you can choose low-profile sneakers such as Keds, Converse, or Vans. However, we would recommend going for a bit chunkier and taller kicks. They will make you look fantastic when paired up with skinny jeans. 

Try to stick with small soles as exaggerated soles tend to make your feet look bigger. Too large feet will provide you a clownish appearance with slim-fit jeans. It’s better to wear loose jeans in these cases.  

Style with Combat Boots

What Shoes Should You Wear with Skinny Jeans

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Boots are in style since a very long time. You will find various types of boots including combat boots, ankle boots, over-the-knee boots, etc. to wear with your skin-tight jeans. In this section, we will only focus on combat boots. We will discuss the rest of the types later.

So, why do we recommend combat boots? Simply, because the lace-up style goes very well with jeans. Combat, hiking, or moto boots whatever you say, all of these boots have a small edge on the outer part that allows you to tuck your jeans inside. You can compact your jeans inside the shoes and your socks. It will provide you a strong 90’s grunge vibe. 

You will walk around with pride. Put on a modern shacket or a luxe-looking camel cashmere cardigan. It will instantly lift up your mood.

Style with Ankle Boots


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Ankle boots are fashionable boots that have the same starting and ending point. Yes, these shoes also cover up your slim fit jeans pretty nicely at the end. Make sure you are not too concerned about the jeans to be hemmed or snipping, they just need a little bit of trial and error for the right fit. 

Also, try to play around with your wardrobe outfits. See which tops will make you look fabulous with these nice skinny jeans, styled with ankle boots. Just remember to style in whichever outfit you feel the most comfortable.

Style with Mid-calf and Knee-high Boots

 Knee-high Boots

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Boots are usually cooler when you can tuck in your jeans inside them. Baggy jeans are never a good choice to wear with boots. So, you got your slimmest denim and a mid-calf or knee-high boots, you are ready to rock in that outfit!

Whether your boots are wide or slouchy, as long as the cover over the knee is a great pick for your skin-tight jeans. Well, it will look flattering if you choose a dark tone. Black knee-high boots will give you a classy impressive look. 

Style with Pumps

what shoes to wear with skinny jeans

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Now, you will see models wearing pumps very often with skinny jeans. Single sole or zero platform, whatever you call it, these pumps will be the best option for you. The pointed toe accentuates the curve of the ankle, makes you look flaunt less. Some shoes may have a slightly rounded toe instead of the pointy ones. They will still look great with your skinny jeans.

Same goes for the high heel pump shoes. Just pick on with a plain matt color. You can also choose a shiny color. They will simply outweigh any other look! You will be on trend and exclusively fashionably chic in public eyes.

Another similar option you can try on is the kitten heel pumps. They will provide you almost the same style but with more comfort. It’s actually great for people who have smaller feet. This pump and skinny jeans combination are best for the Spring season.

Style with Flats


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So, with wandering through different fashion blogs to know what shoes to wear with skinny jeans, you might have come across flats as an option. Yes, flats are a good choice to wear with your fabulous skin-tight jeans. 

Well, in this case, we always recommend wearing thinner sole with a tapered toe shape. They are mostly like pump shoes but in flats. The reason is that if you choose a square or rounded toe shaped shoe, there’s a high chance you’ll look like a flat-footed duck. 

So, it’s better to avoid such circumstances. Try to choose a shape that will go with your outfit.

Final Thoughts

To sum up quick, while you are looking for what shoes to wear with skinny jeans, go for the shoes that will really match your outfit. Oversized, bulky designs are a no-no from us unless you are bound to wear those shoes.

Try to find out the right sized shoes so that it provides you proper comfort while walking. You might want to match the color of your shoes with your jeans as well. Usually dark pairs go very well with denims. Well, it really depends on your style. 

So, go get those slim fitted jeans and the best combination shoe out there. You’ll definitely rock your next outlook!

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