What Socks to Wear with Sneakers

There’s a saying that every pair of sneakers has a pair of socks that were made just for them. So, what socks to wear with sneakers? Okay, we might have made that up, but you know what’s not made up? That there can be wrong socks for a pair of sneakers. There are specific socks that go the best with specific sneakers and an entire outfit can be ruined when you pick the wrong set.

Socks are essential in everyday life. Your feet stay safe from wear and tear thanks to them. Plus, imagine all the disgusting and icky sweat inside your favorite sneakers. No thanks! Thanks to socks, there’s an extra layer of support as we go through our daily lives. Your socks don’t simply protect your feet.

Today, we’re going to be running down the ways to choose the correct socks to wear with sneakers.

Sneakers with Scoks

Color of the Sneakers

Your sneaker color has quite an important role in determining what socks you should wear to look the best. Many people go for the age-old color matching between their sneakers and socks.

For example, black sneakers (or shoes in general) go with pretty much everything and anything. Any shirts, pants, clothes, accessories, and socks – you name it, black sneakers will probably fit in with them.

If you’re talking a nice walk in the park on a scorching summer day and chose shorts and a pair of white sneakers for the occasion, no-show socks will be the best, most fashionable choice as they’ll let the shoes take all the attention. Or, you could go with the safe choice – bright crew length socks.

For all other colors as well as colorful sneakers, it’s best to finding socks that match the color of the sneakers.

Color of the Socks 

Your destination has an influence when determining the color of socks that’s right for you. Since you know where you’re headed, you can base the color on that.

For instance, an interview or meeting calls for elegance, professionalism, and muted colors. In this case, white or black socks will pair best with your sneakers. The entire outfit comes together with the selection of socks.

If you’re just hanging out with your friends or family, don’t be shy to experiment with bright and fancy colors with shorts. It will establish a statement of its own and look uniquely impressive.

Black socks are the unspoken choice for black suits. Imagine you saw someone in a white dress shirt and black pants and blazer with striking red socks! Doesn’t go at all. However, since black isn’t the most breathable color, it’s best to wear them when it’s not too warm of a day. Try pants that are longer that hide the socks.

Length of the Socks 

It goes without saying that length matters when socks are concerned. You don’t need to wear knee-high socks under long pants because it’s unnecessary. Plus, shorter socks mean better air circulation outside the legs. Socks come in a bunch of different sizes meant to go with every outfit. For instance, there are half-length socks, ankle socks, and insole socks. All of them go with sneakers.

Which Socks Complement Which Sneakers the Most

Insole socks 

Typically, insole socks are made of cotton and are famous for being super soothing and comfy to wear. If you’re the type of people who feel suffocation and irritation when wearing socks, these socks are the one for you! Pair white sneakers with insole socks to make a winning combo.

Ankle socks 

Ankle socks sit right under the ankles and cover the whole feet. Hot summer days’ call for socks that are short and provide lesser coverage for the best, and this is when ankle socks are all the rage. For a super clean and chic look, ankle socks plus colorful sneakers will be perfect.

Crew length socks 

Here’s a universal sock size that every closet should have. The classic sock – crew length socks sits a little bit under the center of the calf. Crew length socks are one of the top five most popular socks types due to their versatility. Any color of sneakers could be paired up with them.

Sock Styles You Could Definitely Pull Off

  • Thrills and Frills: A throwback is just what we need in 2020, and frills are the way to get there! Folded right over the ankle, frilly and lacy socks talk to the five-year-olds in us, and we’re definitely here for it.
  • Bold Patterns: White sneakers plus socks with powerful patterns are fun, funky, and creative. The shoes are like the blank canvas that spruces up with the addition of colors and “in-your-face” kind of socks.
  • Color Blocking: Pair sneakers with color-blocked, graphic socks is the ultimate way to show off your creative fashion sense.
  • Matchy Matchy: Match your socks to your shoes for that much needed splash of colors to your under-the-knee region. Or, go a bit crazier with your monochrome styling by picking socks the same color as your pants and creating a fun contrast.

Why You Should Never Wear Sneakers Without Socks

No matter how clean your feet are (or you think they are), it’s not an excuse to stop wearing socks. Your feet can make as much as half a liter of sweat per day, which is bit more than a regular bottle of soda you can get at a grocery store. To put it in the simplest terms, it’s over a pint of sweat. Isn’t that too much liquid?

Sweat is teeming with bacteria and they reproduce lightning fast in dark and damp environments. Your feet will develop a horrible odor if you don’t put socks on.


Knowing which socks look the best with which sneakers give you the edge in a fashion that many ignore but they shouldn’t. You’re free to experience personal choices and various patterns but you can’t ever go wrong with the basics.

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