What Size Shoelaces for Sneakers

Isn’t it awful when you buy a brand-new shoelace but it doesn’t fit your fancy sneakers? So, what size shoelaces for sneakers? Most of the people confuse shoelace size with the shoe size. They think the measurement depends on the shoe size and type.

That’s how they end up purchasing the wrong size. Shoelace size depends totally on the eyelets of your sneakers. Also, each type of shoelace has different elasticity. As a result, the same length in all types of shoelaces won’t actually fit into your sneakers. That’s why you’ll need to follow a specific guideline. You can calculate the length of your shoelace by just applying a few tricks.

Don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything! We researched the best ways to find out what size shoelaces for sneakers can be. Keep reading this article so that we can share with you all the significant aspects you need know while purchasing the right-sized shoelace.


Table of Contents

  1. What are Shoelaces?
  2. Factors Affecting Shoelace Size
  • The Eyelets
  • Shoelace Length
  • Your Shoelace Style
  • Type of Shoe Lace
  1. Length Approximation Formula 
  2. What Size Shoelaces for Sneakers?

What are Shoelaces?

Before jumping straight into the shoelace size, we’ll provide a brief description of shoelaces for those who are not familiar with the term. Shoelace is a small string like material that goes through the holes of a pair of sneakers. Mostly, they are made to hold the footwear right and make your sneakers perfect fit for your feet. In modern days, shoelaces are also designed to enhance your footwear style in a very fashionable way. 

Factors Affecting Shoelace Size

A couple of factors play role in measuring the perfect-sized shoelace. You must ensure that the shoelace length covers the entire shoe for a perfect fit. The length should be 100% accurate so that you can also tie a bow at the end or a knot to complete the look. So, let’s see what are the things you’ll consider while buying a shoelace.

The Eyelets

Did you notice the holes on your sneakers through which you tie the laces? Those holes are called eyelets. Usually, eyelets are counted as pairs. You must count the eyelets in order to purchase a shoelace. The more eyelets your shoes contain, the lengthy shoelace you’ll have to buy. We’ll show you a chart later in this article where you’ll see how eyelets number can affect the lace length.

Shoelace Length

If you’re in doubt how long the shoelace must be for your sneakers, you can measure them using your old shoelaces. However, if your old laces are worn out or simply you don’t have any shoelace to measure, you can always try a mock up procedure. For this, you can use a piece of thread and tie it around your sneakers. Then measure the length of the thread. Voila! Now you have the exact measurement of the shoelace you need to buy. 

Your Shoelace Style

You might have a special style of lacing your shoes. This may lead to an extra added amount of shoelace than the average size. The shoelace can be even shorter. So, one hack you can follow is take a demo lace and tie it in your own style. You’ll definitely get an idea on the length.

Type of Shoelace 

You’ll find a variety of shoelaces in the market. Each lace is made of different material such as waxed, unwaxed, stretchy, tight, flat, round, etc. These differences can impact the length of the shoelace greatly. For example, a tight shoelace won’t be the same length as a stretchy one for your sneakers. You’ll have to buy the stretchy shoelace a few centimeters smaller than the tight ones because it’ll increase in length when you’ll tie them. That’s why it’s best you decide earlier what shoelace type you prefer prior buying. 

Length Approximation Formula

You can always look up shoelace sizes in the internet, but we want you to know how the sizes are exactly determined. Usually, they are measured through a shoelace length calculator by using a formula. We recommend you using the formula below to calculate the exact length you need and not rely on any website.

So, the formula is:

Horizontal Spacing x Total Eyelets + 500

 (all measurements in mm)

The extra 500mm is added for a medium sized knot at the end of your tie. 

Example: Suppose the horizontal spacing of your sneaker is 50mm and it has 6 pairs of eyelets (12 eyelets in total). So, you’ll need to buy a shoelace that measures 1,100mm in length.


50 mm x 12 eyelets = 600 mm, + 500 mm = 1,100 mm (110cm)

What Size Shoelaces for Sneakers?

Though the calculator method works the best, we still have calculated a few examples for you to save some time. If your eyelets number matches our chart, then you’re lucky to just order the shoelace right away. You can take the measurements from the chart; no calculation is needed.

Number of EyeletsRecommend Length (In)Recommended Length (cm)
536” / 45”114 / 137
645” / 54”114 / 137
754” / 63”137 / 160
863” / 72”160 / 182

Final Verdict

Finding the right shoelace size for your sneakers can really be difficult if you don’t know how to measure them. We hope our guideline on what size shoelaces for sneakers you can use will provide you some value. You can calculate the length by yourself by using the length approximation formula above.

However, if you’re in a hurry, you can always go for the measurement chart. Don’t forget to consider the types of shoelaces. Or else, you might end up buying the wrong measure not because you couldn’t calculate it but bought the different type.  

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